Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Body Shop Advent calender : Week 1

Hi Everyone

I hope you all have enjoyed the first week of December. This year my mum bought me the body shop advent calendar which I am so grateful for. It retails for £50 and comes with mini products some Christmas edition and some off their best sellers available all year round. Since I have started getting into looking after my body I have decided to try out the body shops products since it is a well-known shop great for beauty. So every Sunday I have decided to upload a blog post on everything I get in my advent calendar that week. They will be short reviews on each product and at the end of December I will share my favorite products.

December 1st
The first product I got was, the almond hand and nail cream. This claims to moisturize hands and condition nails, with a sweet almond oil. First off all it smells AMAZING! The scent is very light and it is slightly sweet. This product is a thick, smooth texture it absorbs quickly and keeps hands soft for the rest of the day. I have always wanted to try this product and it is my first hand cream and so far I am impressed. I might have to pick another one up. I didn't really notice a difference in my nails but I have noticed a difference in my hands. This product is great for the winter, when your hands get really dry. I also think the packaging is really cute for some reason J.

December 2nd
The second product I got was a nail file from the body shop. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed but not every product will be great. But I was surprised with the texture off the nail file. It was very gritty which is good for a nail file. It was nice to receive but I was expecting better, but not every day will be a great product, so it was nice to try. It will get good use.

December 3rd
I received the strawberry soap. It was quite small and it was in the shape of a heart (I thought it was very cute). It claims to give a rich lather and to leave skin cleansed and refreshed. It deferentially does that. This is a very cute soap, and it smells so GOOD! It does lather up nicely but after it does leave my hands feeling a bit tight but apart from that, it is a great product. When I put it in the water for about 5 minutes it turned the water a very light pink colour.

December 4th
I finally got one of the limited edition scents, this one was the frosted cranberry shower gel. To start off with, I love the body shop shower gels but the frosted cranberry is one off my favorite scents that they do. The scent is very sweet. This shower gel lathers up great and is nice to use around this time off year. I’m really happy I received the limited edition scent and I might pick up the full size if I use it all before Christmas.

December 5th
This was another frosted cranberry product but this was their shimmer body lotion. As soon as I heard that it had shimmer I was a bit sad. As soon as I applied this my hands and arms were covered it glitter. Everything I touched after that had glitter on. If it wasn't shimmery I probably would off liked it. It was nice to try but I probably wouldn't purchase it again.

December 6th
This was the first makeup product I received and it was there carbon eyeliner in black. This claims to be an intense, ultra colour eye definer with line smudger incorporated on to the end of the pencil. The formulation is water- resistant, with a smooth texture for blend-able and smudgable effect. The pigments give high coverage and the formulation is long wearing. I haven’t had the chance to try this out since I like natural make up but it should be nice for a Christmas party or more of a dramatic look. Even though I haven’t gave it a proper try, I have still managed to swatch it and….
WOW! It is pigmented and the smudger on the end blends it nicely. You could even blend it out to make it look like an eye shadow.  As you can see it is double sided with a kohl pencil one end and the smudger on the other end. This would normally cost £9.00 and with it being in the advent calendar it would have worked out a lot cheaper. I have always wanted to try this out but I didn't want to pay £9.00 so I am happy I received it in this advent calendar.

December 7th

The final product I got for this week, is another soap but this time, it was in the scent frosted cranberry. I was very happy with this since I know how good the strawberry one is so I was excited to get the frosted cranberry scent since I love the way it smells. This is the exact same as the other one just a different scent. They both lather up well and leave my hands feeling very soft. Very happy with this product.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and stay tuned for another post on Wednesday which is a gift guide.

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