Thursday, 27 October 2016

Crazy Affordable Makeup Brushes - Review!

I don't know about you, but for me makeup brushes are just as beautiful and important as makeup itself. I am constantly on the look out for some affordable makeup brushes, and today I think I might have just found some new ones. If you are looking for some new brushes, keep on reading.

You all know I love the company NurBesten, I did a previous blog post with them a month ago (linked here) and you all seemed to really like it, but if you haven't read that post and you want a little more back story on the brand then you can just go and read that post. The brushes I am talking about today are from NurBesten so if you do order them they will take up to 3 weeks but you get free shipping and the brushes themselves are super affordable, I also have a ten percent off code which you can use (GRSD10) and that will help you save even more. 

*I did get these brushes sent to me for free but I wouldn't talk about them in a post unless I genuinely wanted to*

These brushes come in a set, including 8 portable bamboo handled brushes, you get four eye brushes and four face brushes, all for £16.00, that's like £2 per brushes which is insane to me. Again the shipping is free worldwide but it is better to order them sooner rather than later because they can take a while to come. 

Firstly, I love the packaging! The bamboo and gold print on the handles gives the product a very luxurious and sophisticated look. I love colour of the bristles, camel going to brown at the tips, because it is easier for you to tell when the brush it dirty.

Talking about each individual brush you get an,
- Angled flat top face brush
This brush I love for foundation, it reaches every area of my face, like my nose, which is sometimes difficult for some of my other brushes. The brush head is a little small so it can take a while to blend my foundation but the overall finish is beautiful.
- Small angled fluffy powder brush
I think out of all of the brushes, this is the one I would use the least but if I did use it, I would use it for blush or bronzer. I think the problem with it is that it is quite small but since it is small I think this is a good brush I can chuck in my bag and use to touch up some powder.
- Short handled flat contour brush
I was so excited that this brush cam in the set because I have always wanted a flat contour brush but I love this one because it is not to dense. You can blend contour with this beautifully an it will look super natural which I love.
- Small tapered tulip brush
I have been on the hunt for a good highlighter brush for a while and I think I have just found it. this brush fits perfectly on the tops of my cheekbones and it distributes the product really nicely as well.
- Angled eyeliner brush
Usually I am not one for gel or liquid liner so I actually use this for smudging black eye shadow near my lash line and I love the finish of it. I guess you could use it for your eyebrows but for me it hasn't got enough of an angle on it.
- Fluffy blending brush
You can never have enough blending brushes in my opinion so I loved this addition to my collection because it isn't like any of my others. It is very big for the crease but when I want and eye look that is super well blended and beautiful, this is the brush for the job.
- Smaller blending brush
I love this brush for either the lid or for more precise crease colours. For both jobs it works really well. I didn't think I would like it for the lid but because it is quite dense it picks up a lot of product, making the shadow more pigmented.
- Large dense round top eye brush
You could use this for concealer if you wanted to but I love using this to apply my cream shadow. It does a great job at distributing the product evenly and you could even use it to set powder over it as well. I think this brush is super multi purpose and everyone should have one in their collection.
All of these I would use in my everyday makeup routine and you definitely get a good range of brushes because none of them are the same.

When it came to applying my makeup with them, I found that they picked up the product really well, with some of the more dense ones like the angled flat top face brush, which I use for foundation, the product would settle near the bottom of the bristles, but I find that quite unavoidable in a lot of brushes. They all applied really nicely to the skin, not shedding or making the product look patchy.

I cleaned them for the first time the other day and they worked just like my other brushes. They cleaned super easily, none of them shed a bristle and the product came off them like a dream.

My favourites in the set are definitely the flat contour brush, tapered tulip brush and the fluffy blending brush but I use them all frequently.

Overall I would highly recommend these brushes. They are great if your starting out with makeup because you get a wide range of unique brushes that all have their own individual use or even if you want to develop your collection, these are great. I also love these brushes because you can't just pick them up in you local Superdrug, so they are quite unique and "one of a kind" if you like. These would make a great gift for a makeup lover and you are not going to break the bank. I would genuinely buy this for myself or friends with my own money!

Do you like reviews?
Grace xx


  1. these brushes sound really good for their price! what are these bristles made out of?:) xx

    1. I have just doubled check on the website and they are made out of nylon!xx

  2. These look so pretty, I can't believe how cheap they are! I really need to get some new brushes, especially face brushes x

    1. These would be great for you then!xx

  3. These brush sound and look amazing!
    Amy xx