Sunday, 16 August 2015

Massive Summer Collective Haul !

Hi everyone,
So today's post is going to be a massive collective haul. I will be posting a back to school haul soon but this is more directed at just general summer items. As you can see from the images above their is a mixture of clothes, beauty and a pair of shoes. This was not all bought in one trip this has been collected since after my birthday. Which was at the beginning of July. I have also missed out some stuff so there may be a part two or just another haul. Please let me know if you enjoy my hauls as I do enjoy writing about what I bought, but I don't really know whether you like reading them. I also may not remember some of the exact prices but I will try my very best. All that said, lets begin !

To make this haul easier I labeled each clothing item a number so I will be referring the item of clothing to the number next to the item.

Image 1 - All bought from the MissGuided sale.
I have never really looked on the MissGuided website before, but since I follow their twitter, I noticed they had a massive sale on around the end of July so I rushed onto the website and ordered some things. I do know lots of youtubers like this clothing brand and I have to agree, I did not expect the quality to be as good as it was, and at such great prices, you couldn't go wrong. I am so happy with my purchases and I will be buying more clothing items off there website.

Item 1 - Black sports bra with orange detail - £4
You might know but this summer holiday I am joining the gym as something to do throughout the summer and also benefiting from it. I am also a dancer and I was running low on sports bras, and these were a great deal so I had to buy some. I also bought a grey one with blue detail, but that was in the wash when I took these pictures but it is the same style and price.

Item 2 - Plain black yoga pants - £10
Again, the same as the sports bras, I am joining a gym so I thought plain black leggings would just be really easy to style. At my dance, you also always wear leggings so I thought they would be great and they are such great quality.

Item 3 - Cropped tee with pineapple print - £5
Some people might find this inappropriate, but I think they are super cute, and very trendy at the moment for summer. They are cute prints around the boob area. You may notice I did buy three types of these tops but just because they were all very inexpensive. I do love this top as it could go with some many things. I also love fruit being printed on fashion so I really wanted to buy this.

Item 4 - Grey gym top with orange detail - £5
I thought this top would be great for the gym, if I don't want to just wear a sports bra. It is also really comfy so great to even relax in, and for the price I just had to buy it.

Item 5 - Runner shorts nude with black detail - £8
As much as I love denim shorts, I just find runner style shorts more comfortable and suit my figure more. I am a curvy person so denim shorts can sometimes make me feel very insecure and worried about what I look like. Whereas these shorts really suit me. I really love these shorts as they are quit dressy but you can also wear them casually.

Item 6 - Black and white grid print runner shorts - £5
I find these shorts a bit more day time appropriate and more comfy as it is a thinner material. I have to say they are a bit see through but not as bad as other ones I have ha in the past and the silk under layer is very useful. I can't wait to wear this as I think it would look great with a white graphic tee.

Image 2 - This is bought from a mixture of clothing shops.

Item 7 - Nike printed joggers - (no idea on price as it was bought as a gift)
I think my mum got these off the Next website on sale. In case you didn't read my birthday haul, I actually got the jacket with the same print on so my mum actually bought my the matching joggers. I have to admit thee joggers are different to all the rest I own. They feel like waterproof jackets. Even though it has a strange texture and fit, I still really love them. I think they are quit bold and brave, but I will try and pull them off.

Item 8 - Strapless midi dress - £3.90 - Primark
I went shopping with my mum and she actually picked out this dress. My style is very casual and simple but this was a very bold item with a strong print. Never the less, I still bought it. The weather in England hasn't been very great, so I haven't had the time to wear it yet but I hopefully will. For £3.90, even if I wear it once it would be worth the very small price tag. The pattern on this dress is very bohemian and floral inspired but on the bottom of the dress there is a band of pattern that is different using different colours (if that makes sense, hopefully you can see on the image).

Item 9 - Cropped orange tee with print "Aloha Beaches - £5 (???) - H&M
This was on sale and as I said before I bought three t-shirts with prints as boobs, I guess. This one is orange and had black pineapples on. In case you haven't already noticed, I love pineapples. Anyway this was super cheap and I love H&M's loose crop tops.

Item 10 - Plain white pocket tee with pug print - £12 - Topshop
I was in outfit, since I still had a voucher I got for my birthday, and I found this in the sale. As soon as I shown my mum, I needed it. A dog is one of my favorite animals since I do have two of my own. I don't have pugs but I think they are super cute. For £12 on sale, I didn't want to take the risk of not buying it. I could only find a small, which is quit long on me but I didn't care. Some people might find it over priced, but the t-shirt was great fabric and great quality so I think it was worth every penny.

Item 11 - Tight crop top with flower print - £2 - H&M
This is the final boob top. This didn't have pineapples on, instead it had flowers. My mum loves these types of prints, they are cute and fun to style. I wasn't really attracted by this top but it was in sale, I looked at the price and it was £2. i just thought even if I only wear it once it is worth it. I style crop tops with high waisted bottoms as I hate my stomach and hate showing my belly button. I think this is really casual and easy to wear.

Image 3
Disclaimer - Please don't give me hate on my body, I am not skinny and I know that. 
The top I am wearing is from H&M and it was £3.99, it is really long, simple and really wearable. The jeans I am wearing are ripped acid washed jeans that roll up at the end. They are from MissGuided and they cost £10 which I thought was really cheap. I was really worried when these jeans came because I thought they wouldn't suit me, but they fit my figure really well and they are not super skin tight, which I like.

Image 4
These shoes were also from MissGuided and they cost £7. These are really similar to the Topshop pumps just in more unusual patterns. I picked out these blue/pink clouds as I thought they were very Tumbr inspired. I thought they would be hard to style but they actually go with lots of my clothes. For £7 the quality is great and they are really comfy to wear.


Tanya Burr lip gloss // £1.99
I know your probably thinking that this was really cheap, and I agree. I bought this from TJ Huges and I saw this gorgeous shade and picked it up right away. The shade is Sparkling Dewdrops.

Benefit Happy Beauty Day set // £9.95
I have been wanting this for so long and I finally decided to treat myself. I will be doing a hot or not on this so stay tuned for that. This kit came with the mini Porefessional, mini Bad Gal Lash and the mini Bene Tint. it also came with a card to get your makeup done at a benefit stand in Boots. I'm not sure whether I will use it or give it to my friends, but I thought that was really cool. This is a great value for money and I have been really loving each product, that came with it.

I hope you really enjoyed this haul, and thank you for reading. Let me know what your favorite purchase has been recently and I will post again very soon.
Grace xx


  1. You picked up some lovely things! I love those shoes! x

    1. Thank you! I have been obsessed with them, and for such a good price! x