Friday, 9 December 2016

Day 9: People Nailing Vlogmas and Blogmas

I love both Blogmas and Vlogmas and there are certain people's content that I am just obsessed with so I wanted to share with you my top two bloggers doing Blogmas and my top three vloggers doing Vlogmas.

Zoella - I love Zoe's vlogs all year round so having one everyday for 24 days is great for me. Her vlogs are around 20-30 minutes long, which usually I don't like but I don't get bored of these ones, so I think that says a lot.

Beauty Spectrum - Again, I love Molly's vlogs all year round and I love her festive ones even more. I find her super relate-able and I think she is such an underrated vlogger, she deserves so much more then what she gets.

Hannah Renee - I love Hannah so much, she is so beautiful and her vlogs, I think, are just as good as her main channel videos. She is super honest and doesn't hide anything in her vlogs which I think is a very rare thing to find in a vlogger.

FloraalEmily - Aw I love Emily, in case you didn't know Emily and I actually go to school together but she doesn't know I am writing this so I am not biased. I love Emily's blog posts, her content is amazing and she is so genuine in her posts. I have really been enjoying her festive posts, my favourite one so far has been her Christmas Playlist.

EmJBarker - I love Em B's blog posts all year round so when I found out she was doing Blogmas, I was super excited. I am so obsessed with her festive photos and her content is great. She is someone you should definitely be reading, it your not already.

Who's Vlogmas/ Blogmas have you been loving?
Grace xx


  1. I have been so busy so I haven't really been keeping updated with vlogmas and blogmas. I am so ready for the holidays so that I can catch up with everything xx

    1. Me too, I have been slacking a little at the moment!xx

  2. aw this has made my day, i'm so so glad you're enjoying my blogmas! thank you so much:) i'm also loving Zoella's vlogmas and i'm also loving ThatsHearts vlogmas! i'm also loving your blogmas and your blog in general!:) i need to catchup on blogmas because i'm a bit behind on reading other peoples! lovely post:) xx

    1. No problem, you totally deserve it!xx