Monday, 6 April 2015

My School Essentials

Hi everyone, today's post is a colab with Beautygirlblog99. Here blog will be linked at the end of this post and I would highly recommend you go a check it out. We are going to share with you our school essentials kit.

I keep all my essential products in the Zoella Guinea Pig Makeup bag. It holds all my products and is the perfect size for my school bag. 

My school essentials are........

  • The Body Shop Strawberry hand sanitizer - So you can get rid of the germs.
  • The Body Shop Strawberry hand cream - To match the hand sanitizer.
  • The Body Shop Mango body butter - Just in case you have dry skin during the day.
  • Impulse Body Fragrance - To freshen up.
  • Tea Tree facial wipes - So you can remove your makeup if it smudges.
  • Kleenex Oil blotting sheets - You can get rid of all the oil on your face after PE.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin Moisture cream - You can use this after the facial wipes so your skin isn't tight.
  • Hair accessories - In case you have a bad hair day.
  • Dental products - Since I have braces I need these in case food gets stuck in my braces.
  • Instant pain relief plasters - My shoes can sometimes rub against my foot so to prevent that I use theses plasters.
  • Pocket size hair brush - To make sure my hair isn't knotty during the school day.

As well as having an essentials bag, I keep a small makeup bag in my blazer pocket to touch up. I used the Victoria Secret purse size bag, it is great quality. I keep 4 makeup products in there.
They are .....
  • Natural collection creamy concealer in fair.
  • Natural collection pressed powder in warm.
  • Collection Cream puff in powder puff 2.
  • Mini Benefit roller lash mascara.
So I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to go and check out Beautygirlblog99's blog post, her link is here.
Grace xx

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