Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Autumn Makeup Essentials 2015

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be something I seem to always do at the start of a new season. You can probably tell from the title, Yes, it is my Autumn Makeup Essentials. This is also a colab with the lovely Prettily Painted (her blog link here) she is also doing a beauty essentials for autumn so I really think you should go and read it.
Usually I would just do a whole Autumn Essentials but I thought I should separate the autumn essentials into sections (Makeup, hair, skincare, fashion and random), so let me know if you would be interested in that.

MUA Skin Define Hydro Primer - This was featured in my most recent post (linked here) from were I shared with you the new MUA Autumn/winter releases. Anyway I am not featuring this because they are paying me to or anything like that. I do genuinely like this product, as in the dryer seasons my skin tends to be dehydrated, so this primer really helps to keep in the moisture and without trying to make me look to dewy.

Maybelline colour tattoo in Permanent Taupe - If you have been here from the start you would know that I have always loved this product. I have this shade and On and on bronze but I do find Permanent taupe to be a lot more autumnal. This also gives more of a matte finish whereas On and on bronze more shimmery. Anyway this is super lovely and great on the lazy days for when you don't want to go "all out" on you eye shadow.

MUA Paradise 10 Shadow Palette - This is gorgeous, again from the new MUA Autumn/winter collection. This comes with coppers, plums and golds, all great for the upcoming events and weather. These look like baked eye shadows, they are all shimmery, really pigmented and bendable. Since they are from MUA they are also super affordable.

MUA Lip Palette in Imperial Plums - In the autumn and winter, I feel like it is a lot more suitable to go brighter and darker with your lip colours. Because this is so affordable, it's great if your like me and you don't want to invest in something you could potentially only wear a few times. This is great for travelling, with the huge mirror, variety or colours and it's also really small. I will really be loving this for Halloween.

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in Symphonic - Again another plum colour. Plum, I can imagine is going to be super trendy in makeup and clothes this season. I really love this product, I have a few, the formula is amazing, giving a matte finish but not drying out the lips. It also smells really nice (in my opinion).

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 625 Ice Caramel - Again, great smelling lip products always get me. This is great for a dark nude as in the colder season I go for more brown/dark nudes than pink. This is super creamy but also gives off a lot of colour.

Rimmel Lip Stick in 700 Not an Illusion (Rita Ora collection) - I have had this for so long but now it is back. This is the perfect season to pull out this kind of colour; The dark red lip. I feel like everyone goes for the Kate Moss (again by Rimmel) in 107, but personally, it's a little to dark to my taste. This is why I love this so much, it is really close to my lip colour just slightly darker with a bit more red. Really moisturizing, creamy and pigmented.

Nivea Essential Care Lip balm - Honestly, you all know I love this so I am not going to ramble on even though this is the best product EVER (yes that's a big statement but it is true). This is so moisturizing, nourishing and just awesome! and for such a good price.

I'm not sure whether these class as makeup because everyone has a different view on whether they are or not, but I have featured them anyway.
Topshop nail polish in All I need is aniseed - Perfect berry pink/purple
Barry M Textured nail polish in Lady - Lovely glittery white
Revlon nail polish in Ignite - Shimmery copper
Maybelline Colour Show nail polish in Mauve Kiss - The best autumnal nude
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail polish in Plum - Typical plum

I really hoped you enjoyed this post, don't forget to read Prettily Painted version. Have a great day.
Grace xx


  1. I love the maybelline colour tattoos!
    Nice post :)x

  2. Really great picks, I really want to get my hands on some of the Colour Tattoos - I'll definitely check out Permenant Taupe!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. The MUA Lipsticks look lovely! I wish they were easier to find in the U.S.!

    1. If you do ever get the chance, I would seriously recommend them!

  4. Great post, I love Barry M nail polishes! xx