Tuesday, 3 March 2015

London Series Part 1: Travelling essentials

Hi everyone,
So in case you didn't know I am going to London. I am 12 years old and it is my first time and I am so excited. By the time your reading this I will be back from London. Me and my mum went together and I thought it would be good if I share my experience with you so I will be posting 2 more blog posts as part of my London series. One will be like a journey post, when I share all the places I went to and the final one will be a haul of everything I bought while I was in London. I only went from Saturday morning to Sunday evening since I had school but we went to lots of places.
This post is going to be about my travelling essentials. I hope you enjoy this post and leave a comment telling me you must-have essentials.

I keep all my essentials in a backpack. It's just a standard black one from new look which I don't have a picture of but the links here.

I will start off with whats in my toiletries bag. This bag is amazing its from and it cost only £4. It has 3 compartments.
In the top one I keep all my makeup brushes and accessories in. I have loads of different brushes like primark and just random ones.
The middle compartment has velcro so you can just take that section if you need to.
The makeup I took with me was..

Face-Mua pro-base primer
2 collection lasting perfection concealers
Mua pressed powder
Eyes- Maybelline colour tattoo
Sleek eye shadow palette
Mua eyeliner
clear mascara
Manhattan mascara
Lips-Mua Lip balm
The body shop lip balm
Maybelline baby lips
soap and glory lip gloss
NYC lip plumper
In my last sections I keep my skincare and body products. I tried to take my samples or convert some of the product into a smaller container.
Skincare- The body shop cleansing butter sample
Simple makeup wipes
Spot zapping gel
Garnier intense care moisturizer (use as a moisturizer or a body butter).
Body- The body shop shower gel.
I brought a little bag in case I didn't need to bring my backpack and in that I kept my basic essentials like...
 2 hair brushes
Container with hair accessories in
Pocket mirror
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Body spray
Dental stuff (for my braces)
Moving onto the things I would do on the train.
I decided to bring two books that I could read on the train and they are both written by youtubers. The first one is Love Tanya and the other one is The Pointless Book. I really do love both of these books.
I then brought some homework and in this picture was my physics homework.
Then I just brought an empty notebook that I could write down any ideas or notes. 
To go with the notebook I just took a case with some different colored pens and just standard stationary.

I also brought my laptop but I did carry that in my main case.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will have another post going up on the weekend about my experience in London.

Grace xx

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