Saturday, 24 December 2016

Day 24: The Body Shop Advent Calendar Review!

I wanted to end the last day of Blogmas on a bit of a high, so I wanted to share with you all of the amazing beauty bits I got in my beauty Advent calendar.
I feel super lucky to have had this and I thought it would be good to put the products to the test and see whether it is actually worth the money.

Body Products
British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter (200ml) - £14
I could not believe that you actually get a full sized body butter, I think that is great. The scent I feel like is quite certain, very floral and feminine, so I think it is a good job I like it because you do get a few products in this rose scent.

Polynesian Island Tiare Shower Gel (60ml) - £1.44
This seems like a more luxury shower gel then all the rest which I like. The scent is quite floral again but more relaxing and herb like. I am not too fussy when it comes to scents but if you are, I don't think that you will like this scent because it is quite specific. I also love the 60ml size because it is perfect for travelling and I find that I don't use a lot of product, so it will last you a fair amount of time.

British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub (50ml) - £3

Another rose scent but this is a 50ml mini scrub. I have actually never tried any of the scrubs from The Body Shop so I am super excited to finally try one. I know they do a few different formulations but I got the more thin and sugar like scrub.

British Rose Shower Gel (60ml) - £1.20

Another 60ml shower gel but this one is in that same rose scent, so there is a pattern. I would say before you buy an advent calendar like this to just check the scents you get because if you are not a fan of rose scents then you are not going to get your money's worth out of this.

Vanilla Chai Softening Body Butter (50ml) - £3.50
This is a limited edition Christmas scent so I think it is great that they give you something that you can only get around the time of advent. I love vanilla scents and this product is right up my street. The vanilla in this is very sweet and almost sickly but if is not too overwhelming on the skin. This body butter is a lot thicker that the rose one so I think it is great that they give you different formulas of the same product to try.

Spiced Apple Shower Gel (60ml) - £1.20
Yet another limited edition scent but this one is a little more festive and spicy. This scent is definitely a lot more Christmassy than the vanilla one but I love them both equally.

Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion (60ml) - £1.92
I have a few body lotions from The Body Shop and they are okay, I would prefer their body butters though but you only get two body lotions so I am sure that I will get round to using them at some point. Again, this 60ml size will be great for travelling and this scent is very light and fresh, so a lot more likable than the others previously.

Frosted Berries Softening Body Gel-Lotion (60ml) - £1.92
The final Christmas scent comes in a gel-lotion form. I don't really know the difference between the gel-lotion and the body lotion because they feel they feel the same to me but I am sure I will like them just as much as each other. I like how they give you all of the Christmas scents but in different forms and this one is quite Christmassy but very sweet and fruity. It smells a little like strawberry yogurt to me but on the skin the scent is there just very light.

Accessories/ Hand & Nails
Facial Cleansing Sponge - £4
I have never seen a product like this before so I am very interested as to how it works. You are suppose to use it with your cleanser and it is just suppose to help cleanse and remove makeup. I think this is a great product to put in a calendar like this because in store, I would never choose to buy a product like this but now that I have it, I can see myself using it a lot.

Bath Gloves - £4
Another product like the cleansing sponge. Most people use these exfoliating gloves to remove tan and since I don't fake tan I didn't see a point in my owning some. Saying that, I think this would be great just help help do a deep exfoliation every now and again with a body scrub, face scrub or even a shower gel for something lighter.

Nail Buffer - £5
I find these buffers so useful but I never buy them because they are never at the top of my list. This is a bit of a filler day but I am super happy with it. I am super I will use this a lot and I am happy that it came in the calendar.

Colour Crush Nail Colours - £5
I love Body Shop nail polishes but I don't own a lot of them. The formulation is very opaque and it lasts a long time. This particular one is in the same Almond Kiss which is a beautiful gold with some gold reflects in. I tend to wear nude nail polishes the most so I am super glad that they chose this particular shade.

Almond Hand and Nail Cream (30ml) - £5
I love love love the Body Shop hand creams, they are so moisturizing and they are definitely some of the best for on a budget. This scent is super light and sweet but it lasts a long time on the skin without being super overwhelming.

Sleeping Mask - Not for sale
This is super cute and I think this is a great thing to have put in this advent calendar because it is not for sale so only the people that have this calendar will own it, which I think is super nice to have something a little more exclusive. Plus it is super comfortable and I think a lot of people forget about sleeping masks but they honestly help me sleep so much, I just forget where I have put them most of the time.

Eye Shadow Brush - £9
I already have once of these exact brushes, but I am so glad to have another one just because every time I do my eye makeup I always use this brush without a doubt. It has so many different purposes like inner corner, carving out eye brows, lower lash line, smudging liner, it is just an overall great eye brush to own.

Brow & Lash Brush & Comb - £8
Another brush that I was in desperate need of. I have had one of these brushes before but it was so dirty and horrible I just had to get rid of it, but I am glad to have a new one. I love using this to comb through my brows or the de-clump my mascara. I don't use this brush all of the time but it is a great one to just have for a "just in case" purpose.

Shea Lip Butter - £4
I am actually not the biggest fan of The Body Shop's lip balms just because they are quite thin and they don't do a lot for my lips, but I have way too many lip balms anyway so I am probably going to give it to someone who needs it more than me. Saying that it is a full size and it smells really nice but for me it's not something I will use.

Lip Liner - £8
I was so excited to get a lip product in this because I have not tried much from Body Shop's makeup range so I think that this is a great opportunity to try some. What I love most about this though, is that it is in a super wearable shade, not purple, or bright pink but a beautiful nude that will suit everyone. It is called Pink Clover and it is a great colour, one that will go with most of my lipsticks. I have not tested this out too much yet but I am sure you will see it in a few blog posts soon.

Skinny Felt Liner - £10
I am not a liquid liner girl, mainly because I don't own a liner thin enough to make my lash liner look nice a thin but this liner is super thin. The tip is super fine which is perfect for me to try and create something a lot more natural. It is in black which is great because I feel like if it was in any other colour, I would just not use it. Hopefully, I will start wearing liquid liner more and I can see myself really liking this.

Striking Eye Definer - £8
Another black eyeliner but this one is in kohl form which I tend to use a lot more often. This is super pigmented and I really like how you can smudge it easily but it doesn't budge without a fight. Again, I am super happy it is in black because I am going to get a lot more use out of it.

Eyelash Curlers - £5
I feel like everyone should have at least one pair of eyelash curlers, they make such a difference and they are just handy to have. These ones are great, they are nothing special, I do actually prefer my ones from Primark but having a second pair, just in case, is great to have.

Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream (15ml) - £3.90
I am actually a bit fan of having vitamin e in my skincare, especially during winter because it really helps to hydrate my skin. This is a super cute 15ml size which I know a lot of people will say that you will not get a lot of use out of it but you will be surprised. I think this is the perfect size to take away with you on a weekend away just as a daily moisturizer. 

Vitamin E Night Cream (15ml) - £3.90
Again another vitamin e moisturizer but this one is for night, so taking them both as a duo during a short holiday will tell you whether you like them and whether they work for you. I feel as though these 15ml sizes will last you 1 to 2 weeks and that is a sensible time to test out a skincare product so I think it is very reasonable.

Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (60ml) - £3

I am always in need of a eye makeup remover because most of the time I am wearing waterproof mascara and it is a pain to try and remove. A lot of you will know that I love the camomile cleansing butter so I am sure I will love this product just as much. It is not harsh on my eyes and it removes my eye makeup super quickly and effortlessly. I also love this generous mini, this would be great for travelling and I can definitely see myself purchasing the full size.

Oils Of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil (7ml) - £6.53

I was so surprised to get this in this calendar just because it is from the luxury part of the Body Shop. I have wanted to try this range out since it got released, but it is quite expensive so I think that this advent calendar has given me the perfect opportunity to try it out to see whether I actually like it. Not going to lie, I am sort of in love with the packaging of this too, because it is so super small and it even has a little pipette. You can see that even the 7ml you get in this is quite expensive so this is definitely a star in this calendar.

Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream (5ml) - £1.75

Again another oils of life product but this one is a night cream which looks so super luxurious. It is only 5ml so I am curious as to how long it is actually going to last me but something is telling me that I will only need to littlest bit.

Overall you get 26 products in a 25 day advent calendar that costs £80. Working out all of the prices the value is £117.56 and that is excluding the sleeping mask because it is exclusive so a huge value for it's actual price. For anyone wondering this was the pink deluxe advent calendar and I would definitely say this is worth it. I am totally in love with the festive packaging and because it is all in boxes, it is reusable which I think is a great idea. I honestly feel like I will get use out of all of these products and there is not one I am disappointed in. It may see expensive at the time but this post has proven it's actual value, and if you look at all of the scents to make sure you like them then I think it is definitely something you should look at. Do let me know in the comments whether you want any in depth reviews on certain products but I am sure you will see some in upcoming posts anyway.

I really hope you have enjoyed Blogmas, I have loved creating daily content for you all and I hope I have helped getting into the festive spirit.

Would you buy this?
Grace xx


  1. Wow what a great deal! I love beauty advent calendars as they're such a fun way to countdown to Christmas xx

    1. Exactly, so much better then chocolate!xx