Sunday, 23 April 2017

Spring/ Summer Playlist!

The UK top 40 is awful and I think a lot of you will agree with me when I say that. Even though there is an odd song that is good in the charts, most of the music I listen to on a regular basis is a little (or a lot) older. Saying that, I have chosen ten songs that are sort of current and perfect for a spring/ summer playlist.

We Like It - Computer Games
I mentioned this EP in my March Favourites but I just had to mention this song. All three songs are amazing but this one is my favourite. There is something so familiar about the way this sounds but it is also very current, I have now idea how they did it. It is very electronic and dance based which is great because it will always put you in a great mood. I also love how the lyrics are light hearted but not pointless, do you know what I mean? Anyway, definitely check out this song, or even the EP.

Sober - James Arthur
This song is just brilliant, I love it! I don't know what it is about the song that I love so much but it is just one of those songs that just makes me so super happy and want to dance. It is not so much the lyrics that have an effect on me, it is just the rhythm and how well it was put together. It is definitely my favourite song from James Arthur and I also think that it is super underrated so definitely give it a listen.

Be The One - Dua Lipa
I am actually not a huge Dua Lipa fan but when I saw her live and she performed this song, I loved it straight away. The song is very catchy and upbeat which I love because it just puts you in a great mood. I also love the arrangement of the song, how parts of it suspend, I think it was really well composed. It is also one of those songs that just makes you want to get up and dance.

Miami - Will Smith
This is such a tune, the beat is so catchy and I think Will Smith just nailed this song. It could be thunder and lightening outside but this song just makes you feel like you are on holiday in the sunshine. This song just reminds me of the summer as it is super upbeat, light-hearted and fun, definitely my go to holiday song.

Whiskey Kisses - Mic Lowry
Since I heard Mic Lowry Oh Lord, I have loved the band and this is their newest songs. It definitely did not disappoint. It does sound quite main stream but I do just love the way all of the boys sing together. The sound is quite edited if you know what I mean, but it does work well for them.

Heatstroke - Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande
This is a super new release but I really do like it. Like most of the songs I have chosen to mention, it is very catchy and has a super great beat to it. The whole song is based off of having a good time which I love and all of the artists featured have something different to bring to the song which makes it super unique.

Lie A Little Better - Lucy Hale
I love a good country song, especially coming into spring and summer. Lucy Hale did a great job with this song, it is super happy and light hearted which I love. Like most of the songs, it does just make you want to dance.

Slide - Calvin Harris
Now that I think about it, a lot of these songs have a very similar sound to it but they are all super upbeat and catchy. The chorus for me, makes this song, it is just super simple but I just love it. I am not a huge fan of the rap but I will listen to it just to get through to the chorus.

My Gospel - Charlie Puth
I love the way Charlie Puth sings, I think he is so talented and this song is no exception. The song tells the story so well and even though it is not the most happy of songs, the way the order of the song falls together is brilliant. This song also takes me back to summer last year as this is was the album I would always listen to and this song was my favourite.

Finesse - Bruno Mars
We all know I love the whole 24K Magic album but at the moment I have been loving this song the most. It is a super dancy song, at least it is to me. Not going to lie, I don't really understand the story the lyrics tells but I like the beat it is told to.

What is your current favourite song?
Grace xx


  1. Love this playlist!

  2. Slide is one of my favourite songs at the moment! I haven't heard of lots of those others though so I'll definitely give them a listen! X


  3. I totally agree with you! At first I like songs that are newly released, and then the charts over play them and I end up hating the sound of them!

  4. I absolutely love the two Calvin Harris songs, especially Heatstroke! I love Finesse too! I need to check out some of these songs because I've never heard of a lot of these. lovely post x