Sunday, 30 August 2015

August Favorites

Hi everyone,
Now, it's that time of the month (no not "that time!") but it is August Favorites time. I honestly don't even know where August has gone. Like, what happened to summer because in the UK we haven't even had a summer *pulls a sad face from behind the laptop*. But anyway, I have found lots of new discoveries, that I want to share. So here is my August Favorites !

Tanya Burr Lip gloss in Sparkling Dewdrops// I bought this from TJ Huges as just a random purchase but it was £1.99 (Yes!) I just had to buy it but I thought it would be super bold and wouldn't suit me. Once I got home I tried it and loved it. It gives my lips a gorgeous tint of coral and a super glossy finish. I used this almost everyday it August and for £1.99!

Bene tint// I showed this in a haul recently (linked here) and at first I didn't like it, I thought it was just a pointless product. This is a mini as I didn't want to pay full price for the full size but I might have to now. After not liking it, I gave it a second chance and I fell in love with it. It looks great on the lips and cheek, it is not that pigmented but that's what I like. It's super natural. 

Rimmel Clear Complexion powder// I have mentioned this in a favorites before but I just love this powder so much. I have never tried the Stay Matte believe it or not, and it's because I love this far too much. This just sets my makeup without it looking cakey or super matte.

Nivea Hydro care SPF 15 lip balm// I took this off my mum (#rebel) because of the SPF and that is why I have been loving it. In the UK we haven't had much sun but on the less rainy days, I have been wearing this and it just makes my lips feel a lot more nourished.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paints// I am not going to rave about these for long as I have a whole review about Barry M nail polishes (linked here) but I really do love these nail polishes. They are just my all time favorite, they are long lasting, super glossy and are gorgeous colours. The shades I have been loving are Papaya and Grapefruit, both really summery shades.

Barry M Matte top coat// When I bought this, I never really thought it would work but it really does. I prefer this over the Barry M original top coat and I love the finish of it. It takes a while to dry, which is the only down side, but the top coat makes it last so much longer.

PS Love Sea Salt Spray// This was £2 from primark so I thought I would try it out. My hair is quit short but super thick so sometimes I feel like my hair is being weighted down. This has really helped with that. I am not keen on the scent but I can get past that. This really gives my hair the effortless windswept look. When I apply too much it can go crispy but I only use the smallest amount.

Skincare/ Body Care
Holister Body Spray in Crescent Bay// As you can see this is the old packaging and it's because I bought it a while ago for only £5. This has been my summer staple scent, and it has barely even gone down in product. I can see that this is going to last a super long time and I know I will still be using this throughout winter even though it is not a very autumnal scent. This is really strong and fruity scent, and it's super light as it is only a mist.

The Body Shop Body Milk in Moringa// I got this is the Body Shop advent calendar last year and I just never used it. As it was becoming summer I wanted a really light but moisturizing lotion and this ticked the boxes. The smell is very floral which isn't my favorite but I am hoping to get the full size coconut one. This absorbs super quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and looking super radiant. Really great if you lazy like me.

Freedom Spot Treatment// I have had this for a while but for some reason August just hasn't been loving my skin. I have had a lot of bad spots this month and very painful ones might I add. To calm them down I have been using this and it makes them so much more smaller. This doesn't get rid of them it just calms them down and reduces them. I either apply this focusing it on the spot or mix it in with my moisturizer and it has really helped.

Johnson's Makeup Wipes// I don't use makeup wipes everyday, but because my bathroom was getting redone it men't I didn't have a sink to wash my face in. I had one in the kitchen but I just always forgot. I use these when I am wearing heavy makeup and my micellar water doesn't remove it all. These wipes don't irritate my skin and they take of every last bit of makeup.

Missguided// I have done a massive collective haul (linked here) and it included a lot from Missguided. I made my first ever purchase at the end of July but I love looking at there website. The quality of the clothes are amazing and I have got a lot of wear out of all of them.

Instgram// Recently, I have just been obsessed with Instagram. I honestly can't go one day without posting a picture or stalking people. My Instagram name is Gracexkate and it will be linked in the top part of my side bar.

Andy Grammer - Honey, I'm Good
MKTO - Thank you
- Classic
- American Dream
- Bad Girls
Conor Maynard - Royalty
Sigala - Easy Love
Charlie Puth ft Meghan Trainor - Marvin Gaye

Faking it// I use to watch this a while back now but recently I have just been re-watching season 1 and 2. I can't wait for season 3 to be released. This TV series has a great concept and I love all the characters

Nicole Bickel// Nicole is a youtuber and I really like her because she is so different and incredibly honest. She speaks honestly and proudly. I find her inspiring as she is always herself and she is not ashamed of herself. She can swear quit a bit but I think her sense of humor is very funny.

 I really hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me in the comments what you have been loving this month. Have a nice day.
Grace xx

Friday, 28 August 2015

My 4 Favorite Summer Outifts

Hi everyone,
Today's post, I am going to share with you my favorite outfits this summer. I have quit a curvy figure, I am not stick thin or super large, I am somewhere in the middle. Personally I think most of these outfits would suit and shape or size.

Image 1:
Top - Matalan
Skirt - New Look (sale)
Watch - Micheal Kors

Image 2:
Top - Topshop (sale)
Jeans - Topshop 
Jacket - Nike
Watch - Ice

Image 3:
Top - MissGuided
Shorts - Miss Selfridge 

Image 4:
Top - H&M
Shorts - MissGuided

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post. Maybe this has gave you some more outfit ideas or inspiration, let me know what your summer staple was in the comments. Have a great day.
Grace xx

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to School Series: Q&A

Hi everyone,
I know it's not the best time, but going back to school is creeping upon us if it hasn't already. To cheer you up I thought I would answer some of your questions.

1. What makeup products would you suggest to wear when it's school? @caitlin_ellisss
I have done a whole post about my back to school makeup starter kit (linked here) but myself. It would just be concealer, powder, eyelash curlers and lip balm.

2. What's your favorite thing about school? @floralsinead
When I am in school, I really enjoy the chilled back lessons, as you do work but you don't feel like you are.

3. What is the most embarrassing thing that's every happened at school? @pastelrose.x
The school I am in now, I haven't really embarrassed myself much (touch wood). The most embarrassing, was probably when the teacher accused me of cheating and she had to speak with me at the end of the exam. I know it might not sound embarrassing but when I took the exam we were mixed with year 9's (I was is year 8 at the time). Now every time I see them round school I feel like they are hating on me because I apparently "cheated", when I really didn't.

4. Do you prefer to take a backpack or handbag to school? @theindiemoon
Really good question! I have had a mixture of both during secondary school so far. For year 9(the year I am going into), I am using a handbag, just because I don't have a lot to carry round with me this year. If you do need to carry round lots of items with you, I would suggest a backpack.

5. What's the most dramatic thing ever to happen in your school(s)? @sassy_tumbl.r
The only thing I can think of that is dramatic in my school was being bullied. I was never bullied badly, I just got picked on a lot.

6.  What subjects have you taken for GCSE? @hello.spring.01
I am going into year 9, which in my school you don't take your options until January of year 9. I want to go into design - specifically fashion design. I have an idea of what I want to take. My language is going to be German and my Humanities is going to be Geography and my extra 2 are between, Business, art textiles, graphic design and ICT (still not sure on them though).

7. What makeup products do you wear to school? @lovelaughlashesx
I do wear makeup to school but only very minimal. The answer is basically the same as question 1, but I will just repeat myself. I only wear concealer, powder, and lip balm. I will also curl my eye lashes but that doesn't really count as makeup (I'm not really sure?).

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A, and I hope I have managed to answer a few of your questions about back to school. Have a great day.
Grace xx

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Should I start a youtube?

Hi everyone,
This will not be a normal post today, I am sorry but I need to ask you your opinion on something. As you can see by the title, I am thinking of becoming a youtuber. This post will only be up for a few days and after it will be deleted.

As soon as I started getting into beauty, I knew I wanted to be a youtuber. Not as a job, just as a hobby. There were just so many things stopping me...
- How to ask my parents
- How my friends at school would react
- I am a very insecure person
- I have braces
- I only have an Ipad to film on
- There are far to many teenagers creating beauty channels this year.
All of these things put together stopped me from doing what I have always wanted to do, and some of them still are. 

I created this blog to talk about beauty, fashion and my life in a more anonymous way. But my blog and Instagram have grown so much this year that I am considering starting a youtube.

The fact I have hit 100 followers on Bloglovin and almost 1k on Instagram makes me feel like I can do anything. 

Conference has always been a big struggle for me. Meeting new people, new environment, new surrounding, all of these things to me scare me slightly. I am not the best with speaking in public. When I am asked to read in front of the class at school I gibber a lot and mess up the words almost every time I open my mouth. 

Most of my close friends consider me as confident and that is only because, I am not embarrassed to be myself in front of them. If I know you really well, I am completely mad, but when you first met me I am mute. I have always struggled being myself. Some many times people have told me to change, and I would give them exactly what they want(which I know is a bad thing) but sometimes I still do it to this day.

As well as being afraid of what other people will think of my personality, I am scared of what they would think of my size. I don't know whether I have mentioned this before but please can I now receive any hate for it. All through primary, I was classed as a large girl. My parents never really knew I had a belly because I always breathed in whenever I was around them. All my life they have thought I am completely normal in weight and they have always told me I have a great figure. But they don't know the truth.

Starting high school I was determined to loose at least some part of my belly and going into year 9 I can now say I am at least 30% confident with my body. It may not sound like a lot but it is to me. Starting high school, I cut down my snacks and started to workout more. I am not a healthy eater nor will I ever be. The reason I gained so much weight as a kid was because I would snack far to much and just watch tv. Because I now dance I felt uncomfortable being surrounded by stick thin people and I still am. Now I eat a sensible amount, and workout at least once a week and I dance 4 hours a week. I still have a belly and I think I will always have but I don't want that to be the reason why I am so scared of starting a youtube.

Through my blog and instagram I have posted a picture of my body once on my blog and a picture of my face on instagram once(that picture has now been deleted). I wish I had the courage to keep it up but I wasn't ready.

Sorry for the long story but at the end of the day, the last two years have been a struggle for me. I have had a lot of personal barriers break me down into thousand of pieces. But I wrote this post to say I am healing, and I feel like I don't give enough to the people that read my blog, so I am going to ask you a question.

Would you like to see me? see my face? see my body? see me talk? and see me create a youtube?

Please let me know your whole thoughts. I love you all loads and never forget that!
Grace xx

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Back to School Series: Natural Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

Hi everyone
Today I am going to start my Back to School series as it is coming up to going back to school. Feel free to comment any suggestions or questions you may have for back to school and I will happily do that for you. So today's post is going to be for anyone who is starting out with makeup or just someone who wants some more drugstore recommendations. I also find that other peoples versions are not realistic, they pick out the most expensive products from the drugstore and give you one of everything which I think is unnecessary for any beginner. All the products mentioned are under £10 and are usually on offer so they are super affordable to purchase.

Disclaimer: In no way am I saying that every beginner needs all of this, I am going to go through each product and explain whether they are for someone who needs light or full coverage. Their is something for everyone in this post. I am not encouraging everyone to wear makeup. This is for someone who would like to experiment more in the drugstore products and still be able to wear it for school.

If you have great skin please skip to eyes!

The Basics

I will now go through concealers. As you can probably see I have a lot of these shown in the images above but they are all for different coverage and skin types.
For under the eyes:
Light coverage - Rimmel Wake me up Concealer (£5.49) Good for all skin types
High coverage - Collection Lasting perfect Concealer (£4.19) Works best on more oily skin to combination skin: If you use this under the eyes and you have dry skin use the MUA primer under your eyes before hand to prevent it from creasing.
For blemishes, marks, scaring and and other problems:
Light coverage - Natural Collection creamy Concealer (£1.99) Good for all skin types: Just be sure to blend well.
High coverage - Collection Lasting perfection Concealer (£4.19) Same as for under the eyes.
Multipurpose concealers:
Light to Medium coverage - MUA Pro base prime and conceal palette (£4) Works on all types of skin: In depth review linked here
High coverage - (As you can guess) Collection Lasting perfect Concealer (£4.19) Again linked here for a mini review.

Tips for Concealer:
-If your concealer ever looks cakey just get a little bit of moisturizer and apply it over you face to give it a more natural look.
- If you pretty much need coverage all over your face just dot a bit of a concealer of your choice on each cheek, your forehead, chin, nose and just blend all across your face to act as a bb cream/foundation but a lot lighter.
- For under the eyes always buy a concealer one shade lighter than your skin colour, therefore it will make you look more awake.
- You can also apply your light under eye concealer to anywhere you want to highlight: cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, for a really natural glow.

To reduce shine:
MUA Matte perfect loose powder (£2.50) - Great for really oily skin
To set makeup:
MUA pressed powder (£1) - Great for all skin types and good for on the go: Also is the only powder mentioned that gives a small amount of coverage.
Multipurpose powder:
Rimmel Clear complexion powder (£3.99) - All of these can be multipurpose but I think this one is the best. Good for all skin types: might not mattify for really oily skin.

Tips for Powder:
- Only mattify where you are shiny as it can look cakey
- Set your under eye concealer with a smaller brush to make sure it wont crease.
- If you have really dry skin power may not be necessary: only if you need to set makeup

Eyelash curlers:
I know your probably thinking, I must be a bit nuts, but you will thank me later. The school I go to, we are not meant to wear makeup at all, so it has to look like your skin. Once my friend had to be sent the bathroom because of her mascara. It was far too obvious and she still gets in trouble because of it. To make sure I on't get caught all I do is curl my eye lashes and that's it. It makes me look more awake and still looks natural.
Primark eyelash curlers (£1)- Eye to use, gives really good curl and length.

Tips for curling your eyelashes:
-To make your curl last longer, just heat up the curler with your hair dryer and curl as normal.

Lip Balm:
If you know me, you will know that I have a lip balm obsession. I could talk about them forever but I will just share a few of my favorites.
Really moisturizing:
Nivea essential care (£1) - My all time favorite lip balm
Tinted balms:
Maybelline baby lips electro (£2.99) - Personally I think these are way better than the original collection. They are much more pigmented, more long lasting and they have a better colour range.
MUA Sweet sheen lip balm (£2) - I really love these, super natural, buttery and lightly pigmented.
Two in one:
Maybelline DrResuce baby lips (£3.49) - Really good for a two in one

Tips for lip balm:
- Really simple, but always keep one with you at all times.
- If they are too pigmented for your liking just apply in the centre and blend with you finger.

Tools (not including eyelash curlers):
I know what your probably thinking, I am going to say Real Techniques. As much as I love their brushes, I don't think they are the best and most bank friendly for  beginner. If you want to spend that little bit more on brushes feel free to but Real Techniques but you can find good ones for so much cheaper.
As a beginner the only tools I think you need are:
- Tweezers (eye brows)
- Sponge
- Big fluffy brush
You can find tweezers anywhere and it's almost likely that your family will own some but Primark sell them for super cheap.
When I first started wearing makeup the brushes i used were Primark's PS Beauty Brushes. They ranged from £1-£2. I only two brushes I bought were the concealer and eye shadow double ended brush (£1.50), and the blusher brush (£1.50) which I used for powder. Still to this day, I use these brushes so they are really good and cheap. 
I also discovered last year, Home Bargains Beauty Blender dupe (99p). This is great for concealer as it looks really natural but giving good coverage. For 99p it is worth the try and I own two off these. Instead of cleaning them you can just repurchase it and not have to break the bank. Primark also do one but I have never tried it as I love the Home Bargains one too much.
The brushes I think you should buy:
Concealer - Home bargains Beauty blender (99p) - For more coverage
- Primark Stippling brush (£1.50) - For a lighter coverage
Powder - Primark Blush brush (£1.50) - Distributes the product really well

Extras you may want to try out
As well as the basics you may want to experiment more, but still look appropriate for school. These are the extra products, I think are great if you want to have bit more fun with doing your makeup.

Instead of foundation, I would recommend you use, MUA Pro-Base Primer (£4). I would suggest this because it evens out the skin, as well as making anything that goes on top of it, last longer.

For blush I am going to give two options for two different skin tones and formulas. Not everyone needs blush, this is completely optional, only use if you want to add some colour to your face.
For fair and pale skin: Go for a more pink/ peach based blush.
For tanned skin: Go for a blush with a more red/ coral undertone.
Collection Speedy Blush (£3.99), Cream blush - This formula is very pigmented, and very easy to blend. A little bit does go a long way and looks really natural on the skin. Also great if your in a rush.
Fair skin colour - Tickled pink
Tanned skin colour - 02 Cheeky
Natural Collection Blush (£1.99), Powder blush - This formula are very pigmented but are build able, they look super natural, have a great colour range and the formula is said to be long lasting.
Fair skin colour - Peach melba
Tanned skin colour - Sugar plum

Tips for Blush:
- Always apply in natural day light.
- Only apply a small amount to begin with then build if needed.
- Smile when applying and start to apply on the apples of the cheek then blend to hair line.

Eye liner:
Personally I think black it too bold, so for beginners replace the black with a white. A white eye liner is a multi purpose product to make you look even more awake then using a black eye liner. On an everyday basis, I will use my white eye liner in my inner corner of my eye and just blend. It instantly makes my eyes look bigger and more awake.
MUA intense colour eye liner in Snow White (£1) - I only have one eye liner to show you as it is the one I would recommend over anything else. This is £1 and you can't get any cheaper. Pigmentation is great, it comes with a sharpener and lasts a really long time.

Tips for Eye liner:
- You can use your eye liner as a cream eye shadow, just swipe gently across the lid and blend. 
- White eye liner can be used on your brow bone, inner corner, water line, lash line and all over your lid.

As well as curling your eye lashes you can make them even longer and thicker by adding mascara. There are so many at the drugstore, so I will share my favorites for a natural fluttered look.
Revlon Lash potion mascara (£7.99) - Gives really good length and lasts a long time.
Maybelline Big eyes mascara (£7.99) - This is great as it has two ends one for upper lashes and lower lashes, great for on the go.

Tips for Mascara:
- Less is more for school
- Do small layers an build

Lip scrub:
I think these are super fun and also they are really beneficial for the lips.
Lush Mint Julips lip scrub (£5.50) - This may seem really expensive but they do last a really long time. This is my favorite one to use and it does wonders for my lips. They are also edible and they do taste amazing.
DIY Lip Scrub (linked here)

So I hope you enjoyed this post. It was a bit longer than my regular Sunday post but I hope you enjoyed reading me babble. Please let me know if this has helped you. 
I know recently my Blog pictures have been a bit hit and miss but as soon as I go back to school, I will be putting a lot more of my time and effort into blogging for you. 
Grace xx

Friday, 21 August 2015

Summer lip picks

Hi everyone,
I know summer is almost over :( but I thought I would share with you my summer lip picks 2015. These are five lip products, I think, are perfect for summer.

(Left to right)
Collection Cream Puff in Powder Puff 2 : The perfect matte nude
Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora : The (almost) bright red lip
Revlon Lacquer Balm in Demur : The quick and easy glossy nude lipstick
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Pink Star : The coral/pink 
Victoria Secret Lip Gloss in Totally Hot : The wearable pink gloss

I am sorry this was a short post but never the less I still hope you enjoyed. Let me know the lip product you have been using the most this summer. Have a lovely day.
Grace xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

MUA Prime and Conceal Palette | Hot or Not Wednesday

Hi everyone,
Today I am bringing back one of my oldest series. Hot or Not Wednesday! Please let me know if you actually read them (you probably didn't). They are basically a mini review of a beauty range or a specific product. Let me know if you enjoy and what you want me to review next. But today I will be reviewing the MUA Prime and Conceal palette. Loads of people have been asking me whether I recommend it, and how good it is etc, so today all your answers will be revealed.

I have been trying this out for over a month now so I do have a strong opinion on it. I got this from superdrug and it cost £4, which is full price. MUA do hold offers very often so you could always get this cheaper. 

First impression:
When I first picked this up and used it, I could see the pigments counteracting out each problem area, but not amazingly. The highlighter worked really well though at making my skin look brighter.

For £4 I can't complain. I do like the white, but sometimes it can be hard to open. It is also easily breakable as it is plastic, but luckily I haven't done that yet.

How do you use it?
I use this before foundation or concealer, and sometimes instead, if I am having a good skin day. I apply it with my fingers then blend it a little more with my Real Techniques expert face brush.

What does it do?
The concept of this product is 4 colour correcting creams, that counteract a different problem on your face. While covering it also primes the skin.
The 4 colours: (Information from instagram)
Peach - The warmth of this shade will neutralize dark circles on every skin tone
Green - Rid yourself of redness by counteracting it with green
Yellow - Cancel out those purple-blue under eye circles and dark patches - This works on olive and tanned skin.
Lilac -  Give tired dull skin a new lease of like using the lilac concealer.
As you can probably tell there is another cream in the centre. This is a highlighter, for anywhere you would like to highlight (duh!).

Which are my favorites?
The ones I use the most are the green and peach.I do also love the highlighter as it is the most pigmented one I have ever used!. The swatches above show that they are pigmented but in person they are even more pigmented then they look. But once you blend them they are gone, it is really magical.

What are the negatives?
- Sometimes little bits can get stuck in the cream which isn't very hygienic.
- When you apply a colour on your face, it can sometimes leave a hint of colour.
- It runs out quickly. I have already hit pan on the green pigment and the highlighter but you can purchase each colour individually for £2 each with more product in it.

What are the positives?
- It doesn't cake up.
- It makes my base last longer.
- It covers up imperfections.
- Affordable.
 - Looks natural.
- Easy to blend
- Super quick
There are so many more but I won't bore you.

Would I recommend it? and to who?
Yes I would recommend it, and to anyone. I think this would work on all types of skin, and all different shades of skin, since it has something for everybody. This would be great for anyone in school and wants something super natural but still makes you feel confident, it is also a super friendly price. Or even if you just want to try something more natural or want your makeup to last longer.

Hot or Not?

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have tried this product an whether you like it. Hope you have a great day.
Grace xx

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Massive Summer Collective Haul !

Hi everyone,
So today's post is going to be a massive collective haul. I will be posting a back to school haul soon but this is more directed at just general summer items. As you can see from the images above their is a mixture of clothes, beauty and a pair of shoes. This was not all bought in one trip this has been collected since after my birthday. Which was at the beginning of July. I have also missed out some stuff so there may be a part two or just another haul. Please let me know if you enjoy my hauls as I do enjoy writing about what I bought, but I don't really know whether you like reading them. I also may not remember some of the exact prices but I will try my very best. All that said, lets begin !

To make this haul easier I labeled each clothing item a number so I will be referring the item of clothing to the number next to the item.

Image 1 - All bought from the MissGuided sale.
I have never really looked on the MissGuided website before, but since I follow their twitter, I noticed they had a massive sale on around the end of July so I rushed onto the website and ordered some things. I do know lots of youtubers like this clothing brand and I have to agree, I did not expect the quality to be as good as it was, and at such great prices, you couldn't go wrong. I am so happy with my purchases and I will be buying more clothing items off there website.

Item 1 - Black sports bra with orange detail - £4
You might know but this summer holiday I am joining the gym as something to do throughout the summer and also benefiting from it. I am also a dancer and I was running low on sports bras, and these were a great deal so I had to buy some. I also bought a grey one with blue detail, but that was in the wash when I took these pictures but it is the same style and price.

Item 2 - Plain black yoga pants - £10
Again, the same as the sports bras, I am joining a gym so I thought plain black leggings would just be really easy to style. At my dance, you also always wear leggings so I thought they would be great and they are such great quality.

Item 3 - Cropped tee with pineapple print - £5
Some people might find this inappropriate, but I think they are super cute, and very trendy at the moment for summer. They are cute prints around the boob area. You may notice I did buy three types of these tops but just because they were all very inexpensive. I do love this top as it could go with some many things. I also love fruit being printed on fashion so I really wanted to buy this.

Item 4 - Grey gym top with orange detail - £5
I thought this top would be great for the gym, if I don't want to just wear a sports bra. It is also really comfy so great to even relax in, and for the price I just had to buy it.

Item 5 - Runner shorts nude with black detail - £8
As much as I love denim shorts, I just find runner style shorts more comfortable and suit my figure more. I am a curvy person so denim shorts can sometimes make me feel very insecure and worried about what I look like. Whereas these shorts really suit me. I really love these shorts as they are quit dressy but you can also wear them casually.

Item 6 - Black and white grid print runner shorts - £5
I find these shorts a bit more day time appropriate and more comfy as it is a thinner material. I have to say they are a bit see through but not as bad as other ones I have ha in the past and the silk under layer is very useful. I can't wait to wear this as I think it would look great with a white graphic tee.

Image 2 - This is bought from a mixture of clothing shops.

Item 7 - Nike printed joggers - (no idea on price as it was bought as a gift)
I think my mum got these off the Next website on sale. In case you didn't read my birthday haul, I actually got the jacket with the same print on so my mum actually bought my the matching joggers. I have to admit thee joggers are different to all the rest I own. They feel like waterproof jackets. Even though it has a strange texture and fit, I still really love them. I think they are quit bold and brave, but I will try and pull them off.

Item 8 - Strapless midi dress - £3.90 - Primark
I went shopping with my mum and she actually picked out this dress. My style is very casual and simple but this was a very bold item with a strong print. Never the less, I still bought it. The weather in England hasn't been very great, so I haven't had the time to wear it yet but I hopefully will. For £3.90, even if I wear it once it would be worth the very small price tag. The pattern on this dress is very bohemian and floral inspired but on the bottom of the dress there is a band of pattern that is different using different colours (if that makes sense, hopefully you can see on the image).

Item 9 - Cropped orange tee with print "Aloha Beaches - £5 (???) - H&M
This was on sale and as I said before I bought three t-shirts with prints as boobs, I guess. This one is orange and had black pineapples on. In case you haven't already noticed, I love pineapples. Anyway this was super cheap and I love H&M's loose crop tops.

Item 10 - Plain white pocket tee with pug print - £12 - Topshop
I was in outfit, since I still had a voucher I got for my birthday, and I found this in the sale. As soon as I shown my mum, I needed it. A dog is one of my favorite animals since I do have two of my own. I don't have pugs but I think they are super cute. For £12 on sale, I didn't want to take the risk of not buying it. I could only find a small, which is quit long on me but I didn't care. Some people might find it over priced, but the t-shirt was great fabric and great quality so I think it was worth every penny.

Item 11 - Tight crop top with flower print - £2 - H&M
This is the final boob top. This didn't have pineapples on, instead it had flowers. My mum loves these types of prints, they are cute and fun to style. I wasn't really attracted by this top but it was in sale, I looked at the price and it was £2. i just thought even if I only wear it once it is worth it. I style crop tops with high waisted bottoms as I hate my stomach and hate showing my belly button. I think this is really casual and easy to wear.

Image 3
Disclaimer - Please don't give me hate on my body, I am not skinny and I know that. 
The top I am wearing is from H&M and it was £3.99, it is really long, simple and really wearable. The jeans I am wearing are ripped acid washed jeans that roll up at the end. They are from MissGuided and they cost £10 which I thought was really cheap. I was really worried when these jeans came because I thought they wouldn't suit me, but they fit my figure really well and they are not super skin tight, which I like.

Image 4
These shoes were also from MissGuided and they cost £7. These are really similar to the Topshop pumps just in more unusual patterns. I picked out these blue/pink clouds as I thought they were very Tumbr inspired. I thought they would be hard to style but they actually go with lots of my clothes. For £7 the quality is great and they are really comfy to wear.


Tanya Burr lip gloss // £1.99
I know your probably thinking that this was really cheap, and I agree. I bought this from TJ Huges and I saw this gorgeous shade and picked it up right away. The shade is Sparkling Dewdrops.

Benefit Happy Beauty Day set // £9.95
I have been wanting this for so long and I finally decided to treat myself. I will be doing a hot or not on this so stay tuned for that. This kit came with the mini Porefessional, mini Bad Gal Lash and the mini Bene Tint. it also came with a card to get your makeup done at a benefit stand in Boots. I'm not sure whether I will use it or give it to my friends, but I thought that was really cool. This is a great value for money and I have been really loving each product, that came with it.

I hope you really enjoyed this haul, and thank you for reading. Let me know what your favorite purchase has been recently and I will post again very soon.
Grace xx

Friday, 14 August 2015

NOTD: Bright Pink and Ombre Accent

Hi everyone,
I have now decided to post Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Let me know if these days are okay. I will deferentially be posting this often in the summer but maybe not when I go back to school, but I will try. Putting that aside today's blog post is going to be a nails of the day. 

Since it is the summer holidays (in the UK), it means I am not in school, which also means I can finally wear nail polish. I might post a few of these throughout the summer, so let me know how you feel about that. 

My nails have been like this for a few days now and has almost chipped off so I will re-paint them soon but I love how they look. I posted this exact picture on my instagram and loads of people seemed to like it, so I am thinking of try another ombre.

As you can see the pink colour I used was Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint in Grapefruit, and on my accent nail I ombred it with a teal colour which was Rimmel Rita Ora spring collection in 878 Roll in the grass. As a twist I also made the ombre nail a matte ombre, as I liked how it looked against all the rest of them being glossy.

Sorry this was a short post but never the less, I hope you still enjoyed it.
Grace xx

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August Q&A

Hi everyone,
Since it is now August I thought I would answer some of your questions. If you want to be featured in my next Q&A make sure you follow my instagram as that is where I get asked your questions.

1. What's your favorite food? @skittle.ari
I honestly do not know. I love all foo but I would have to say boneless buffalo wings with franks red hot sauce.

2. First makeup product you bought? @Emsirose
3. Would you repurchase it? @Emsirose
I just put these two questions together, but I remember walking into superdrug with my best friend and I just started picking up random stuff I had seen on youtube. The only two I remember buying was the Maybelline great lash mascara and a Maybelline eye shadow quad. I through the mascara in the bin as I didn't like it at the time but I do want to try it again. For the eye shadow quad, yes I would repurchase it. I still have it now but 2 of the shadows have smashed but I have a rimmel one in similar shades but it's just not as good.

4. Makeup product you regret buying? @_ebonykidxell_
I mentioned this in my last Q&A but, it would have the be the Revlon lip butter in peach parfait. I bought this because I loved the shade but I never wear it as it feels horrible on my lips. There are other shades that I like but I don't want to risk it again.

5. Would you rather to only be able to fill in your eyebrows with sharpies or never fill them in at all?
100% never fill them in at all. I am always told that I have really nice eyebrows and they are probably one of my favorite features. I am not overly keen on filled in eye brows they only look good when they are natural. If you were to use sharpies your eyebrows would just look like slugs.

6. What shade of lipstick really doesn't suit you? @sassy_tumbl.r
Probably a really light nude, like concealer nude. Some people can really pull it off well but I just look ill. My first lipstick was a Avon one and it was a really light concealer/ nude lipstick but now I am so scared to try it again because it looked awful.

7. What is your favorite perfume? @peachesandcleanbeauty
It would have to be Marc Jacobs Dot. I know I don't talk about it often but that's because I am scared of using it. As a treat on the plane back from Florida my mum treated me to an expensive perfume and she chose Marc Jacobs Dot out for me. As it is only a mini and I can't bring myself to buy myself one, so I only use it on the most special of occasions but it is my favorite.

8. Holy grail makeup product? @sprinkleofpinkxox
It may be boring but it is my honest answer. The Nivea essential lip balm, like the original one in blue packaging. I cannot go one day without using this. I would recommend this to anyone.

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A let me know if you would like me to make this a monthly thing and if you would like a B2S Q&A.
Grace xx

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Pretty Little Liars: My thoughts and theories


Hi everyone so today's post is going to be something a little different. In celebration of A being revealed on Pretty Little Liars, I am going to be sharing my thought and theories on all things A. Don't forget to comment you theories and I hope you enjoy.

My theories:
Wow! Were do I begin. Firstly, I think Wren is A. I know lots of people think that and that is why I am starting to doubt my thoughts, but who else could it be?
Ever since Wren was introduced to Rosewood, I thought he was strange. Obviously it's said that A has blonde hair and blue eyes from the home movies the liars found but everyone changes. I had blonde hair and now I pretty much have brown hair. That could have happened to A.
Also, red coat is back. Personally, I think it is Mona, as the pictures for the season finale, Mona is wearing a red cape - like red coat. I think A forced her to spy on the liars so they wouldn't get hurt.
I know it's said that A is a Dilaurentis, but I have a thought. As you know Mrs Dilaurentis had an affair with Mr Hastings so she could have had another one. I have seen loads of theories saying that A is related to Toby, Sara, Bethany and they all make sense but I don't know what to believe. 

My theories on A and the finale...
Mrs Dilaurentis had an affair with someone (not sure who), and had Charles. I think he is only a couple more years older than Jason. Mrs D didn't want Mr D to find out about the affair so she convinced him that it was either his baby or a cousin. Jason then grew up with Charlie. As Mr D explained in one of the recent episodes, Charlie tried to drown Alison. I think this is because he was jealous of Alison, being the only girl and the youngest in the family he was probably jealous of the attention. I think Charlie wanted to be a girl therefore wanted to take her place so he tried to kill her. After that incident Mr and Mrs D wanted to send him somewhere he could get better, so they sent him to Radely. Living his life in Radely, he must have been angry also wanting to be a girl he discovered his love for dolls. He must have met Bethany at some point and then they both became "friends". But I think Charlie wanted to kill Alison so he made Bethany and Alison the same top all planned for "that night".

My theory on "that night"...
Mrs D got a phone call and told Alison not to go out tonight. I think this was because two Radely patients escaped - Charlie and Bethany. Bethany and Alison were wearing the same top, this is because Bethany would be able to distract the liars from Alison. But it went wrong! Charlie hit Alison, buried her, she got rescued. Bethany was killed by Melissa by being buried alive and Charles believed that Alison was dead.

My theories on the time jump and life after A...
I have seen a few spoilers saying...
- Hanna is the first the have a baby
- Ezra and Aria get married
- Spencer and Toby split up
but I don't really trust them. I think all the couples Ezra and Aria, Caleb and Hanna, Spencer and Toby, Emily and Sara and Alison and Lorenzo all stay together, but obviously go through ups and downs. I think Aria and Hanna will have kids. But when they all met again, I think they will all reconnect after the five years from being apart. I think A will be dead and Mona might be with Mike - I am not too sure. I don't think PLL could go on for another season if there was no A so I think there may be another enemy - Maybe another friend from Radely.

So I hope you enjoyed this post. I apologize if you don't watch Pretty Little Liars but I hope you still found it interesting to read. If you do watch PLL comment your thoughts as I would love to hear them.
Grace xx

Friday, 7 August 2015

Tag, You're It! (Blogger interview tag)

Hi everyone,
This week you have an extra cheeky post off me as I was not planning on doing this, but I was very kindly tagged by my good friend Emily from Floraalemily, to do this tag. Emily's blog is linked here and her instagram is @floraalemily. 
I have seen a few people do this tag and I think it is a great idea, as this is specifically aimed at bloggers. I think it's a great way to learn things about a person as being a blogger (if that makes any sense). 
Let's begin !

How did you get into blogging?
I first began my blog late November, and I was inspired by other bloggers and also youtubers. I have always wanted to be a youtuber, but I am very shy and scared to start one but I still wanted to share my thoughts with people online so this was just ideal for me.

What advice would you give to beginner bloggers?
I still consider myself as a beginner as I haven't even been doing this for a year yet, but for anyone who has just made a blog I would just say. Stick to it and talk about what you want to talk about. I see so many youtubers, bloggers an even instagram accounts that just seem fake. Not to offend anyone in any way, but they just act as if they are not bothered. Talk about something you have a passion for, not what everyone else is talking about.

What would be your dream campaign? 
I would be honored to work with any brand, but I would love to work with any brands I genuinely love. Beauty brands like Urban Decay, Benefit, Rimmel, MUA, Revlon, the list goes on. Fashion brands like Primark, New look, Miss guided. I would love to work with any of them. I think trying and reviewing any of there products would be amazing.

Do you have a plan for your blog?
I don't think many bloggers have a set plan to follow as no one knows what the future holds. For the time being, my plan is just to enjoy what I am doing and posting content that is good for my readers as a hobby. Further on in the future I would love to met bloggers, possibly start earning money from blogging and just to see where it takes me.

What do you think about rankings?
I think everyone wants to be a good blogger, and they want as many people as possible to enjoy reading there blog. I feel like if you didn't want people to enjoy your blog you wouldn't post it online, at least that's what I think. I do think that some really good bloggers are still unnoticed but only time will tell. Obviously I don't consider myself as a popular blogger but I think every blogger has a successful blog as it is unique to them.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post and I will post again on Sunday.
I Tag...
Also, if I did not tag you feel free to do this tag. I tag anyone reading this as well !
Grace xx