Friday, 23 December 2016

Day 23: Festive Day In The Life!

Can you believe that there is only one more day left of Blogmas? I can't. A post I have been wanting to do for a while is a Day in The Life post, just to give
all of you a bit of a insider on what I get up to during a normal day.

I tend to wake up at 7:00 and I know that, to most teenagers, it is quite early but I am a morning person so I naturally wake up at this time. Don't worry, I am not one to jump straight out of bed after waking up, I like to just lie in bed for a bit, cuddle my dogs and check up on a few apps.
When I do get up, I head straight for the bathroom and brush my teeth, if you have retainers you will understand me when I say, you get the worst morning breath ever and so brushing my teeth (and retainers) are number one on my priority. I will then just head back into my room, get dressed, sort out my hair and do some skincare. First thing in the morning, I don't put on anything too fancy just some leggings and a hoodie is great, with my hair in a ponytail. Before leaving my room I will open my beauty advent calendar, which you will be finding out about tomorrow, so I am not going to say too much about it.
Heading downstairs, I head straight for the kitchen, I pour myself a glass of ice cold water and I start making some toast. I tend to change my breakfast up a lot of the time, but today I wasn't really that hungry so a few slices of toast was good for me.
Once I have finished breakfast, I will get ready to walk the dogs. Now I have broken up from school my job is to walk the dogs, no matter how much I don't like it. My dogs are quite small so they don't require a huge walk so just a little run around the block is enough for them and me. I will just listen to my music (really loud) and just go on a stroll around the neighbourhood.
By the time I am back from the dog walk, my mum will be in from work so I will help around the house doing some jobs like the dishwasher or tidying my room and the I will head back into my room just chill for a bit.
On this particular day I was going shopping in Liverpool and so I went to my room to sort out my hair, makeup and what I was wearing. I probably spend a good hour getting ready, but no harm was done.
I am one of those people that loves to be ready in time to spare, so on this day with my spare time I wrapped a bunch of presents for various different family members. My brother's girlfriend also came round to do some gel nail for me which I am totally in love with.
Right before I leave to go to the train station I will just pack my bag, purse, keys, change, you get it.
I actually went shopping with my friend Penny just to have a bit of a look around the shops and buy some last minute Christmas presents. I must say it was quite successful for Penny and me both.
After spending a few hours round Liverpool One, we actually headed to the Christmas fair, which comes every year and there is a ton of rides and an ice rink. There was this huge scary ride that Penny and I are going to save for another day but today we just went on our traditional ride. I have no idea what it's called but you all sit in a big line and you spin round in a circle (no idea if you know what I mean).
After a fun afternoon, we just headed back home on the train, I said goodbye to Penny and my dad picked me up from the train station.
Since I didn't have any lunch in Liverpool, I made myself some porridge to warm myself up when I came in. I am one of those people though who has to get changed straight away into something more comfortable to be able to fully relax. Every time I have a long afternoon out in Liverpool, I am super tired, so I chilled out for a little, just on my phone, finishing off blog posts, watching Vlogmas and then it was back downstairs to do ever more wrapping.
I actually wrap everyone's presents apart from my own, so you can image just how much I have to wrap. Turns out I spent a good 2 hours just wrapping and sorting a bunch of presents. At least now that means I have less to do on Christmas eve.
Once my mum came back from work (yes the second time today) she came home with a takeaway, which I was very excited about. My family and I just had a lazy night, chilling out and watching some films.
At this point, I was ready for bed, so I went up stairs got changed, took off all of my makeup and got ready for bed.
I did not intend to but I actually stayed up until 11:30pm to finish a book, but I mean, it was a good book so I can justify it. I was so tired after finishing this book though so I went straight to sleep.

Do you like this kind of post?
Grace xx


  1. I'm a morning person too, and I'm really liking your blog so far!
    Ranyel x

  2. How is there only one day of blogmas left, it's gone so quick! I love reading day of the life posts and this one was so interesting, I loved the photos too!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  3. Lovely post. Mornings are definitely my favorite time i feel so energised and motivated and i am the most productive then.

  4. "i tend to switch up my breakfasts" mhm okay

  5. I love reading these types of posts! I've never been to Liverpool but it sounds lovely xx