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Bloggers Spill Tea W/ EverythingErin

It's Friday so that means yet another episode of a blogger spilling some tea. This one features the lovely Erin from Everything Erin so don't forget her links as well as all of the previous interviews, will be linked at the end of this post.

1. Describe your blog in a sentence?
Everything Erin is my space on the internet where I write about everything I love, especially beauty, music and fashion.

2. Does your blog name have any special meaning behind it?
I wouldn’t say so, I came up with it when I was thirteen and wanted to start a blog – it was very spur of the moment and probably not the most original but it has stuck over the years!

3. What//Who made you start blogging?
I was inspired by the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr. I started reading their blogs and decided to give it a go too.

4. Where do you get inspiration from to write your blog posts?
I get inspiration from what I’m currently loving, such as if I have a new beauty product I’ll have to do a post on it, but I mostly am inspired by some of my favourite blogs.

5. What do you do to prepare before uploading a blog post?
First of all, I will write it (of course) and then take photos to go alongside the post. I’ll then insert the photos in, schedule the post for when it goes up (I usually schedule posts at the weekend) and schedule a few tweets for promotion too!

6. What makes you want to blog consistently?
There are always times when I struggle to keep blogging consistently but I do because I know how much I enjoy blogging. I love writing something and then being able to receive lovely comments, it really is a great feeling.

7. Do you like interacting with other bloggers?
I love interacting with other bloggers! Over the past year, I’ve realised connecting with other bloggers is one of my favourite things about blogging – the community is amazing.

8. Have you ever followed a blog just to be nice even if you don't like it?
I don’t follow blogs I don’t like, in the sense their work doesn’t appeal to me – I’m not going to follow a blog all about video games just because they followed me first!

9. What do you love and hate most about the blogging community?
I love the fact I can make some amazing friends with very similar interests to me, I hate the fact they live so far away!

10. Do you ever feel like no one remembers that you have feelings?
No, I have to say that I don’t. All bloggers are human and since they have feelings just like I do, I’ve never felt that way luckily!

11. Do you feel like the bigger you get, the smaller of a relationship you have with your readers?
I have to actually say the opposite! As my blog gains more followers I’m discovering more amazing bloggers too and therefore making new friendships, so I think I have a better relationship with my readers with a greater following!

12. What opportunities have you gotten from blogging?
I haven’t had loads of opportunities just yet but one of my favourites was being able to work with the makeup brand Seventeen. They were the first makeup brand I ever tried so working with them was a little surreal.

13. If you were to receive no views or comments on a blog post that you worked really hard on and you were super proud of it, how would you feel and what would your next step be to make sure that you don't experience it again?
I have experienced this before and I can say I feel quite disappointed and demotivated when this happens. I always find the posts you put the most effort into don’t do as well as those you write half-heartedly, that’s just the way it goes! Although I’ll feel a little put out, I’ll probably still write about those things that don’t get as many views because even though they aren’t receiving comments, I’m still enjoying writing them the most and that is what matters.

14. What is your response to people that say blogging is easy?
My response is: you clearly haven’t seen how much time it takes! I feel non-bloggers imagine it takes ten minutes to write a post and ten minutes to take photos but it’s actually so time consuming – add in the likes of Twitter and Instagram and it’s a constant hobby! It’s not easy because it’s always happening. I’m always blogging, even if I’m not on my blog but on social media instead.

15. Have you ever came across or noticed bloggers that do it for the fame or money?
I have noticed there will always be those who do it for fame and free products and I think eventually they lose interest because they realise it’s not as easy to get money from blogging as it seems!

16. What do you think shows that a blogger is in it for products/ money/ fame?
Perhaps they don’t seem as genuinely into it and just aren’t as willing to put as much effort into it. If you’re blogging for purely your own enjoyment you will do anything for a post. If a blogger is just in it for money, there might not be as much personality shown throughout their blog because the enthusiasm just isn’t there.

17. Do you think that there is a certain time or milestone that you should reach before earning money from blogging?
I don’t think so. Obviously, brands go for bloggers with a larger following but I know some big brands to have worked with very small blogs too! It’s all about personal choice, I don’t make money through blogging and I’m happy with that.

18. Is there a certain post/ colaboration (etc.) that you really regret doing?
Not particularly, although some of my really early posts I look back on and cringe, I was learning so I don’t regret them.

19. Do you like reading sponsored content? and why?
I don’t mind sponsored content, I certainly wouldn’t object to reading a post because it was sponsored, I’m helping the blogger earn a bit of money after all.

20. In your opinion, is there anything wrong with sponsored content?
 As long as every single post isn’t sponsored, I find anything wrong with sponsored content. It’s a bit annoying when everything is sponsored because you get the feeling they are just after money but the odd sponsored post is harmless in my opinion.

Did you relate to any of these answers?
Grace xx

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  1. Really liked this post and the whole series you've got going on xx

  2. This little series is something I look forward too. It's great to hear about what people think. I hope to do something similar on my blog soon! xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  3. i struggle to keep blogging before and we have the same reason why we keep blogging;)

    jess x |

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me Grace! It feels so great to be part of your Spilling Tea series, espeicallly because I have loved everyone else's interviews!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  5. Thanks so much for featuring me Grace! It feels so great to be part of your Spilling Tea series, espeicallly because I have loved everyone else's interviews!x

    Erin // Everything Erin