Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016!

I honestly cannot believe Christmas has already come and gone, I hope that you all had an amazing day spent with family and friends and I hope that you all got everything that you wanted. Due to popular request I am going to be doing the annual, What I Got For Christmas blog post.
There are some people that don't celebrate Christmas and certain people can be very sensitive to these kind of posts so I just want to say, I am incredibly grateful to everyone that bought me a gift. Their generosity was very much appreciated and this post isn't me trying to brag, it was simply requested and personally, these are some of my favourite kinds of posts. I know just how lucky I am to have the friends and family I have and yes my parents did go very overboard but I don't want to have to hide anything, so here you go.
My parents did get me quite a bit so I feel super lucky to have a bunch of new stuff to play with. Firstly they got me a huge gift box filled with a bunch of little things, majority being books. If you saw my Christmas Wishlist post (linked at the end) then you will know that I had asked for a lot of books mainly because I didn't have that many to read and so now I am fully supplied for the new year. Without going into too much detail they got me Anne Frank's diary, Wonder, We Were Liars, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Looking For Alaska, Fangirl and all seven of The Vampire Diaries Books. They also got me a beauty book which is the Bobbie Brown Makeup Manual which I am super excited to read and hopefully it will improve my makeup skills.
They got me a few jewelry bits, a Cancer necklace from Topshop because I love my star sign and it is something personal to me and a duo choker set from Next which I am super excited to wear.
They also got me a few Zoella Beauty bits, they got me two reed diffusers, Hey Roomie and Lazy Days (which I am already using) because I wanted some new diffusers for my room. Another Zoella bit was the card holder which I was really surprised by because I didn't ask for it but I am sure I am going to use this a ton.
They also got me a new compact Tangle Teezer because I needed one for my bag and for when I travel so I don't damage the bristles of my other one, and the design of this one is so super cute. When they ordered this, they also got some sample so I am going to give them a go.
My mum and dad then got me this little heart shaped plaque with "I love you to the moon and back" which I thought was super cute and it will look super cute in my room.
Onto the more makeup and beauty bits, which I mostly asked for because my mum is a bit clueless when it comes to makeup, but she did do really well. Starting off with fragrances, she got me the Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume which I am so obsessed with, even though I only wanted the 50ml she got me the 100ml which she really didn't have to but I am so grateful that I finally have it. I have been crushing on the perfume for so long and I am so happy to finally own it. A perfume I didn't ask for but one my mum did really well on was the Calvin Klein In 2 U Her Perfume which is so beautiful and smells even better, I am super impressed with this and with my mum because it would not be something I would have chose, but I love it. The final fragrance thing was the Zoella Beauty Secret Scenta gift set, which basically comes with all four of her body mists but in mini form which is super cute. I really wanted to try out her new gingerbread scent and the Let's Spritz spray is my all time favourite so this set is perfect.
Without going into too much detail about the makeup, my mum and dad got me some makeup brushes, the duo fibre set from Real Techniques, the bold metals set from Real Techniques and some Morphe eye brushes I picked out. I am super happy with all of these as I was not expecting to get them. For actual makeup, they got me seven Makeup Geek eye shadows (which I will do a post on soon), a Beauty Bay makeup bag which came with the shadows, LA Girl highlighter, LA Girl eyeliner, LA Girl Pro Concealer and the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. I am super happy with all of these products and I cannot wait to use them all.
Finally my mum and dad got me a Kenneth Cole makeup bag and it is super cool because it comes with three compartments and it will just be super useful for travelling, so I am super excited to use it. 
I'm sure my family is not the only family that buy each other underwear every year for Christmas and birthdays but yeah I actually really enjoy getting new underwear for Christmas so I thought I would briefly mention it. They got me two Pink sports bras which I love because I wear sports bras most of the time because they are so much more comfortable.
They then got me two Calvin Klein Bralette and Brief sets, a black one and a white one. The white set is part of the classics range but the black one, I think, is a newer range but I love them both and Calvin Klein do my favourite underwear so I am super happy to have some more.
My parents then got me  some proper bras and pants from Boux Avenue which was really nice of them because they are a lot more luxuorious then what I am use to but they are super beautiful. I didn't include them in this picture because I didn't want people to get offended.
Finally they got me some trainers socks, long socks and fluffy socks, which I asked for because I always get holes in my socks and I just love having new ones so I am super grateful for these.
These next few things, I am so grateful to have because I know how luxurious they are but they are some Calvin Klein clothes. The first thing is this grey racer back vest because I saw this on Asos and I thought it would be great for the gym. It is super comfy and it will look great over a sports bra.
The next thing I was definitely not expecting because I know how expensive they are but my mum knows just how badly I wanted one. It is a Calvin Klein jumper, and yes I know these are super expensive but I know how much wear I am going to get out of it. This one is the black one but it almost has a slight tie dye effect to it which is super cool and a bit different to the classic ones.
Final thing was a pair of leggings but you won't be able to tell from the photo but they have some layered detailing on the thighs. My parents and I saw these a while ago and they actually went back and got them because they are such amazing quality and they are the most comfortable par of leggings I own. I think that these would also be a great alternative over jeans.
Next few things are classic gifts my parents get me every year. They got me some slippers which are super cute. I am not too sure what animal they are but I think they are super cute and super comfy too.
They then got me some pyjamas, a sleep shirt which I love because they are so comfy and just a set of top and bottoms pyjamas. They are all super comfy and cosy so I am super happy to have some more sleepwear.
I then got this super cute hat and snood which apparently my dad picked out but it is super adorable, especially the hat. I have been looking at a few pom pom hats which have two pom pom on, to act like ears, but I am so glad to finally have one. The snood is also super warm and it will be great for school because it is not overly big which is what I need.
Another few things my mum and dad picked out from Pink were a grey pair of leggings but I am sort of obsessed with these because I always wear black ones so this is a great different colour option. They are also super comfy and I am sure I will be wearing these to the gym a lot.
They then got me a jumper, which I own way too many of, but this one is dark grey and blue, with lace up detailing which is super different to anything else I own and I am sure this will soon become my favourite jumper.
Finally from Pink, they got my this white, black and pink tote bag, which they didn't know I have wanted for so long and so I am so happy that they got me one. I think that this will be great to take to school or the gym and I think I will get great use out of this.
A few more gym/lounge pieces from my mum and dad. They got me a tracksuit set from Topshop which is black and gold and says "Lady Garden" on both pieces, but the difference with this set is that it raises awareness and supports the Gynecological cancer fund, which I think is super important and so I asked for this. I am so happy to own this and they are so comfy and great to wear around the house.
Some gym pieces they got me were a plain white vest from Boohoo, which I asked for because I am in need of some really basic gym pieces that will go with my more colourful pieces. This vest actually has a cross over back which I didn't know but it is really nice.
They then got me two Nike pieces, one of which I didn't include in the picture because I was wearing them but they are just a plain black pair of leggings with the Nike swoosh along the calf and I wanted a new pair of black leggings for dance so I am super happy with these. The other Nike piece was this bright blue, racer back vest which I am totally in love with. The colour is so beautiful and I can see myself wearing this a lot to the gym. 
This next piece was totally unexpected, but it is one of my favourite presents and I am totally in love with it. It is this grey coat from Zara and it is so super beautiful. It falls right above my knee and it is the comfiest, most cosy coat ever. I also love the fur hood because it is super soft and looks great on. The photo doesn't really do it justice but I am sure you will see it in some up coming photos.
Last clothing piece from my parents was this super simple Jack Wills t-shirt. I have never owned anything from Jack Wills before and I am so happy to finally have something from there. This t-shirt is super soft and comfy but I love how simple it is, and I am sure I am going to wear this a ton.
This year I actually made it very clear to my parents that I didn't want any shoes but they ended up buying me two pairs. My mum knows I wanted white converse but I wasn't too bothered anymore because I had other shoes I liked just as much but she bought me them anyway. I think I am going to wear them a bunch in spring and summer, and since they are white they are going to go with anything.
They then also got me a new pair of gym shoes, which I did want but I wanted to buy myself but that again didn't stop the two of them from buying some. Anyway, these are the Nike Juvenates in this beautiful maroon colour which I am totally in love with. These shoes are so comfy and they fit my feet perfectly so I am super grateful to have some new gym shoes.
A gift I was definitely not expecting was a pair of Beats wireless headphones which I am so obsessed with. I have wanted wireless headphones for a super long time but I always thought that I would have to buy them myself. I never mentioned them to my mum but she and my dad actually bought me some. They are in a beautiful coral shade and they are an absolute dream. I can tell I am going to use these so much when I walk the dogs, go the gym or in school.
Another random present they got me was an epilator because I sort of wanted to see whether the were any good and since my razor was dying on me I wanted to give this a go. I haven't tried it yet so I will let you know once I do but I am super happy they got it for me.
Final few things my parents bought me included this super cool gadget. It is called an Ottlite and it is basically a table lamp but is that a usb charger in the back which I can now charge my phone through, it also has a colour change base, three light settings and a flexible neck so I can change it's position. My parents know I read a lot in bed but I have to keep my main light on just to read but now I can use this. It is honestly so cool and just perfect and I would have never thought to buy this but I am so happy to own one.
The final things my parents bought me I don't have a picture of but it is a £15 Netflix voucher which I am saving for when PLL comes out next year so I can watch it. They also got me The Vamps concert tickets which I am so excited about because their concerts are some of my favourites and I love them so much. They got me two tickets so I can take someone with me and I am super grateful for this.
Next few things are from my grandad. He got me another pyjama set but the bottoms were in the wrong size so my mum has to take them back but the top was in the right size, and it is the softest jumper ever. I can tell I am going to wear this all the time. He also got me some fluffy socks which I love because I always need them.
The final thing he got me was the Soap and Glory, The Whole Glam Lot gift set, which I am so grateful for. It comes with a bunch of Soap and Glory's beauty products and I am really looking forward to trying them all out.
My brother and his girlfriend then got me this Jack Wills hoodie, which I am so obsessed with. It is a super cosy fit and it is all fleece lined on the inside. I can tell I am going to wear this loads as it is so comfy and a basic staple for me.
My auntie, uncle and cousins then gave me money but with that they gave my this super cute Ted Baker gift set which came with a nail polish and tinted lip balm, both in a really beautiful deep red colour. I can't wait to wear both of these and I am so grateful for everything they gave me.
My friend at school (shoutout to Bella) got me a Jeffree Star lipstick which I am kind of in love with. She really didn't have to get me this but I am so in love with it and I am so grateful for it. She got it in Celebrity Skin which is a very grey/ nude shade which is very different for me but I cannot wait to wear it. She also got me a mini Yankee Candle in Shea Butter but I was burning it at the point I was taking this photo.
In my form we did Secret Santa and my best friend Sophie had me and since she was already buying me a main present she just got me some Celebrations, which I have already ate but they were super nice so thank you to Sophie and Bella for my gifts.
You might have already seen but I did a blog post on this which I will link at the end, but my two best friends Penny and Sophie got me this Too Faced Sweetheart Blush which I am love with and super grateful for. If you want to know more about it and my thoughts then you can check out the post.

I am so so so grateful for everything, what did you get for Christmas?
Grace xx

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  1. I love a lot of those books! I used to be really into the Vampire Diaries (mostly the original LJ Smith series), We Were Liars, and Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of my all-time favorites. Concert tickets are always an amazing present! Looks like you had a great day x

  2. Hope you had a great Christmas, it looks like you received a lot of lovely items. All the best for the new year x

    Sophie's Spot

  3. I am so obsessed with the clothes you received - loving your coat and the gorgeous make-up (your friends are awesome - gorg blusher!) Great post and happy new year! Lily xx

  4. The Vampire Diaries yasss! <3
    Morgan //