Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Q&A

Hi everyone,
So today's blog post is going to be my first Q&A. I really want to start making this a more often thing, so let me know if you like them. I asked my questions on instagram, so go follow me if you want to ask a question or comment on this blog post.

1. If you had to get rid of one makeup product what would it be? @thepastelari
It would have to be my Revlon lip butter in Peach parfait, just because it is not a flattering colour and I'm not a bit fan of all the shimmer.

2. Favorite makeup brand? @floralfe
This is hard! I like a lot of different brands for different products, but the brand that stands out in my collection, the most will have to be Rimmel.

3. Favorite nail colour? @allthingsbeauty.andlife
It often depends on season, in summer I love pastels and neons and in winter I love nudes and darks.

4. Top 3 makeup brands? @frankie_kel
Maybellie, Rimmel and Revlon.

5. If you could only use one makeup product for one year what would it be and why? @pastxlwishes
It would have to be lip balm wouldn't it? Like I can't go one day never mind a whole year without lip balm.

6. If you could only have one type of each makeup item what would it be? @sassy_tumbl.r
As you know I don't wear foundation, so starting with concealer.
Concealer - Collection lasting perfection
Powder - Rimmel clear complexion
Bronzer - Collection bronze glow
Blush - Natural collection powder blush in peach melba
Eye shadow - Sleek au natural palette
Cream eye shadow - Maybelline colour tattoos
Eye liner - Mua intense colour
Mascara - Benefit roller lash
Lip balm - Nivea essential care
Lip stick - Revlon lacquer balm in Demur
Lip gloss - Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker in punch bowl

7. If you had three wishes what would they be? @emsirose
- More wishes (does this count?)
- Ability to transport places
- Ability to change ages

8. What is your favorite TV series? @flxral_girl
It has to be PLL. Honestly who doesn't love that show? Comment were you are up to in PLL, if you watch it.

So as you know if you follow my instagram that I am starting something called follower of the week. I will link the post with all the details on now! But the first ever winner is Emsirose. Congrats, she has such a lovely instagram and I recommend you all go and follower her. Her link is here. And just in case you don't follow me my insta is here.

I am sorry if this post was a little short but I still hope you enjoyed. Another congrats to Emsirose for winning follower of the week, and don't forget there will be a new follower of the week next Sunday, so stay active. If you enjoyed this Q&A then leave some more questions in the comments and I might do another one.

Grace xx


  1. More wishes does count (I'm feeling nice)! Lovely post and thank you so much :)

    1. No problem, but why doesn't more wishes count because you didn't say they were not aloud xox

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