Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mini Book Haul

Hi everyone,
Now, if you know me personally you will know that I am not a reader. Ever since I was a kid ready was just never my thing, I am a very slow reader and I have always feared reading out loud which has also put me off reading. Saying that, this year I really wanted to give reading another go and since Zoella has came out with a book club at WHSmith with books that she would recommend, it gave me a boost to begin reading again. Anyway, two of these books I have already read, and two are waiting to be read and so I thought I would share with you each book and a mini review of the ones I have read.

Jandy Nelson - The Sky is Everywhere,
This was my holiday book while I was travelling around Europe and I absolutely loved it. It is about a girl, Lennie, who loves love, music and writing poems. She is currently grieving over her sisters death, but at the same time falling in love. The story is very complex and at first I found it difficult to get into but as I kept reading it became more and more gripping. I found the character Lennie to be very easy to relate to, especially if you have lost someone close to you it is easy to relate to Lennie's thought process. I would very highly recommend this book and if you have read it, comment below your thoughts on it.

Nicola Yoon - Everything, Everything,
Wow! This book is one emotional roller coaster, it is about a girl called Maddy, who suffers from a condition where she cannot leave her house. A boy called Olly move in opposite her and he is set on finding a way to get to her. The story focus on Maddy and her fear of falling in love and the risks she must take for it. As I was reading it, I felt as though the ending would be very obvious, but then suddenly everything gets flipped upside down, anyway the ending is a huge surprise but it weirdly makes sense. Nicola wrote this book in a beautiful way, it is very easy to follow and both characters Maddy and Olly, become very close to you, both of them represent the story in an amazing way. If I had to suggest one book to you, it would definitely be this one!

Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train
I have not read this book yet so I can't give a lot of detail on it but I have heard so much about this book that I just had to read it. It is about a girl called Rachel who gets the exact train each and every day. She has now started to feel like she knows the people in one of the houses, she thinks their life is perfect. She gets offered a chance to change everything and not just be known as the girl on the train. I am not to sure if I have summed that book up right but I am so excited to read all about it.

Charlotte Crosby - Me, me, me 
This book is very different from the rest as it is an autobiography. I have never been the biggest fan of Geordie Shore but I love Charlotte a lot as a person and so I really wanted to read her book. What I like about it most of all is that it only mentions events that she wants you to know about, nothing boring is in the book just all of Charlotte's juiciest stories. I am reading this at the moment and I am really liking it, it is really casually written and it just feels like she is talking to you.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know whether you have read any of these books and if so let me know your thoughts on them. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. I've not read any of these books but they all sound wonderful! I love that the book club is getting people who weren't previously massive readers into reading! xo

    1. Yeah I totally agree, the book club has really pushed me into reading again!xx

  2. i am also a slow reader but those are some good choice of books! x

    jess x |

  3. Definitely want to read Everything, Everything now! Thanks for the recommendation xx

    Jordyn |

  4. I think I'm going to be making a trip down to my bookstore pretty soon! Great post - you should do more ♡ Lily xx

  5. i haven't read any of these but i always hear good things, going to put them on my list!

    danielle | avec danielle