Sunday, 30 April 2017

Things I Would Save In A Fire

I recently did a poll on Twitter asking which post you would rather see and this one seemed to be the most popular so here it is. If you wanted to see the other posts don't worry because I will get round to doing them all at some point.
This idea has been floating around recently, it is when you put yourself in the scenario of your house burning down and you would pick five things to save. I tried to include a mix of both sentimental and practical things and realistically this is what I would save.

1. Handbag
I guess you could call this a cheat but I wouldn't. My handbag is always waiting right by my door, ready to just pick up and go so I would include everything inside it as one thing. In my handbag I keep all of my essentials from my phone to headphones, to my purse, to deodorant, to pen and paper, to a book so I think this is quite a practical thing to rescue in a fire. I have things to help keep me sanitized, occupied and alive for that matter so this would definitely be my first product.

2. Memory Box
This box is kind of over flowing but everything inside are things I would never get back, like photos, cards, old concert tickets and all of these things mean a whole lot to me so I don't think that I could bare to loose them. I also think that this would be the things to cheer me up because looking through this box always reminds me of better times which is what I would probably need if my house burned down.

3. Laptop
My laptop is what I probably spend the most time on but it also holds hundreds of photos and memories that I would not be able to retrieve otherwise. I would have to rescue this because I would not be able to get any of those photos or videos back. Laptops are also expensive so I would not want to leave something to burn that has a lot of value both emotionally and physically.

4&5. My Two Dogs
I guess this is sort of common sense but of course I would save my two dogs. Lexi and Poppy are my pride and joy so I could not bare to loose them. Even though they take up two of my products, I would not regret my decision to save them. My dogs make me very happy and even though they will not be a part of my life forever, I would never let them die if I had the choice.

What would be the number one thing that you save?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Currently In My Makeup Bag...

With a new season comes a fresh new makeup bag and so I thought I would share some products I think are perfect for spring.

LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer
I recently pulled this concealer back out of my draw to give in another shot. At first it did not impress me too much because it was quite average but I am now loving it. It is a medium coverage and the shade is super pale and great for highlighting. I like to use this both with and without foundation because it is super lightweight which I love for the spring season we are coming into.

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Blush Goddess
This palette is beautiful, I did a review on it a while ago which I will link here, but it is so affordable and it is just great. The powder themselves are very powdery which you can decide whether you can manage it or not but the pigment is great, they blend well and they are super universal. The blush shades range from pinks to peach and they are all matte which is what I love in a blush. The highlighters range from something natural to something super intense, some with pink reflects and some with yellow reflects.
Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
This is a current favourite of mine, it is very similar to my Seveteen contour kit. It comes with two matte contour shades and a matte highlighting shade. One of the contour shades is warmer that the other, which I would use for bronzing and the other one has a cooler tone which I would use to contour. At the moment I have just been mixing the two shades and applying it as a bronzer. It is not too pigmented which is surprisingly nice because it is harder to go too heavy handed. I particularly love the way it looks, it is not patchy and it blends like a dream. The highlighting powder is not my favourite because it is very powdery but it is not too drying and has a fair amount of pigment to hep brighten.
Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara
I am so in love with this mascara. It is only a sample size but I have been trying it out for the past few weeks and it is lovely. I love how black the formula is and the wand reminds me a lot of the They're Real which I love. Plastic applicators are not my favourite but this lengthens and adds volumes my lashes but it is different from all of the rest because it holds my curl a lot longer then some of my other mascaras.
Freedom Duo Brow Powder in Soft Brown
Currently I have been a little lazy with my eyebrows and so I find powder a little easier and quicker to use rather than my pomade. This duo brow powder is lovely, it is pigmented and blends beautifully, giving my eyebrows a super natural but bold finish. I like how versatile the product is because you can use the lighter shade to make your brows more natural and lighter or use the darker shade for a super full and intense brow. I am pretty sure this costs under £5 which is insane so I would definitely recommend it.
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Rose & Shine
I have always been a gloss girl but at the moment I am loving a pale glossy lip. The Soap and Glory lip gloss formula is beautiful. It is sticky and gives your lips that super strong tingly feeling but it does the job like no other. The finish of the gloss is a super wet lip look which I love in a gloss. The shade is a pale pink which is pigmented enough to enhance the size of your lips but not so pale that it gives you concealer lips.

What is in your April makeup bag?
Grace xx

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spring/ Summer Playlist!

The UK top 40 is awful and I think a lot of you will agree with me when I say that. Even though there is an odd song that is good in the charts, most of the music I listen to on a regular basis is a little (or a lot) older. Saying that, I have chosen ten songs that are sort of current and perfect for a spring/ summer playlist.

We Like It - Computer Games
I mentioned this EP in my March Favourites but I just had to mention this song. All three songs are amazing but this one is my favourite. There is something so familiar about the way this sounds but it is also very current, I have now idea how they did it. It is very electronic and dance based which is great because it will always put you in a great mood. I also love how the lyrics are light hearted but not pointless, do you know what I mean? Anyway, definitely check out this song, or even the EP.

Sober - James Arthur
This song is just brilliant, I love it! I don't know what it is about the song that I love so much but it is just one of those songs that just makes me so super happy and want to dance. It is not so much the lyrics that have an effect on me, it is just the rhythm and how well it was put together. It is definitely my favourite song from James Arthur and I also think that it is super underrated so definitely give it a listen.

Be The One - Dua Lipa
I am actually not a huge Dua Lipa fan but when I saw her live and she performed this song, I loved it straight away. The song is very catchy and upbeat which I love because it just puts you in a great mood. I also love the arrangement of the song, how parts of it suspend, I think it was really well composed. It is also one of those songs that just makes you want to get up and dance.

Miami - Will Smith
This is such a tune, the beat is so catchy and I think Will Smith just nailed this song. It could be thunder and lightening outside but this song just makes you feel like you are on holiday in the sunshine. This song just reminds me of the summer as it is super upbeat, light-hearted and fun, definitely my go to holiday song.

Whiskey Kisses - Mic Lowry
Since I heard Mic Lowry Oh Lord, I have loved the band and this is their newest songs. It definitely did not disappoint. It does sound quite main stream but I do just love the way all of the boys sing together. The sound is quite edited if you know what I mean, but it does work well for them.

Heatstroke - Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande
This is a super new release but I really do like it. Like most of the songs I have chosen to mention, it is very catchy and has a super great beat to it. The whole song is based off of having a good time which I love and all of the artists featured have something different to bring to the song which makes it super unique.

Lie A Little Better - Lucy Hale
I love a good country song, especially coming into spring and summer. Lucy Hale did a great job with this song, it is super happy and light hearted which I love. Like most of the songs, it does just make you want to dance.

Slide - Calvin Harris
Now that I think about it, a lot of these songs have a very similar sound to it but they are all super upbeat and catchy. The chorus for me, makes this song, it is just super simple but I just love it. I am not a huge fan of the rap but I will listen to it just to get through to the chorus.

My Gospel - Charlie Puth
I love the way Charlie Puth sings, I think he is so talented and this song is no exception. The song tells the story so well and even though it is not the most happy of songs, the way the order of the song falls together is brilliant. This song also takes me back to summer last year as this is was the album I would always listen to and this song was my favourite.

Finesse - Bruno Mars
We all know I love the whole 24K Magic album but at the moment I have been loving this song the most. It is a super dancy song, at least it is to me. Not going to lie, I don't really understand the story the lyrics tells but I like the beat it is told to.

What is your current favourite song?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Go-To Spring Makeup

Since transitioning into a new season, my makeup has been gradually changing also but it has sort of settled for the time being, so I wanted to share my current makeup routine. This has been the makeup that I have been wearing a lot recently and it includes a few new products so I thought that I would make a blog post out of it.

I am starting with the face for this makeup, just because I keep the eyes quite simple also so there is no need to do the eyes first. My primer of choice is the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm, which I have used in a lot of my previous makeup looks but it is all I use to prime because it is the only one I own, that does not help my foundation cling to my dry patches. It leaves a tacky finish and quite dewy which is what I need with my super dry skin at the moment. For foundation, I am taking my L'Oreal True Match, but I am going to turn it into a more tinted moisturizer formula by mixing in a little moisturizer. My current moisturizer is the Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer and I am just going to add a bit of that into a pump of my foundation. Like I said earlier, my face is super dry at the moment and I am not looking for too much coverage so this is just what I need. I think you could also wear this makeup without foundation at all but I just like a fresh canvas. Concealer, I have pulled out the LA Girl Pro Concealer in Porcelain which I have really been loving. The applicator is a bit of a pain but the shade and coverage is great for highlighting my face.
To set everything I am going to use the Freedom Translucent Pressed Powder. Not going to lie, this powder is nothing special but it does the job fine. Just to set my under eyes and give them a little more coverage, I am taking the highlight shade out of the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit. This is very similar to the Seventeen one I always talk about except it is not as intense, and not as good in my opinion but it is nice and something a little different for me.
I am going to skip contouring just because I don't want to make my makeup too dramatic for day to day. Keeping it fresh with just a little bronzer, once again, from the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit. This may be a contour kit, but I find the shades a little too warm for me to be able to fully sculpt with them, so I just mix the two shades together one a big, fluffy face brush and just apply it to my cheekbones, temples and neck. At the moment, I have really been liking no blush so we are skipping that step out and going straight onto highlighter with none other than The Balm Mary Loo Manizer. Everyone loves this highlighter and rightly so because it is amazing. Recently I have been going more heavy handed on the highlighter just because I really like the way it looks and this gorgeous light golden colour looks great with the bronzer.
For my eyebrows, I have really been loving using powder through my brows. The Freedom Duo Brow Powder is amazing for this, I use the shade Soft Brown and I just lightly fill in my whole brow in with the darker shade, making sure to fade it out nearer the front. I always have to set my eyebrows unless they just become uncontrollable so for that I am using the Collection Clear Brow Gel.
For my eyes, I am just priming them with my concealer and setting them with some face powder and then we are ready for the crease. I have been loving my Morphe 35O at the moment so I am just going to take a good mix of the matte, warm browns and just take them in my crease, making sure that I keep the darker shades to a minimum and focused nearer the lash line. I am also taking the light matte browns on my lower lash line but I am not going to blend the down as much as I usually do because I want to keep my eyes quite open. For the lid and inner corner, I am taking my Wet N Wild Walking on Eggshells trio and mixing the two lightest shades and just packing that on my lid. Then taking the brow bone shade and applying that in my inner corner and brow bone just to highlight. Skipping out eye liner because I don't want to make my eyes look any smaller and moving straight onto mascara. My current favourite mascara is the Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara and it has been my current go to. It gives my lashes so much length and volume, plus the formula is super pigmented and makes my lashes super black. 
I am keeping the lips so super simple with a lip gloss. The Artdeco Hydro Lip Booster in 28 is the perfect pale nude gloss. It lasts a great amount of time and it is not too sticky. I can see this being a go to lip product this spring.
This is the finished makeup!
What other tutorials would you like to see next?
Grace xx

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Jeffree Star Cosmetics X Manny MUA Skin Frost First Impressions!

You probably do not know this but I am a huge fan of Manny MUA, he is one of my favourite youtubers and I think he is amazing. When I found out he was collaborating with Jeffree Star Cosmetics I knew I had to pick something up. I know a lot of people have a lot of different opinions about Jeffree but I personally like him a lot and you may not like him but you cannot deny the superb quality of his products.
Without going on for too long, they released two liquid lipsticks and a highlighter. The two liquid lipsticks didn't look like shades I would wear so I opted for the highlighter and after much request I am going to review it. This is my first Jeffree Star Skin Frost so I am still very new to the formula but I have gathered a few thoughts that I want to share with you.
With Jeffree Star Cosmetics being a US retailer, I was concerned as to whether I would be able to get hold of any of the collection, and I know a few people felt the same. Luckily, Beauty Bay stocked this collection on the release date (8th April), and even though it was super stressful and difficult to fight over, I got my hands on the highlighter. Sadly it is all now sold out on Beauty Bay so I appologise for the inconvenience but I will leave the links to any collaboration products left from the Jeffree Star website.
Beauty Bay sold this product for £25.50 which is the same as all of the other skin frosts. On the Jeffree Star website the Skin Frosts retail for $29.00 which is about £23 so I think Beauty Bay sold it for a great price considering what the shipping costs might have been from the UK.
I guess £25.50 seems a lot for a highlighter, and I thought that at first also but the size makes up for it. The photos might not show it true to size but you actually get 15 grams which is a huge amount for a powder product. Just for a comparison the Mary Lou Manizer is 8.5 grams so the JS Skin Frost is just less then double that.
Not going to lie, I am dying for this packaging. It has the same structure and shape to te regular Skin Frosts but instead of the glossy pink case, it is matte black. The front of the highlighter just has the JSC logo in a metalic silver text which, depending on the light, shines all sorts of colours. The highlighter came in its own black box with an unusual, texured pattern, with the shade on one of the sides of the box.
The packaging itself, that holds the highlighter is super secure and luxury feeling. The open is super strong as sometimes it can be a bit of a battle to open it but I guess that is a good thing. This does come with a mirror which is super amazing quality which I really appriciate because we all get put in that situation when we have to rely on a really awful mirror to do our makeup, but this will help you avoid that. As far as conveniece, the highlighter is huge in size so I don't know whether I would take it travelling, but it is not messy and it comes with a good mirror so I think it could be one worth taking in a travel makeup bag.
I must also mention the highlighter itself, it has the Jeffree Star logo embossed in it as well as Manny's signiture moon which I think was such a lovely touch because it shows just how much thought and love went into it's production.
The shade itself is super unique, the JSC website describes it as a "blinding pale icy peach" which I totally agree on. What I think makes it unusual thought, is the the peach in it is not warm at all, which I have never same across before, it has a very neutral tone to it which I think makes it such a versatile shade.
What is the shade if the formula is awful right? This formula is so alien to me, it is like nothing I have ever used before. To the touch the pan is very rough but the pigment is there on your finger but when you transfer it onto your hand, the pigment is weaker then what it is on your finger. This was super unusual for me and didn't set the perfect start I had hoped for but as you can see from the photo above, even with weaker pigment, the pigment is still there. I find the texture to be anything but buttery which is something I have never used before, so you could say I am still adapting.
I am still testing out ways to apply the highlight because my usual brush does not pick up any of the pigment. At the moment, I am finding that a much denser brush is needed to pick up the pigment so I have been using the RT Contour Brush but I will let you know once I have settled on an application. Once applied, the highlighter looks lovely, I don't find it blinding initially but it is definitely buildable to that intensity which I like because then I can range from something subtle to something intense with one product. There is quite a lot of glitter within the powder though so it gives a very metallic look on the skin which I know is not to everyone's taste
I definitely think that my money was well spent but you could say that is because I adore the people who created it, but if you do not like the sound of what I described then you are going to want to avoid this product. I am definitely intrigued to try more Skin Frosts just to see whether the texture and formula is consistent or similar.
I do really like this highlighter and I am going to continue to use it and experiment more with application but overall I am impressed but not astounded.
If you do like a super versatile highlighter, that will suit multiple people and one that you can build to something blinding then this is definitely for you but otherwise, I don't think that this is to your taste. Do let me know whether you have tried any of the JSC Skin Frosts and let me know how you apply them!

Have you tried anything from JSC?
Grace xx

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Let's Chat GCSE's, Hobbies and Half Term

I can't remember the last time I just sat here and had a little chat, I don't even think this is going to be interesting to any of you but I did just want to give a little life update.

Currently, I am on half term, two weeks school free which I am so super excited about. Saying that, I have got a bunch of coursework and revision to be getting on with. Art coursework is totally kicking my butt right now but I hope that it will pay off one day. The piece I am currently working on is an A2 canvas of my granddad in acrylic paint, I am finding it difficult but it is coming a long slowly. For revision, I am slowly easing myself into it, one subject at a time. Since I am in year 10, as soon as I come back I have four full days of exams almost like mocks so I am putting taking it very seriously at the moment. If you are interested in a revision post and some of my tips then do let me know in the comments and I will get that done for you.

Even though I have basically just said that my plate is a little full, I am going to spend my half term also writing up as many blog posts as I possibly can. Last week was the end of my Blogger Spill Tea series so that means no more Friday uploads anymore so now I am going back to two posts a week. Every Wednesday at 5pm and every Sunday at 10am there will be fresh content. Spring is now here and I am still a little stuck for ideas so if you could comment some new ideas then I would totally be up to writing them.

I am actually currently watching Riverdale as I write this, and I have to admit, totally worth the hype! Currently on episode 8 as I watch this and my brain is overloading in theories. On Twitter everyone has been raving about this programme and I can totally see why. Not going to lie, I mainly watch it because Cole Sprouse is just brilliant as the role of Jughead but the whole concept of the show is great. Definitely give it a watch if you haven't already.

With summer right around the corner, I am keen on getting into shape. Since giving up most of my dance classes and now only doing 1 hour a week, I have started going the gym more. I have not really done many fitness posts on my blog before but let me know if that is something you would be interested in. At the moment, I am going the gym about three times a week and I am super proud of myself for sticking with it. I am not on some massive weight loss journey, I am just trying the sharpen up a little bit in time for summer.

While starting new hobbies, I am trying to get back into an old one. Some good old reading was my favourite way to wind down but since being overloaded with a bunch of work, I never found the time for it. I have already managed to finish a book I was in the middle of and now I have started a new one, so I will get back to you once I have gathered some thoughts on it.

Do you like posts like this?
Grace xx

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Pink Spring Makeup Look!

I feel like it has been a while since I have done a makeup look so I wanted to create something very spring and a little colourful for today's blog post. Do let me know in the comments whether you prefer these sorts of pictures as well, I am a little undecided.
My skin has been so super dry lately and so I have been in need of a super hydrating primer. The only one I own that does this is the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm, it prevents my foundation from going cakey while helping it last all day. As always my foundation is the L'Oreal True Match, you know I love this, it evens out my skin, matches me well, blends amazing and doesn't go too cakey on me, which is amazing. For anyone who cares, my shade is golden ivory. Since the foundation covers really well, I find I don't have to conceal my under eyes but I still want to highlight so I am using the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair. This is a medium coverage but it has such a luminous and dewy finish so I love to apply it in all the places where I want to highlight. I have definitely been preferring this over my more higher coverage concealers. A step I have recently been adding into my everyday routine, cream bronzer. I have been rotating between the LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toast and Benefit Dew The Hoola. Benefit Dew The Hoola is better for when I am feeling extremely pale but they both do a great job. I am loving cream bronzer at the moment because it just melts into the skin and just looks much more natural and flawless. It also lasts longer so it wont melt off in this warm(ish) weather.
To set me under eyes I am packing on some LA Girl Translucent Pro Powder, but I am not baking because it can leave a white cast. I love to set my under eyes though because it prevents creasing and makes my under eyes look super smooth. For the rest of my face I am just dusting a little more of that powder over my entire face with a fluffy brush, but not too much because I don't want to suffocate my skin.
For both bronzer and blush, I am digging into the Barry M Get Up and Glow Palette and I am taking the bronzer shade just around the perimeters of my face and the shimmery pink blush just along the apples of my cheeks. I have never used this before until this post and it is actually quite nice. The bronzer was probably a little too dark but with a light hand it looks fine and the blush is very pigmented so less is more.
For highlighter I am using the Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights, and I would recommend using this with a damp brush just because it makes it a little less chunky and a little more metallic. This is not my favourite highlighter but it is the only one I own that has a pink reflect to it. It is pretty and pigmented but after using it I am still not the biggest fan, just because it is very glittery which isn't what I am all about.
Onto the eyes, just with that concealer and powder earlier, I am just priming a setting my eyelids and moving straight onto the eye shadow. I didn't want to makeup the eye shadow too pink so that it would be unwearable, I wanted to keep it pink but a little more neutral. Beginning in the crease with Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun which is a matte rosy pink colour. To deepen up the crease, I am applying Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, which is a deep, warm brown shade, and I am just applying this to the outer corner bringing it slightly into the crease. The main event, on the lid I am applying Makeup Geek Rockstar which is a duo chrome pink and grey, it is so beautiful because it turns pink as soon as the light meets it. I am applying a few layers of in just to intensify the colour but keeping it on the lid.
For liner I am using the LA Girl Endless Kohl Liner in brown, just on the upper lash line to intensify the eye a little. I love this pencil because it is very pigmented and easy to apply, I mentioned it in my March Favourites, link here.
Finishing off the eyes with some mascara, Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara has been a current favourite of mine. It is very similar to Benefit They're Real. I am applying this on both my top and lower lashes, just to really open my eyes.
Keeping the eyebrows simple, I am just going to fill them in quite messily and naturally in with the Freedom Duo Brow Powder in Soft Brown. I love this on days when I don't want a super bold brow or something that is barely there, it is a good in-between.
Finally for the lips, I am lining it with my favourite lip liner, MUA Caramel Nougat. This only costs £1 and it is amazing, pigmented, creamy, so I would definitely recommend. I am just filling in my entire lips in with this. To top it off and give it a pink touch, I am using the Stila Lip Glaze in the shade Pink Grapefruit. The formula of this is quite thick and sticky but it give a nice amount of colour and it makes your lips look super plump and glossy.

Do you like posts like this?
Grace xx

Friday, 7 April 2017

Bloggers Spill Tea W/ Blossom of Hope

It's true what they say, that all good things must come to an end and so today is the day that Blogger Spill Tea ends. Maybe I will bring it back in years to come but I hope you have enjoyed this little serious. I just want to thank everyone for the support on this series, it has been so overwhelming. To finish off the series, Laura from Blossom of Hope is going to be answering the questions. As always, links will be at the end.

1. Describe your blog in a sentence?
A place where I can share everything I love and all my thoughts

2. Does your blog name have any special meaning behind it?
I like to think that my bog will give people hope, hence the name blossom of hope.

3. What//Who made you start blogging?
A collection of people, but mainly Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of glitter) and Emsirose

4. Where do you get inspiration from to write your blog posts?
Everything around me, whether that is other bloggers or quotes I see online

5. What do you do to prepare before uploading a blog post?
I usually make sure I have my Instagram pictures ready and tweets scheduled

6. What makes you want to blog consistently?
I enjoy it! I come up with loads of ideas and then by posting regularly it makes sure I get them all up. It also gives me deadlines and makes me organised. 

7. Do you like interacting with other bloggers?
Yes! I love talking to other bloggers and social media and receiving their feedback. I don't know any other bloggers in person so it nice to talk to them online and talk to people who do the same thing as you. 

8. Have you ever followed a blog just to be nice even if you don't like it?
If I am part of a blogging group, I will follow everyone's blogs but I have never done it for a follow back.

9. What do you love and hate most about the blogging community?
I love how supportive everyone is. Everyone I have talked to is so nice and helpful. Something I hate is how sometimes it is really competitive but that is 1% of the time. Majority of bloggers are so so nice. 

10. Do you ever feel like no one remembers that you have feelings?
I have not felt like this because I try and share my feelings so that people realise. I am very fortunate to have not recieved hate comments so I have not had this problem.

11. Do you feel like the bigger you get, the smaller of a relationship you have with your readers?
I have found that unfortunately. I never have time to reply to comments on my blog which I am trying to change as I feel like that is a way to gain a better relationship

12. What opportunities have you gotten from blogging?
So many incredible opportunities! I have worked with a couple of brands, contributed to a group blog and collabed with so many amazing people. Blogging has also given me opportunities to better myself as a person and gain some valuable skills. 

13. If you were to receive no views or comments on a blog post that you worked really hard on and you were super proud of it, how would you feel and what would your next step be to make sure that you don't experience it again?
I am trying to not let the numbers control me but they still do have some impact on me. I would feel really disappointed with myself and start doubting whether the post was good or not. To not experience it again I would promote a lot more. 

14. What is your response to people that say blogging is easy?
I don't understand how people who aren't bloggers can say that! If you have no experience doing it, then really you shouldn't be saying that because you have no idea what you are on about! Blogging may seem easy but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and it is not just writing a post and pressing publish. 

15. Have you ever came across or noticed bloggers that do it for the fame or money?
I have noticed a few bloggers where all they post is giveaways where they have partnered with a brand but I don't think that means that they are in it for the money or fame, 

16. What do you think shows that a blogger is in it for products/ money/ fame?
This is a really hard question. I don't think that there is one image that those people fit into. However, if someone's posts are constantly working with brands or only writing posts with brands I feel like that is a sign but not all the time. Also, is someone doesn't interact with other bloggers I think that is a sign too. 

17. Do you think that there is a certain time or milestone that you should reach before earning money from blogging?
I don't think that there should be If it was based on time, there could be a really successful blogger that has only been blogging 3-6 months and they could miss out because the limit could be on people who have been blogging for over a year. 

18. Is there a certain post/ colaboration (etc.) that you really regret doing?
Unfortunately there has been. I worked with a wedding dress company last year to write a blog post and looking back at it I shouldn't have accepted it, the topic isn't me at all and I think I was overwhelmed by working for a company that I just accepted. Apart from that there isn't, I am very proud of all the other posts that I have published and I have loved working with other brands. 

19. Do you like reading sponsored content? and why?
I think it depends what the content actually is. I don't like reading sponsored content on makeup and fashion etc. because I am not the biggest fan of makeup and fashion and it doesn't matter that it is sponsored. Whereas if it was a sponsored post on travelling or a book than I would like it. For me, it isn't about whether the post is sponsored, only what the post is about. 

20. In your opinion, is there anything wrong with sponsored content?
No, as long as they have said whether it is sponsored then it is fine!

If you are a blogger, did you relate?
Grace xx

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Drugstore Beauty Products You Need!

Oh, don't you just love a good drugstore product? From hair to skincare to makeup, you can find great beauty products that cost less then your lunch. I am constantly trying new things from the drugstore because as much as I love an expensive lipstick, I love a bargain too. When deciding the products to feature in this post, I had to think long and hard but I am very proud of myself for narrowing it down.
I feel as though everyone loves this product, there is a small margin of people who hate the residue it leaves, but all in all it is well loved by many. Dry shampoo is a staple in any lazy persons hair care routine and so something that does the job while being super cheap, it is a win win. Batiste is my favourite dry shampoo, I do love COLAB but I find that works best for adding texture, but for absorbing oil, Batiste is the best. I have mid-brown hair so the fact that it is white when I first apply it isn't too much of a pain, I find it find to rub in and the colour does disappear accept I do know people with darker hair struggle to work with this, so do bare that in mind. Overall this is a bargain, and I would not try any other pricey dry shampoo because this is all I need, it is about £4 for a huge can that will last you half of the year, so I would definitely recommend.
I found it really hard to think of drugstore skincare products I cannot live without, just because I am constantly trying new skincare. On a regular basis, I switch up my moisturizer, cleanser, toner but there is one skincare product I can't replace, my ST Ives Face Scrubs. These scrubs are incredible, my personal favourite is the apricot scrub but they all do a similar thing. The reason I love these so much is because the do something, I know a few people think that this scrub is quite harsh but when you use it occasionally, it makes the biggest difference. When I do use it, it does make my skin go bright red but it is doing something in a great way, it makes my skin so super soft and it cleans all of the dirt out of my face (pleasant, right?). I would recommend using this once or twice a week, especially on days you are wearing a lot of makeup.
A body product from the drugstore I love is the Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter. Once again, I couldn't choose a shower gel or lotion but this body butter is a staple in my routine. I find myself always going back to this body butter, it is super moisturizing, the scent is lovely and not too overwhelming, and the whole point of this post, it is super affordable. The skin on my body isn't too dry so I use this every few days just for intense moisture but if you have dry skin, you could use this daily, and it would work wonders. I take it most people have tried this product because it is loved by many, but if you haven't, give it a go.
This will come to no surprise, the nail product I love is the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polishes. I feel like I am constantly talking about these nail polishes on my blog and I have been since I first started but they are just so good. My favourite formulation is the Gelly Hi-Shine range but all the ones I have tried are amazing. They are opaque, last a long time, come in a great range of shade and are always on offer so you can pick up an amazing bargain. My favourite shade for all year round is Lychee just because it is a super versatile nude.
When choosing products for this post, I soon came to realize that I don't actually own that many drugstore lip products but these two products really stuck out to me. A recent addition to my staples has been lip oils and the Barry M Berry Good Lip Oil has been the best one I have found from the drugstore. I find lip oils to do so much more than a lip balm, they are a little thicker and they are so much better at hydrating your lips. This lip oil, as you can guess, has a lovely fruit scent and it is pink in the tube but it does basically come out clear. I have only been trying this out for the past month or so, but I know that I am going to be repurchasing this loads.
You may or may not know this but I have always been a gloss girl, even with this super trendy matte lip floating around, I am that person still wearing lip gloss. My favourite glosses from the drugstore are the NYX Butter Glosses, they come in loads of colours, they are not sticky whatsoever and they give the right amount of colour with the right amount of shine. I need to pick up many more shades in this formula but my favourite shade is Creme Brulee, it is a lovely pinky nude.
A concealer I think everyone should try is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer. We all know just how good the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is but you either love it or hate it, it can be too much coverage for a lot of people. This concealer though is medium coverage, can be built up and it is so easy to blend. I still love my Collection concealer but I would recommend someone the Seventeen one over the Collection one. I have repurchased this a couple of times now and I never get sick of it, I am constantly going back to it and it never fails me. Anyone could wear this concealer, it is a very basic but effective formula with a great range of shades, especially if you are super fair.
The only tool/brush I chose to include is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This sponge is just amazing, I have not tried the Beauty Blender so I cannot compare but this sponge just works for me. The shape of it makes it easy to reach all areas of my face, it blends my makeup beautifully and it cleans well also. From the picture, you can probably tell that mine is looking a little worse for wear but I will continue to repurchase this until I find something better. Most of the time I find myself using this with my concealer, but it will work with any cream products or even for baking, either way you get a super airbrushed and flawless finish with a sponge like this.
If I had to recommend one drugstore makeup product to you it would be this. Since I tried this, early last year, I have been in love with it. The Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit is basically a small compact with a matte contouring shade and a matte highlighting shade. You can probably tell from the picture but the highlighting shade is my favourite. I love the highlighting shade because I use it to set my under eyes and it does a great job at setting while brightening and adding a little more coverage. I also find that I reach for this over my ABH highlighting powders, which I think says a lot. I may have only hit pan on the highlighting shade but the contour shade is just as good. Personally, I would not use this for contouring, just because it is a little too warm for my liking but as a bronzer it is beautiful. Both powders are finely milled, pigmented and easy to blend and I think it is the best one on the market. If you have to buy one thing from this post, I would definitely say this one just because I think it is underrated and it deserves some more love, the one thing I will say though, is that there are only two shades to choose from.
I found it difficult to find a drugstore palette I think everyone should own just because eye shadow is something different to everyone but then I found one. The MUA Matte Six Shade Eye Shadow Palette in Natural Essentials is a must have in any makeup collection. You cannot create any eye shadow look without a matte shade, whether it is in your crease or just to set the base. This palette offers six super neutral and basic shades that can act as the foundation of any eye look. All of the shades are super pigmented, blendable and creamy and is definitely a steal as it is less than a fiver. My favourite shade is the matte black because it is the best one I have found from the drugstore. This palette is definitely a must, whether you have a huge makeup collection, whether you are just starting out, you just need it.
The final product I am mentioning today is a brow product. At the moment the drugstore have been killing it with the brow products, I can't say I have tried them all but a brow gel that is a staple for me is the Maybelline Brow Drama. This is super pigmented, lasts a long time and makes your eyebrows look super thick and full. Saying that, the product is so much better when you cut off the little ball applicator, by doing this you can get more accuracy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone,  whether you just want something quick and easy or something to set your eyebrows, either way this will do a great job.

What do you recommend from the drugstore?
Grace xx

Sunday, 2 April 2017

March Favourites!

As it is the start of a new month that means another favourites. I have not been try out as many things as I would have liked to but I have got a few things to share today.
I have been trying to wear eyeliner some more but I find that black is a little harsh so I have been wearing brown kohl liner a lot. The LA Girl Endless Auto Eyeliner in Brown is the one I have been wearing. It is super creamy, you can smudge it, very pigmented and it is super affordable. The packaging is kind of annoying but I would definitely recommend it if you are in need of a good kohl liner.

We all know how much I loved that Kiko lip oil and since I ran out of it, I have been on the hunt for another alternative. The Barry M Berry Good Lip Oil has became a quick replacement, it is a lot thicker than the Kiko one so I find myself not having to reapply as much. It smells delicious and it does a great job at moisturizing my lips. The one thing I don't link is how quickly it runs out, I have only had it a month and I am already three quarters of the way through.
A body moisturizer I have been using none stop since I bought it, the Vaseline Spray Moisturizer has been a staple this month. I have previously mentioned this in a recent post so I will link that here if you want a little more detail on the product. It is basically a super quick and easy spray moisturizer which has been super handy lately and it is a real time saver.

I am usually not one for hairspray, it makes my hair crispy and they all smell awful but I have recently fallen in love with the Show Hairspray. Not going to lie, it smells a little unusual but it is not bad. I love this because it helps hold and add texture to my hair, but it doesn't make it crispy which is the biggest plus for me. When I searched where I could buy it from, I found out that it is a little pricey so I probably won't repurchase it, but if you have never tried it and you want to, I would give it a go.
Apart from my classic Glee covers playlist, which is all I ever really listen to now (yes I am sad), I have been obsessed with Computer Games' EP. I obviously had to buy it and stream it because it features one of my favourite people ever (Darren Criss), and I knew I was going to love it, but I think it is an EP for everyone. Computer Games is a duo, Darren Criss and Chuck Criss they are brothers, musicians and song writers and they created three songs on an EP and it is truly amazing (may be a little biased). It is very dance and electronic based, very upbeat but the lyrics are not pointless, they tell a story and it means something which I think is so amazing and rare in current music. Definitely give it a listen!

What have you loved this month?
Grace xx