Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Favorites

Hi everyone,
Today I am going to be sharing with you my favorites of September. Firstly, where has September gone? honestly it has gone so fast. Anyway this is what I have been loving throughout September.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss and Melon Mania// I am pretty sure that these came out around the end of August. When I saw them all over peoples Instagram accounts, I knew I needed to by I did. Honestly, these are my favorite baby lips EVER! I just love them, and if you know me, you will know I have a weird obsession with watermelon, so as you can probably guess, that is my favorite out of the two. They are super moisturizing, gloss and really affordable.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub// I have had this for so long, but only recently have I started using it on a day to day basis, and is now a step I must do, of a morning. Some people could consider this as a pricey product (retails for £5.50) but it lasts forever and is the best lip scrub I have ever used. Recently, as it is just starting to get colder outside, my lips have started to get chapped and this scrub helps to smooth and soften them.

Natural Collection Creamy Concealer// I know I have mentioned this in another favorite but it deserves another one. A few weeks ago I ran out of this and when I went into Boots, I was thinking about trying a new concealer but I physically couldn't. I just couldn't because, there is no point in spending more on a concealer I might even not like so I just repurchased this one. I honestly don't know what I would do without this concealer, I use it everyday and it has been my daily concealer since January this year.

Tresemme Salon Finish Volume and Life Mousse// My mum very kindly gave this to me as she wasn't using it, but I have never really used mousse before until my mum recommended I started using it. Since using this, I have notice my hair has a lot more volume and it can go longer without me needing to wash it. Not really a box I tick with hair products, but I find it so fun, because it is like a thick foam and it just makes me really happy (a it sad, but it's true). If you haven't tried mousse I would really recommend you do, and you might even like this one.

Skincare/ Bodycare
NSPA Clementine Rich Body Butter// Since it's been getting colder, my skin is starting to become dryer so to help that I have started using a thicker body butter. I started using this one because it is super thick, moisturizing and smells amazing! I have noticed my skin feeling smoother, softer and just nicer. I am very quickly running out of this as I do use it all over my body around twice a week. I might have to repurchase this but maybe in a more season-appropriate scent, as this one, I find, is a little more summery.

Scholl Foot File// Me and my family bought one of these because we all struggle with really hard skin on our feet. Since buying this it has made a massive difference in my feet, and I would highly recommend it, if you have the same problem.

Sweatshirts// Again, because it is slightly colder, I pulled out the over-sized jumpers (even though I wear them all year round anyway). My favorite ones are from PINK and I would have had a picture but my favorite one is in the wash. I just find myself wearing these whenever I don't have to go out. They are super comfy and they look super nice as well.

Ice Breakers// I am not sure about you, but I didn't know that Home Bargins sold these! Once I found out they did I bought some and since then I have been through two packets in a space of about two weeks. They are 79p for a tub and I take them to school with me. I sadly ran out of them so I do need more ASAP.

Next Diffuser New York// This was a birthday present off my parents, and I just love the smell. My mum always comments on how nice it smells, and I must agree, it does smell really nice. I can tell this is going to last me ages be cause I have already had it a month and it has only used about a quarter.

Troye Sivan - Wild Album
One Direction - Drag Me Down
- Infinity
Only The Young - I Do

Friends// Most people I know have had an obsession with this show for a long, long time but only recently have I started watching it. Almost everyday now I watch this show, and it makes me laugh so much. I am obsessed with Friends and I can't wait to watch more episodes.

Chlo White// Chloe is a youtuber and she only has around 3k but she deserves so many more. She makes beauty videos and I have just been enjoying them a lot recently.

That's it for September favorites but I hope you enjoyed. Comment what you have been loving this month. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Transitioning from Summer to Autumn | Fashion

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be a fashion post. I really love reading these post but I just never right them enough. Anyway this is a lovely colab with the amazing Tara's Floral World (link to blog here). I really suggest you go and check it out! The whole point of this post is going to be me sharing with you, pieces of clothing that are appropriate at this time of year. Even though I live in England, and it mostly rains, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. What I am trying to say is that sometimes its warm, cold, windy, rainy, and you just never know, so the pieces I am sharing I think are suitable for the transition between summer and winter.

(Items of clothing, left to right)

Denim Skirt / New Look (sale 2014) - These have been a huge summer trend this year, but I'm sure everyone is going to be rocking them through autumn and winter again as you can wear them with tights or without. I have never been mad for skirts but I really love how the denim ones make me look. I now feel really confident wearing skirts in this style. I also think a blue denim skirt is a lot more versatile then white or black.

Denim Shirt / H&M - I love shirts, as I love layering clothes. You could wear this with a vest underneath, the shirt, and a coat or as a alternative if it's slightly colder, the shirt, a jumper with the shirt collar poking out and a jacket. both of these look so cute and great for this time of year as it is easy to remove each layer if it gets to warm. This shirt has an extra bonus as it has some super cute stripe detailing on the elbows. I would highly rate the shirts from H&M whether they are denim or plaid. 

Slip-on Pumps / Topshop - I especially love these shoes because they are black and white. Because they are both such simple colours you can't go wrong with what you wear with them. Anyway, slip-on pumps are the kind of shoes you can just throw on in a rush and they look super cute. These Topshop ones are also really comfy so I would really recommend Topshop's pumps.

Fine Knit Jumpers / Both from H&M - At this current time of year, I feel like really thick knitted jumpers are a little too much if worn inappropriately. But these jumpers are great for the weather that looks cold but is still warm. As they are thin you would probably want to wear a vest underneath (because they are see through, trust me!)but they are super comfy, casual and still really fashionable.

Eyelash Fur Jumpers / Holister (sale) - This is not a proper jumper, it has short sleeves and is a little bit cropped. These are a great alternative from the fine knit jumpers if it is a bit colder. Eyelash fur can be itchy if you get it from the wrong brand, so I would suggest you try it on first but holister do really nice ones. To me, eyelash fur is just that little bit more feminine and stylish. This jumper paired with some jeans and a cute necklace would probably make the cutest outfit.

Sleeveless or High-neck Tops / Topshop - This is both sleeveless and high neck and I have never warn it before, but I will try. If you wear pieces of clothing like this, comment what you wear with it as that is my struggle. I will wear this and I think now is the perfect time too. To me it's a very daring piece because its sleeveless but I hope I can pull it off. This is ribbed also and I think that is really nice as a suttle piece of detail. I am thinking of styling this with a scarf, blue jeans and a brown leather jacket (comment to see a picture if I ever try it out).

Cropped Jumper / H&M - This reminds me of something I would find in American Apparel and that's one of the reason why I love it. It was around the £10 mark but it looks like it would have been so much more. I wear this with high-waisted jeans and the benefit is you don't need a jacket because you have something covering your arms, and you have pockets from the jeans. I got this last year and I haven't seen them in store this year but I really want (and kind of need!) some more.

White Trainers / Adidas - A bit more of a sports kind of style but are still appropriate, white trainers. Again bringing back the white, it is just such a good colour for this point of the year were you don't want to wear bright colours or dark colours because they are both a little too seasonal. These are super comfy from the Adidas store and they honestly go with everything. They might get dirty quickly but are so worth the time spent before they are almost black! I also think they are a great alternative from white converse.

Leather/Black Shorts / H&M - A bit of a theme with most clothes from H&M but that's just because, I just love that shop (a bit too much it's a little unhealthy). I got these shorts last year for a party and they looked amazing with tights but they look great on their own as well. They are so easy to style because they are black, but the leather gives it a bit more of an edgy style. Really gorgeous, and great quality for the price.

Long Vest Top / H&M - Again (H&M!) but this is from their basics range. It is navy and white stripes, really long also super comfy. I am currently wearing this right now with a pair of jeggings. This goes with everything and it's great for them days where it's warm but it might get colder. If you pair this with jeans/leggings and a leather/denim jacket you are safe.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Just something a little different for my blog, don't forget to go and read Tara's post as I'm sure it's amazing! Have a great day!
Grace xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn Makeup Essentials 2015

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be something I seem to always do at the start of a new season. You can probably tell from the title, Yes, it is my Autumn Makeup Essentials. This is also a colab with the lovely Prettily Painted (her blog link here) she is also doing a beauty essentials for autumn so I really think you should go and read it.
Usually I would just do a whole Autumn Essentials but I thought I should separate the autumn essentials into sections (Makeup, hair, skincare, fashion and random), so let me know if you would be interested in that.

MUA Skin Define Hydro Primer - This was featured in my most recent post (linked here) from were I shared with you the new MUA Autumn/winter releases. Anyway I am not featuring this because they are paying me to or anything like that. I do genuinely like this product, as in the dryer seasons my skin tends to be dehydrated, so this primer really helps to keep in the moisture and without trying to make me look to dewy.

Maybelline colour tattoo in Permanent Taupe - If you have been here from the start you would know that I have always loved this product. I have this shade and On and on bronze but I do find Permanent taupe to be a lot more autumnal. This also gives more of a matte finish whereas On and on bronze more shimmery. Anyway this is super lovely and great on the lazy days for when you don't want to go "all out" on you eye shadow.

MUA Paradise 10 Shadow Palette - This is gorgeous, again from the new MUA Autumn/winter collection. This comes with coppers, plums and golds, all great for the upcoming events and weather. These look like baked eye shadows, they are all shimmery, really pigmented and bendable. Since they are from MUA they are also super affordable.

MUA Lip Palette in Imperial Plums - In the autumn and winter, I feel like it is a lot more suitable to go brighter and darker with your lip colours. Because this is so affordable, it's great if your like me and you don't want to invest in something you could potentially only wear a few times. This is great for travelling, with the huge mirror, variety or colours and it's also really small. I will really be loving this for Halloween.

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in Symphonic - Again another plum colour. Plum, I can imagine is going to be super trendy in makeup and clothes this season. I really love this product, I have a few, the formula is amazing, giving a matte finish but not drying out the lips. It also smells really nice (in my opinion).

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 625 Ice Caramel - Again, great smelling lip products always get me. This is great for a dark nude as in the colder season I go for more brown/dark nudes than pink. This is super creamy but also gives off a lot of colour.

Rimmel Lip Stick in 700 Not an Illusion (Rita Ora collection) - I have had this for so long but now it is back. This is the perfect season to pull out this kind of colour; The dark red lip. I feel like everyone goes for the Kate Moss (again by Rimmel) in 107, but personally, it's a little to dark to my taste. This is why I love this so much, it is really close to my lip colour just slightly darker with a bit more red. Really moisturizing, creamy and pigmented.

Nivea Essential Care Lip balm - Honestly, you all know I love this so I am not going to ramble on even though this is the best product EVER (yes that's a big statement but it is true). This is so moisturizing, nourishing and just awesome! and for such a good price.

I'm not sure whether these class as makeup because everyone has a different view on whether they are or not, but I have featured them anyway.
Topshop nail polish in All I need is aniseed - Perfect berry pink/purple
Barry M Textured nail polish in Lady - Lovely glittery white
Revlon nail polish in Ignite - Shimmery copper
Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in Mauve Kiss - The best autumnal nude
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish in Plum - Typical plum

I really hoped you enjoyed this post, don't forget to read Prettily Painted version. Have a great day.
Grace xx

Sunday, 20 September 2015

New MUA Autumn/Winter Collection 2015

Hi everyone,
As you can see by the gorgeous pictures above, this is going to be a MUA Autumn/ Winter collection preview/ thing (or whatever the title is!). You may or may not know but I entered a MUA giveaway to win their new autumn and winter collection, and that is why I am writing this post. This new collection comes out in a few days so I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you what the new collection consists of.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by MUA to do this blog post, you also did request this instead of a haul (coming at the end of the month). I did win all of this for free but it's because I entered their giveaway and I won. I am very grateful for this and can't wait to tell you more.

I am going to explain each image one at a time...

The first six images are just the packaging they came in. They were wrapped beautifully in tissue paper but my mum and I already opened all of that before I took pictures (Oops!).

Image one - This is the bag with all the products in, there was also a lovely note congratulating me on this prize.

Images two and three - This was a picture of the first set of prizes including, seven metallic liquid lip glosses and three paint box lip palettes.

Images four, five and six - The final set of products I won. Including, five velvet lip lacquers, two eye shadow palettes and a primer.

Image seven - The packaging of the lip palettes and eye shadow palettes.

Image eight - Inside the lip palettes (shades left to right) imperial plums, rose rouge and beige nudes & honey browns.

Image nine and ten - Inside the eye shadow palettes (left to right) Nude and bare, called Utopia and Plush plum and copper, called Paradise.

Image eleven - First five swatches of the eye shadow palette Utopia.

Image twelve - Swatches of the metallic liquid lip glosses (shades left to right) luster, bedazzle, flash, flare, glint, blaze and twinkle.

Image thirteen - Swatches of velvet lip lacquers (shades left to right) tranquility, vivacity, zest, symphonic and potency.

I honestly love all of these products so so so much. A massive thank you to MUA for giving me this opportunity and I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment telling me which product you would like to see in a hot or not. Have a great day.
Grace xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Liebster Award

Hi everyone,
Today isn't my posting day, but never the less I have been nominated for another award/tag so I thought I would post that as a little extra. Anyway, the lovely Emily Rose nominated me for this award, (link to her blog here) so a massive thank you to her and I can't wait to answer these questions.

The Rules

1. Once nominated, thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
3. Nominated some new bloggers - let them know they've been nominated.
4. Answer the 10 questions and ask 10 more.

My Questions:

1. Last photo you took?
Coninsidentaly, before types this, I took pictures for my next blog post. Comment and see if you get it right from this picture! #Sneekpeek I obviously hasn't been edited yet soooooo

2. What posts are you most proud of on your blog?
Probably my most recent one, as I always try to make all my posts better than the last one. If you haven't read my most recent yet, the link is here, but I just loved how it was so different to anything I had ever done or seen before.

3. How long have you been blogging for, why did you start?
I have been blogging since 2014 November, as just something to do on the weekend. Honestly, though I feel like I really started my blog in January as at the start of 2015 I promised myself to stick to blogging and I have! I started blogging because I am not a confident person, and I feel like I have really good opinions, that I just never share so I thought to create a blog and share my opinions to people that actually care about my thoughts. I also have never been able to be myself and since starting this, it has really brought out the best in me.

4. Last book you read?
This is slightly embarrassing, because I am not a big reader. Being truthful though, the last one I read was Zoe Sugg's Girl Online last year in December (Oops).

5. Favorite thing about yourself?
Nothing. Really, there is nothing about myself I like. I'm sorry if that's not the answer you want but it's true. I do really dislike everything about myself.

6. Gold or Silver?
Depends on what, I really like gold jewelry but only if it goes with my outfits, then it would be silver. In general as two colours though, it would have to be gold.

7. Favorite meal?
My favorite meal to eat is probably dinner and buffalo wings. If you know me, you know I love spicy food, and so does my whole family. The best ones are in Florida (but I don't live there) *sheds a tear thinking about how good the food is*. 

8. Fashion or Make Up?
Fashion all the way, as much as I love beauty, fashion has always been a passion of mine since day one. To me fashion was that one thing that made me feel "me" and I still love it for the exact same reason.

9. If you owned a shop: what do you think it would be called and what would it sell?
Funnily enough, I want to own a clothing shop one day, so I would have to say a clothes shop but I am not sure on the name. Trust me, I have thought about this a lot, if I had a shop these are my choices for names...
- Style it up
- Kate Couture
Anyway, comment which one you think I should go for r if you have an even better one. Yes though, one day I would love to design my own clothes to sell in a shop (a bit unrealistic, but maybe one day).

10. Best moment of 2015 so far?
This is hard... These are my main highlights of my year so far...
- London (March)
- Metting Bars and Melody (April)
- The Vamps in concert (April)
- Olly Mus in concert (May)
- Birthday (July)
- Radio City Live Concert (July)
- Reaching over 100 followers on Bloglovin
- Reaching 1k on Instagram

Your Questions:
1. Favorite thing about having a blog?
2. What is your number 1 advice for anyone and everyone?
3. Dream job?
4. Favorite type of chocolate?
5. What is your instant "pick me up" film?
6. Favorite band/singer?
7. If you could go one place in the world where would it be?
8. What is your favorite type of accent to listen to?
9. Favorite subject at school?
10. Favorite flavor milkshake?

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Again another thank you to Emily for tagging me in this. Comment below your favorite blog post of mine. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Penny's 14th Birthday Party !

Hi everyone, 
As you can see by the images above and the title, that this isn't any old post. Every Sunday I post a blog post and I try and make them as original as possible but this week I was just feeling super uninspired so I came up with this.
One of my best friends (Penny) had her birthday yesterday (12th September) and to celebrate we went to a local restaurant for a meal then a sleepover. We all were going to get super dressed up so I though I would share the makeup I wore and all of our outfits.

Before I get started I just want to say that, three of us stayed at Penny's but Ella (another one of my best friends) couldn't make the meal and we took these pictures before so I apologies. 

My Makeup Look:
Face - To keep my makeup on all day I used the MUA pro-base primer, once that had set I went in with the MUA pro-base prime and conceal palette, using the peach tone under my eyes and the green pigment on any spots. After blending the concealer, I used the Rimmel Match perfection foundation and buffed that in all over my face. To highlight my under eyes, I used the Rimmel wake me up concealer. Since my foundation didn't cover up all my spots I went over with the Collection lasting perfection (mixed shades 1&2). As a blush I used my Collection speedy blush in 02 cheeky for a little glow and just blended that in. To create a light contour I used the Tanya Burr Hollywood eye shadow palette, and I used the shade bookworm, in the hollows of my cheek. To set my under eyes I used the MUA pressed powder in shade one, and to set my whole face a used the Rimmel clear complexion.

Eyes - To act as a base I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in Permanent taupe and just put a small amount over my eyelid and blended it slightly. I started my eye shadow with the crease colour, which was the Tanya Burr Hollywood eye shadow palette and the shade Bookworm (again). I just built up this colour very slowly to give a lot of definition to my eyes. I then applied the shade Nude delight (from the same palette) all over my lid, inner corner and brow bone to make my eyes look bigger a brighter. I then used The Body Shop coal eye liner in black to line my upper lash line. For mascara I used my favorite combination, Revlon Lash potion on top lashes and the Maybelline Big eyes mascara, lower lash mascara on my bottom lashes. I didn't fill I my eyebrows, I just used a (dirty) clear brow gel to give them a bit of a shape.

Lips - To prep them for my lip liner I used The Body Shop honey-mania lip balm. As we were going for a meal I didn't go for a lip gloss or stick as it would of came off so I just wore the MUA lip liner in Caramel Nougat all over my lips. It is a gorgeous brown nude shade which I am obsessed with!

Our Outfits:
Me -
Denim skirt - New Look (sale)
Crop Top - New Look
Necklace - Primark
Watch - Micheal Kors
Shoes - Topshop

Penny - 
Crop Top - H&M
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Adidas

Liv - 
Bralet - Holister
Top - Forever 21
Tight Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Nike

Extra photos:
Obviously the first two pictures were of my makeup, the following three were all of using posing with Penny's balloons (hope you can guess who is who, comment if you can). Now I am just going to explain what the extra pictures are...

Image 6 - Penny's birthday cake, credit to Penny and Liv for decorating!

Image 7 - My meal, coincidentally we all got the same thing, I got the double burger completely plain and it tasted amazing! 

Image 8 - Image of our drinks of my private snap chat (sorry), the one in the middle was mini, a chocolate brownie milkshake. Liv and Penny got the red velvet milkshake, and they all tasted lovely as well.

I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you want me to do more of these posts let me know, and I will do them. In the comments tell me your favorite milkshake flavor. Have a great day!
Grace xx

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone,
Today's post wasn't really planned but never the less I am super excited for this post. Emily Rose from Emsi Rose (blog linked here) kindly nominated me for this award. I hope you enjoy and learn a little bit more about me.

- Thank the person who gave you the award
- Include a link to their blog
- Nominate 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly for the award
- Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

7 Things About Me:
1. I have always loved old music. People like Micheal Jackson, The Beetles, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston.
2. I am really independent. I would rather do everything by myself than with someone and I spend most of my day by myself as I am just happier like that.
3. I really enjoy writing lists and it comes to the point were, when I am bored I will just write list about the most random-est of things.
4. I teach myself the keyboard and I use to teach myself the guitar, but it broke. I am not very good though.
5. I only like even numbers (and 5). Don't ask me why but if I can avoid having an odd number I will.
6. I love answering emails. It just makes me feel really professional, even though I'm really not.
7. I love everyone who reads my blog a lot more than they probably think <3.

I nominate:
15. Anyone who wants too !!!

I am really sorry if you have already done this but I still hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think and have a great day.
Grace xx

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back to School series: Top 10 tips on how to survive High school

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be my top tips on how to survive high school. I hope this can help some of you and please let me know if it has.

1. Be yourself

To me this is the most important advice. This doesn't just mean for school. This is advice I would give to anyone no matter what age. At the end of the day, you are who you are, you like what you like and you should always express yourself everyday. Your life will never be the same as no one elses so embrace it. I spent my first two years in high school pretending to be someone I wasn't and now I have found myself, I am not all the way there yet as it is a journey but I am getting there. When you met people, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, managers, anyone, you want them to see you and if they don't like it, you don't need them. When someone doesn't like you it means they don't understand you therefore you don't need them and you don't need to change for them. 

2. Don't follow the crowd

Never feel pressured to do something just because everyone else is. If everyone is filling in there eyebrows, or wearing a fishtail braid or even wearing the same style shoe. Don't feel like you need them to. You buy what you like, what you want to wear. Don't pressure yourself to do something your not comfortable with.

3. Settle

I know this might sound strange, but try as best as you can to settle somewhere. If you be yourself you are more likely to find real friends and you will be more comfortable. I know there is a girl in my class who changes her friendship group every week to suit herself, and in the end she doesn't have anyone to lean on, because it's like being two faced. I am not trying to be mean to her as she is a lovely person but, that is how a lot of people see her as. Even if your really good friends are not in any of your classes or you barley see them, try and find atleast someone you spend lots of time with in school and just be friendly. I didn't say you have to replace your good friends with one you see more often just be a nice person and then your not alone. If you do end up being left out or you feel like you have no one, just wait and take time. I am sure someone will reach out to you and start being a good friend.

4. Do what you want

This relates a lot to number 2. You should never feel uncomfortable in school. It is there to help you, not to ruin you. If your friends like something, don't feel pressured to like it too, if you don't, you don't, you can't help your own opinion. I have made that mistake far to many times, and don't hate yourself if you have. At the end of the day, you go to school to learn not to change who you are. Everyone changes, some for the worse and some for the good. If you always do what you want, you will always change for the best.
If you don't do what you won't to do, you won't be happy. If all your friends want to be an actor (just an example) when there older you don't have to be an actor. You make your own decisions don't let someone else determine your life.

5. Be determined

I know this may be hard at times, but if you are willing to try hard in everything you do, you are only capable of your best. I do try and be determined everyday in school but not everyday. Some days are harder than others depending on your lessons you enjoy. I would just set yourself a target. Whether that's trying your best every lesson for a whole day, or trying your best everyday for one lesson per day. After you set yourself a target you will succeed, just be realistic and you will sure to be more determined in school.

6. Be patient

You might be wondering, patient for what? To survive school you will have to be patient. If you want to do well in an exam, you need to be patient when revising. There are so many more examples. Personally, I am a very impatient person, so I struggle with this one. I do promise, being more patient makes school so much easier.

7. Never feel pressured

This is also very similar to numbers two and four. School is said to be the most safe environment possible for education, so you should never feel uncomfortable. I have had trouble with this before mostly from friends, but teachers can pressure you to. My friend feels forced to go to all these athletic practices when she doesn't want to. If you feel like a teacher is forcing you into something mention it to your headteacher, head of year or form tutor. Friends are slightly easier to handle, just talk to them. You will become better friends if you communicate. Just talk to them privately and be completely honest.

8. Only try to be YOUR best

This again relates to other points I have mentioned, but this does need to be said. Society today compares each and everyone one of us, to someone that we will never be. And that's sad, but what makes it worse is that we let society compare us. Young teenagers like myself compare ourselves to the smartest girl in the class, the slimiest girl in our school, the most flexible in our dance class. All of these things lead to us feel depressed, upset and not special. I am guilty of this as I constantly compare myself still on a day to day basis and it's not healthy. This year my number one aim is to be myself and love myself, and I think we all should have ago a that.

9. Take your time

I have struggled with this a lot during my first two years of high school, but it is basically just to take you time. I rush everything, I always like to be first finished I love to be ahead of the game but sometimes that isn't the whole point. I rush homework, general work and I find short cuts to everything. It's not because I save things til the last minute. It's just the fact that I hate being slow. If you know me you will know, I hate slow walkers, I get really easily annoyed when people take a long time to get to a point. I just like short simple an fast things. This year just give yourself the time if you are like me.

10. Have fun

Honestly you will never have the same day twice so just enjoy it. There have been so many days were I just come home feeling down because I didn't do something the way I wanted to do it. Just take everyday you get as a gift and smile everyday because of the gift you have been given.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. It's a little more deep than my other ones but I hope this helped one of you. Have a great day.
Grace xx 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tanya Burr Hollywood Eye Shadow Palette | Hot or Not Wednesday

Hi everyone,
As requested today I am going to be giving my opinions on Tanya Burr's new eye shadow palette. I have only purchased one so I can't give my take on the others. This palette was best suited to me so, I am giving my take on the Hollywood palette.

I purchased this about a week ago so I am giving my first impressions. I bought this for £6, I don't really buy eye shadow palettes as I just stick to my favorites but this one was screaming to me. For £6, it is a bit steep in my opinion for 4 shadows from the drugstore but with super cute packaging and a cute mirror, I could let it go.

First impression:
After swatching it once I got home I figured out the pigmentation was super good. The were also really creamy and blend nicely across my hand. Also a range of different formulated eye shadows were featured in the palette.

In this case, I do think you pay for presentation for this product but it is sensible. The super cute gold stripped pattern, on the outside, gives it the super glamorous "Hollywood" feel. With the pink scalloped edging around the top and bottom also gives it a super cute girly touch. It is cardboard packaging which I do quit like but It is slightly bulky. To open the palette you just use the baby pink ribbon at the bottom, which is hassle free and super easy. The inside has a heart shaped mirror which is always great. The eye shadows are then in the cardboard (if you know what I mean) with silver edging. Shadows are engraved with stripes like the outside packaging, with the names of each shadow named underneath.

How do you use it?
On the back of the product explains a great look using all shades. I will just explain each shades formula, colour and where I would put it.
Nude delight - a matte yellow toned cream colour, great for inner corner or brow bone
Gold coin - shimmery light gold, could be used for inner lid or all over the lid
Enchantment - Pressed brown pigment with lots of gold glitters, really good for all over the lid
Bookworm - Matte medium brown shade, great for crease and lower lash line

What does it do?
Each color does different things. Eye shadow in general just makes your eyes look a lot more defined. I think this palette would be great for blue eyes, but it would look nice one anyone.

Which are my favorite?
I love Nude delight just for every day and recently I have been using Bookworm as a contour shade and a crease colour.

What are the negatives?
Personally I can't really think of one. The price tag could be improved and so can the packaging but nothing to do with the actual shadows.

What are the positives?
- Blend-ability
- Amount of product
- Really creamy

Would I recommend it? And to who?
I wouldn't recommend it for beginners just because you might struggle trying to apply it but if you know the basics, you could get away with this. I would really recommend this for anyone who is thinking of buying it. It is really good and easy to use.

Hot or Not?
Without a doubt HOT!

I really hope you enjoyed, please let me know if you did and let me know what I should review next.
Grace xx