Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Mini Superdrug Haul!

There have been a few beauty products I have had my eye on this past week so I took matters into my own hand and made a cheeky little Superdrug order. Nothing too big but I did pick up quite a few new beauty releases and some products that just caught my eye.

I am just going to get the boring stuff out of the way, I bought a new clear mascara because I needed a new brow gel. My primark one has served me well but I just wanted a new one so I picked up the Collection Clear Colour Mascara (£1.99) because it was super affordable and I am sure it is going to do a fine job a setting my brows.

Going back about a year and a half ago, I had an obsession with this eyeliner but sadly I actually went through the whole pencil and just never got round to buying it again. I love a white/ nude liner for my waterline as I think it really opens up my eyes, but my NYX jumbo eye pencil is too big and creamy for the job so I bought an old favourite. The MUA Intense Colour Eye Liner in Snow White (£1.00) does the job perfectly and it is only one pound. It's not all that interesting but I finally repurchased it.
A new release that I had to get my hands on was the new Collection Volumax Mascara and Primer (£5.99). I got an email on this release just before I made my order and I added it straight into my basket, especially because it was on introduction price. The range includes four different double ended mascaras, some with a mascara and an eyeliner but the one I got was the eyelash primer and mascara duo. I did get the waterproof version, just because I know I will use it a lot more. I am planning on doing a whole review on this, so let me know whether you would like that, because I have never tried an eyelash primer before and because this was so affordable, I would love to share my thoughts.

Another makeup release I am dying over are the new MUA 6 Shade Eye Shadow Palettes (£3.50). When I saw these, I thought that they would make the perfect travelling companion. I am happy with my shade choice because with me always being a neutrals girl I bought the most basic one called the Matte Natural Essentials but they had a few to choose from but they were all fairly neutral. Again, I think I am going to do a whole post on this, but I am super excited to play around with it more and if it is good you are going to want to know about it because they are so affordable.
The final makeup product I got was a concealer/ foundation, I say that because they call it a foundation but it is only 12ml and I would say it is a little more like a concealer, either way I wanted to try it. It is the Freedom Pro Artist HD Longwear Foundation (£3.00) and I got it in LW02. The packaging and claims remind me a lot of the LA Girl Pro Concealer but I have not tried it out yet but I will be sure to let you know. 
I have been wanting to try this product out for a long time, but I just never got around to buying it and since I found it on offer, I just went for it. The Vaseline Spray Moisturiser (£5.99) has always been a sceptical concept to me, but I wanted to give it a go because it could be a total game changer. I got it in the cocoa scent because I love that scent anyway. Like all of these products, I have not tried them yet but if this does all that it claims, I know I am going to use it a lot, especially through summer.
Final product is something I never buy myself, a body spray, usually I only get fragrances through gifts but I was in need of a new body spray for school and I found this on the Superdrug website. They are the Body Fantasies Signature Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy Body Spray (£3.99) and it smells unreal. Obviously buying online you can not smell it through the screen but I took my chances and I am so glad I did. This bottle is only 92ml which is an awkward number but it is super compact and will fit in my school bag perfectly.

Which products would you like to see a review on?
Grace xx


  1. Loved this post!! I have seen the pro artist concealer around for awhile and all the time I have been tempted to get it you must let me know what you think of it! xx

  2. I have that Body Fantasies spray and I love it! That mascara & primer looks so interesting, I would love to see a review! xo

    1. I am planning on doing one within the next month!xx

  3. such an enjoyable post! as always great job. xx