Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to School Series: Q&A

Hi everyone,
I know it's not the best time, but going back to school is creeping upon us if it hasn't already. To cheer you up I thought I would answer some of your questions.

1. What makeup products would you suggest to wear when it's school? @caitlin_ellisss
I have done a whole post about my back to school makeup starter kit (linked here) but myself. It would just be concealer, powder, eyelash curlers and lip balm.

2. What's your favorite thing about school? @floralsinead
When I am in school, I really enjoy the chilled back lessons, as you do work but you don't feel like you are.

3. What is the most embarrassing thing that's every happened at school? @pastelrose.x
The school I am in now, I haven't really embarrassed myself much (touch wood). The most embarrassing, was probably when the teacher accused me of cheating and she had to speak with me at the end of the exam. I know it might not sound embarrassing but when I took the exam we were mixed with year 9's (I was is year 8 at the time). Now every time I see them round school I feel like they are hating on me because I apparently "cheated", when I really didn't.

4. Do you prefer to take a backpack or handbag to school? @theindiemoon
Really good question! I have had a mixture of both during secondary school so far. For year 9(the year I am going into), I am using a handbag, just because I don't have a lot to carry round with me this year. If you do need to carry round lots of items with you, I would suggest a backpack.

5. What's the most dramatic thing ever to happen in your school(s)? @sassy_tumbl.r
The only thing I can think of that is dramatic in my school was being bullied. I was never bullied badly, I just got picked on a lot.

6.  What subjects have you taken for GCSE? @hello.spring.01
I am going into year 9, which in my school you don't take your options until January of year 9. I want to go into design - specifically fashion design. I have an idea of what I want to take. My language is going to be German and my Humanities is going to be Geography and my extra 2 are between, Business, art textiles, graphic design and ICT (still not sure on them though).

7. What makeup products do you wear to school? @lovelaughlashesx
I do wear makeup to school but only very minimal. The answer is basically the same as question 1, but I will just repeat myself. I only wear concealer, powder, and lip balm. I will also curl my eye lashes but that doesn't really count as makeup (I'm not really sure?).

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A, and I hope I have managed to answer a few of your questions about back to school. Have a great day.
Grace xx

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