Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August Q&A

Hi everyone,
Since it is now August I thought I would answer some of your questions. If you want to be featured in my next Q&A make sure you follow my instagram as that is where I get asked your questions.

1. What's your favorite food? @skittle.ari
I honestly do not know. I love all foo but I would have to say boneless buffalo wings with franks red hot sauce.

2. First makeup product you bought? @Emsirose
3. Would you repurchase it? @Emsirose
I just put these two questions together, but I remember walking into superdrug with my best friend and I just started picking up random stuff I had seen on youtube. The only two I remember buying was the Maybelline great lash mascara and a Maybelline eye shadow quad. I through the mascara in the bin as I didn't like it at the time but I do want to try it again. For the eye shadow quad, yes I would repurchase it. I still have it now but 2 of the shadows have smashed but I have a rimmel one in similar shades but it's just not as good.

4. Makeup product you regret buying? @_ebonykidxell_
I mentioned this in my last Q&A but, it would have the be the Revlon lip butter in peach parfait. I bought this because I loved the shade but I never wear it as it feels horrible on my lips. There are other shades that I like but I don't want to risk it again.

5. Would you rather to only be able to fill in your eyebrows with sharpies or never fill them in at all?
100% never fill them in at all. I am always told that I have really nice eyebrows and they are probably one of my favorite features. I am not overly keen on filled in eye brows they only look good when they are natural. If you were to use sharpies your eyebrows would just look like slugs.

6. What shade of lipstick really doesn't suit you? @sassy_tumbl.r
Probably a really light nude, like concealer nude. Some people can really pull it off well but I just look ill. My first lipstick was a Avon one and it was a really light concealer/ nude lipstick but now I am so scared to try it again because it looked awful.

7. What is your favorite perfume? @peachesandcleanbeauty
It would have to be Marc Jacobs Dot. I know I don't talk about it often but that's because I am scared of using it. As a treat on the plane back from Florida my mum treated me to an expensive perfume and she chose Marc Jacobs Dot out for me. As it is only a mini and I can't bring myself to buy myself one, so I only use it on the most special of occasions but it is my favorite.

8. Holy grail makeup product? @sprinkleofpinkxox
It may be boring but it is my honest answer. The Nivea essential lip balm, like the original one in blue packaging. I cannot go one day without using this. I would recommend this to anyone.

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A let me know if you would like me to make this a monthly thing and if you would like a B2S Q&A.
Grace xx

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