Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Makeup Palettes Great For Travelling

You may or may not have known this but I am currently in Jamaica with my family for a holiday. As much as I love reading travel posts all year round, I figured now that we are coming into the holiday season, I might as well squeeze a few travel blog post. I did a similar blog post to this last year (linked here) but I wanted to do it again since I have found a few more products that are perfect for travelling with.
I don't know about you, but I always over pack my lip products, I just can't help it. Even though my collection consists of the same shade but in thirty different formulas, I still feel the need to bring them all. Most of you know this, I have always been a nude lip girl, and I am still not brave enough to wear a bold lip out. The MUA Paintbox Lip Palettes are incredible, they come in three shade, a nude, a red and a purple. They all come with a mirror and two mini lip brushes, but most importantly, they come in a super slim and compact palette. I have all three shade, but obviously I use the nude one the most. The shades range is from pale to dark so you can mix shades to get your perfect shade. They also come in some different formulas, some are more sheer, which can act like a gloss, some have glitter, which you can use as a topper, and some are super pigmented, which will act like a lipstick. The more pigmented shades have a more satin finish but you can blot your lips with a tissue and it will make it look more matte. The mirror is so useful in this palette as you can use it to touch up on the go, with the brushes included.
There seem to be loads of brands who now have this sort of, face in a palette, thing going on but I only have a few and this is still one of my favourites. The Urban Decay Naked Flushed palettes are incredible for travel. You get a shade for bronzing, highlighting and blush. Depending on your skin tone, you can get this in a few different shades, silly me got the wrong one for me, but I still love it. I wear the shade Native and the bronzer in it, makes the whole palette. The highlighter and blusher are good but not as amazing as the bronzer. The bronzer is so warm and beautiful, it is perfect for a holdiay as it just gives you that natural sun kissed glow. This palette is also super compact and comes with a great mirror.
When it comes to eye shadow, I am such a matte gal. The MUA Six Shade Matte Eye Shadow Palette is a firm favourite for travelling. It has every single basic matte shade that you could ever need. I love pairing this with a cream shadow with a little shimmer or keeping it all matte with some kohl liner for a smokey eye. These palettes come in loads of shades so you are bound to find something that suits you. I did review this earlier this year (linked here) and it is safe to say I still love it. The matte black in this palette is one of the best I have ever used and the other shades are just as lovely. Sadly this palette does not come with a mirror but it is still compact and is secure when you close it.
The next palette is just one I think everyone should have and that is a Z Palette. Now, I know Z Palettes are actually quite expensive so any empty magnetic palette will do but they are all just so useful. I love them because you can customize them exactly how you like it with anything from eye shadows to face powders to lip pans. I have the small Z Palette but I also have the Freedom Empty Magnetic palette, so depending on how much I need to bring, I can range in size for the palette.

What is your favourite palette for travelling?
Grace xx

Sunday, 28 May 2017

First Impressions On The Famous Hoola Bronzer

This bronzer is probably the most hyped bronzer I have ever came across and I have only just tried it. Believe me or don't but these past few weeks I have been trying this out to find out whether it is really that good. Obviously there are mixed opinions but keep on reading to find out what I think.
This is only a mini of the Hoola, I got it from Boots and it was £9.95 (even though the website says £12) but I will link the product at the end of this blog post. 
I know that the boxed packaging Benefit does is a little hit and miss but I actually quite like it. It might not be the most travel-friendly, but since it is a mini, I guess you could say otherwise. The mirror on the inside might seem a little productive but I don't see the point when the product is this small, but I won't complain. 
The shade of this bronzer is actually a lot lighter than my usual shade, it also looks extremely warm in the pan, maybe a little too orange. This bronzer is matte which I love since I think it makes it look more natural but it also means that it can double as a contour shade.
Swatching it, I was impressed by its pigment and how evenly it applied but it did look extremely orange so I was keen to try it on my face.
I applied this bronzer with a dense duo fibre brush like I would with any other bronzer and I started to blend it across my cheekbones. The shade actually looked very natural on the skin but it still had that warm tone but without it looking too orange. I applied this to my cheekbones, temples, jaw and a little bit down my nose but it gave just a natural bronze.  
To conclude, I think that Hoola is a beautiful bronzer but I don't think that it will be come a rid or die of mine. Don't get me wrong, the shade is beautiful and it applies like a dream but there are others that I prefer so I think they deserve more hype than this. I will continue to use this, and maybe it will grow on me but as a first impression, I think that they are better.

What are your thoughts on this bronzer?
Grace xx

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My Current Fitness Routine

At the moment, I have been trying to workout more and with my holiday right around the corner I really want to tone up. I asked on twitter what you wanted to see in terms of fitness and you all wanted a routine so I thought that I would try and sum up my weekly fitness routine.

Starting off with the little things that you probably don't think about but count as exercise. I am still in high school so I walk to and from the bus stop five out of seven of the days plus PE is still compulsory in my year so I do a 50 minute session once a week and it usually is a high intensity sport, like rounders or tennis.
I also have two dogs, so I tend to walk those a lot, usually four times on the weekend and three times during the week. The walk is usually a bit of sprinting and walking which takes about 20 minutes.

Onto some extra things I do, but this is just a generalization as I switch it up all of the time.
Starting with the gym that I know most people hate but really it isn't that bad. I go the gym around twice a week and I spend 1 hour there doing cardio. Even though I go the gym often, I am still not so confident so I stick to the cardio machines. I go on a bit of everything from bike to treadmill to cross trainer and depending on my mood, I will lots of some and less of others. My main aim in the gym is just to raise a pulse, get a sweat on and burn some fat.

The things I do at home tend to be more focused on specific parts of my body that I want to tone up. I do this more often, about four times a week, this workouts range from ten minutes to half an hour. I change these workouts all of the time but there are a few apps and youtubers I love to watch. These workouts will depend on my mood, sometimes its abs or butt or arms, they tend to be my main three.
Youtubers I love are Carly Rowena and Blogilates, there are other but these are the two who I love the most. The apps I love are Nike+ Training, which comes with a bunch of workouts and 7 minutes which gives you a 7 minutes workout which I usually tend to do a few sets of, but I love how they time it for you so you don't always have to focus on keeping your own time.

Do you want to see more in depth workout routines?
Grace xx

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Collective Beauty Haul

I have been doing a lot of shopping recently and I have already done a clothing haul (linked here) so now I thought that I would follow it up with a beauty haul. A lot of these products are quite simple and I guess you could say boring, but I wanted to keep it real and just share everything I bought.
I am just going to start off with some hair and skincare which you may not class as all being beauty but I am just going to, for the sake of this post.
Starting with Primark, which I love for just super simple pieces, I got a pack of clear elastic bands because I always use these when I braid my hair but as soon as I have used them once I throw them in the bin, so I was in need of a new pack and in Primark they are only £1.
I then got a pack of bobby pins because I am going on holiday soon and if I just throw some bobby pins in the bottom of my toiletries bag, I am just going to loose them, so I saw this and decided to pick it up as it was again, only £1. I particularly like this pack because it comes with a mini clear container so I can use it when I come back and refill it since I always loose my bobby pins.
Final thing from Primark is their two packs of makeup wipes for £1. I love these makeup wipes so much, not because I use them to remove makeup, but because I love them for cleaning off swatches or cleaning makeup products before I take blog photos. They are super cheap, last a fair amount of time and do the job great. This is a staple purchase from Primark for me so I would highly recommend you try some, especially if you are a blogger.
Next up, from Superdrug, I got two skincare repurchases, the first one being the St. Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub and if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I love this brand of face scrub. I have only ever tried the more intense ones so I picked up a more gentle one just for a change and I really like it. These scrubs are amazing for making your skin super clean and soft as they are quite intense, even the gentle one, so if you have sensitive skin then this might not be the best one for you, but I would highly recommend it, especially since it is super affordable.
Final skincare product is another staple, the Garnier Micellar Water. I love this cleansing water, it is just super quick and easy to use when I am in a rush. This huge bottle lasts me a few months, so I don't repurchase it too often but I can't live without it.
Sticking with Superdrug, I picked up a mini of the Colab Dry Shampoo because I love this dry shampoo and wanted a mini to take on holiday with me. This dry shampoo is so practical, it is clear so you don't have to worry about having grey hairs and they all smell amazing but I got the New York one, mainly because it was my favourite colour out of the ones that were there. I am pretty sure that this is now discontinued but if you go into your local store you might find some on offer, since that is how I got this.
A body product I picked up because it was such a bargain was the Tanya Burr Body Illuminator. I bought this for under £5 which I think is amazing so I could not miss it. I have not used it too much yet but it smells amazing, a little like biscuits, and it looks really beautiful just one my hand but I will let you know my final thoughts after I have properly tried it.
For makeup, from Boots, I picked up a Mini Benefit Hoola, because I have never tried it and I think it is about time I give into the hype. I have not tried it properly yet, but I will do a whole post on it once I have. The colour seems really lovely though and since it was only a mini, I paid around £10, which I don't think is too bad because I am not likely to finish it.
I then bought the Soap and Glory Gloss Stick in Technicoral which is a beautiful orange. I bought this with the intention of summer since it is a super fun colour and the formula just seemed super light and lovely. I am still yet to wear it to its fullest potential but I will let you know once I have. Also, I have to mention the price, it was £3.50 which seems sort of mad but definitely worth picking up if you get a chance.

From Kiko, I pick up one of their Water Eye Shadows in 226 which is a beautiful, pale icy blue. I thought that this would make an amazing inner corner highlight while mixing in a little bit of colour with the blue undertone. The formula of this is so beautiful but I won't say too much since I want to do a whole separate post on this specific eye shadow. It was a little pricey for one eye shadow but I think that I am going to get a lot of wear out of it.

Final thing I picked up was from Beauty Bay and it is the Misslyn Smooth Lip Liner in Rosewood. It is pretty obvious that I bought this because of the name (yes I love PLL) but it is actually a really beautiful nude colour. These lip liners are super affordable and really nice to use. They are pigmented, creamy and have a few nice colours, I know I will definitely be getting some more.
Left to right
Misslyn Lip Liner in Rosewood
Soap and Glory Gloss Stick in Technicoral
Kiko Water Eye Shadows in 226
Benefit Hoola

What have you bought recently?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Current Base Routine - No Foundation

With the weather getting warmer my makeup is beginning to change, especially my base. I have been going for something a little lighter in coverage and skipping out foundation so I thought I would share with you my current base routine. Obviously I still change it up, but for this season, this is my go-to.
I skipped primer for this post just because I am still yet to find one that I love enough to call my favourite so I am still yet to share that with you. Obviously like I said before, this routine requires no foundation so straight on with concealer.

Me being me, I cannot just use one concealer so for under my eyes and highlighting I use the LA Girl Pro Conceal Concealer. Mine is in the shade Porcelain and I find that it is the perfect colour to brighten and conceal my under eyes. I blend this out with a beauty sponge and this helps to prevent creasing. For the rest of my face, I use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair. I use this on blemishes and redness to make my skin look more even and I blend it out with a dense buffing brush to maximize the coverage.
To set and further brighten my under eyes, I use two shades out of the ABH Contour Kit, Vanilla and Banana. I apply is on a small, fluffy face brush, focusing it on my under eyes. This will prevent it from creasing and will add even more coverage.
For the rest of the face I dust a little of the Rimmel Stay Matte in Translucent, which just makes sure that nothing moves throughout the whole day.

I have also been skipping out contour as well because I feel as though it is a little too intense for a day to day look and so I use a bronzer that does a little bit of contour and bronzing. With a dense duo fibre brush, I apply the Benefit Hoola Bronzer to my cheekbones, temples and neck for a natural all over bronze. 
For blush, I have been going for something a little glowy and my current favourite has been the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush in Candy Glow. This is so beautiful to just lightly apply and it just makes you look radiant while adding a little bit of colour.
Finally For highlighter, I use a cult classic, The Balm Mary Loo Manizer. This highlighter is such a gorgeous golden shade and it is definitely a must have.

What is your current base routine?
Grace xx

Sunday, 14 May 2017

What Clears My Mind

At the moment, my mental state has been a bit all over the place, it isn't something I want to go into too much detail about but I have found several things that really help me to just clear my mind and make me forget about everything I am thinking. Let me know what clears your mind and whether you agree with any of the things that I am choosing to mention.

I would like to consider myself as quite a creative person and ever since I was little, I have always been a doodler. When I was little I use to draw anything and everything and I guess I still do. Since taking a GCSE in art, it has became a little more stressful and forced but when I am doing my own study, in my own time, it is so relaxing and it takes to a whole new place. I feel like I am both calm and focused when I am drawing which is a weird combination but I forget about everything when I am drawing and it definitely is an escape route for me. My personal preference is pencil and paper but even painting or colouring works for me too, and I find my work looks its best this way.
Only recently have I started to notice how much music means to me and how often I listen to it. I do everything to music, make breakfast, walk my dogs, revise, clean my room, I am also listening to music while writing this blog post. Music means a lot to me, probably more than it should, and I rely on it a lot. Whenever I feel stressed or angry or any other extreme emotion, I will just put my headphones in and blast some music at its highest volume and just listen to it. It keeps me focused and while I am listening to the music, I don't think of anything else but the lyrics. You could say it is not healthy listening to my music on it's highest volume but ask any of my friends, 99.9% of the time, my volume is on full and that is only because it drowns out anything else going on around me or inside my head.

This is mainly when I am angry, but I find that when I am furious, the number one thing that I know will calm me down is to run. You might think this sounds daft but it is just like running away from your problems only it's physically and even though they do follow they then disintegrate into nothing. I am definitely not a long distance runner but when I sprint, it just makes everything else around me stop. It is also a physical thing I guess, because when you are angry, you tend to have a lot of adrenaline rushing through your body, or at least I do, and once I have ran my body becomes tired and all of that adrenaline has gone into my speed and disappeared just like my anger. Recently I have also found that by doing a 30 minute workout or a long dog walk, my head is a lot clearer and that feeling could usually last the whole day.

Of course I had to mention blogging, it is my main escape from my daily life. My blog is mainly about beauty, (I say that writing a post about mental health) but talking about beauty will take my mind off everything else. When I want to distract myself from certain thoughts or feelings, I can just turn on my computer and start typing up a review or tutorial and it just makes everything go away. I think blogging also reminds me of what is important and it keeps me grounded as well as making my head clearer.
I say this all of the time, but I never read enough. When I do read though, it acts as a distraction and helps me to focus on something other than my thoughts. I don't have a particular genre that I like to read but with whatever book I am reading, I like to put myself in the character's situation and I find that it just takes me away from my life and into someone elses for that half an hour and once I have stopped reading, most of my distractions are gone and I can then think straight.

Do you use any of these?

Grace xx

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Clothing Haul!

With Summer fast approaching and my holiday getting closer and closer, I have been buying some new bits and pieces for my wardrobe. It has been a while since I have done a haul on my blog so let me know whether you would like to see more.
First think is from Miss Selfridge and it is this Pale Blue Square Neck Crop Top. I bought this because I just thought it was a super basic piece my wardrobe was missing. This would look great layered in winter or just with a pair of shorts for summer. It was only £8 and the fit of it is really lovely, it also comes in many colour but I really loved the pale blue.

The next few things are from Topshop, going to start of with one of my current favourite pieces. It is the Camouflage Shacket. For the past year or so I feel like camouflage has gained a bad name and looking "chavy" but I was to bring it back in style again. This is a super oversized, thin jacket which is perfect for this time of year since we are mixing with weathers at the moment. The camouflage print is actually really nice because it is quite muted so it goes with almost anything. I really like to style this with a plain top, some jeans and some pumps and it just adds a little extra something.
Next from Topshop we have this Forever Femme T-Shirt, I have seen this all over their instagram at the moment and I knew I would have to get it. Feminism is becoming more and more recognized by the day and so I thought I would play my part in buying this t-shirt and raising awareness. I love the simple fit with the rolled up sleeves, and the bright red lettering just gives the t-shirt a more bold appearance.
Going to throw in a staple purchase, some Topshop Grey Jamie Jeans. Jamie jeans my favourite jeans from Topshop, they are flattering while still being in a jean material. My collection of these is constantly growing but I have added a grey pair into the mix. I think grey jeans are a great alternative to black jeans in the winter because they are a little lighter but still go with everything.
Now we are onto H&M and I have really been loving their basics recently. First up is a striped dress, which is something very unlike me as I am not one for dressses, but with a new season, I thought that I would branch out a little bit. This dress is a midi length and it is just black and white horizontal stripes, on a ribbed material. This is super flattering and I think it will be great in summer just thrown on with a pair of converse.
It has taken me a while, but I have finally bought a halter neck t-shirt. My favourite thing about this is the colour, it is a beautiful pastel lemon colour, which I think is perfect for spring and summer. This piece will be great for my holiday just with some flip flops and shorts. The fit of this is very nice but it is a little transparent so I have to be careful when I wear it.
Finally from H&M, I got a classic denim skirt. I have always had a problem with skirts, they are either too big around the waist or too short (who else has that problem?) and so I am always looking for a good one. This one is not perfect but it looks nice on, I particularly like the zip detail, it is a little worrying as someone could just unzip it and you will be exposed, but you can only hope that won't happen.
Surely you would be expect some swimwear in this haul since I am going abroad very soon. I wasn't really in need of a new bikini but I am in love with what I got.
I firstly got some Black High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms from PINK, Victoria Secret and I am in love with them. They are probably not to everyone's taste but I think they are beautiful, I think that high waisted bikini bottoms really suit my figure and really flatter my curves. I particularly like the cutouts along the sides, they are probably not the most practical to tan in but I think it just makes them that little bit more interesting. Since they are from PINK, they are a little more pricey but the quality is super lovely and worth the investment.
I then bought a bikini top to match from Hollister, it is a simple Racer Back Bikini Top. This is not super simple though, it is black and white striped and along the sides it has those cross-over cutouts like the bikini bottoms which is why I got them. I think the two paired together will look super cool and both pieces are super basic to be able to mix and match them with other pairs.
The final few things are from Primark and they are super basic but I thought that I would mention them anyway.
Firstly I got a super basic V-Neck Black and White Striped T-Shirt. Recently, I have been feeling like my wardrobe has been missing the most simple of pieces so I picked this up. I love just simple v-neck t-shirts, they look great with anything, skirts, jeans, shorts, the list goes on. Since this is from Primark, it cost about the same price as my McDonalds lunch, which is great and the material is actually quite nice.
The final thing I am going to mention today is a piece of sportswear. I have been in need of a Long Sleeve Top for a while and even though it is coming into the warmer seasons, I am still likely to wear this. I chose black because I just think it will be the most versatile and I am pretty sure that this cost about £7 which is amazing and I know that I am going to get a lot of wear out of it.

What have you bought recently?
Grace xx

Sunday, 7 May 2017

What Exams Have Taught Me

I know that a lot of you wanted me to do a revision post but so many people have been doing them recently that I want to do something different. Since I am in Year 10, I have just had some mock exams and I wanted to share some of the things that the exams have taught me. Let me know whether you agree with any of the things that I have chosen to mention.
What you put in, is what you get out
If you put in a lot of hard work and effort then you are going to get the grade you have worked hard for. I am sure that we have all gotten away with not revising and doing well in a test but when you put the work in you can do even better and go beyond what you think that you can do. I have a put a lot of time and effort into my most current exams and I can only hope that I get the grades that equal the effort I put in to doing well.

Sleep is so much more important
Putting in the effort is just as important as taking care of yourself. Staying up all night revising the day before your exam is not going to benefit you as much as a good nights rest. Making sure you have had good amount of sleep is going to ensure that you are wide awake and not slow in your head. I made sure that I got at least 8 hours sleep before everyday I had exams and this really help me stay focused when taking the exam.
You can't be good at everything
I am sure we all know someone who seems to be good at everything but really no one is good at everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses and that is okay as long as we come to terms with those things. Personally my weakness is in biology and English, a weird mix but I struggle with them both equally. However, I also know that I am good at maths and chemistry. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses, I know what I need to work on and what I should spend less time doing.

Trust yourself
I don't know about you but I doubt myself a lot when it comes to revising. Right before taking the exam I panic a lot that I don't know the stuff but as soon as I am in the hall, sitting the exam, I know exactly what it means. I am coming to terms with what I do and don't know naturally and knowing this allows me to use my time the most effectively.

Cheating is never your true reflection
We can all be tempted, it is a human instinct but finding out something so you have an advantage is not only unfair but you are also saying that there is no other way you will succeed. In your GCSE you are not going to be told what questions you are given by your best friend so you might as well get in the habit of knowing the unknown before it becomes a bad habit that you soon become to rely on.

What have exams taught you?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

April Favourites!

Genuinely feel like sometimes I write a favourites at least once a week but the time has come for me to share some things I have loved throughout April. I have also been trying to mention some more random things in my favourite posts so let me know whether you like more random things or not.
I wanted to mention two tv shows this month, both of which you can get on Netflix but the first one is Suits. This is a very different show for me as it is a more mature and probably meant for adults. Since I am going to be really bad at describing the show I am just going t insert the summary off Google, "In need of an associate, big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer Harvey Specter hires the only guy who impresses him -- college dropout Mike Ross. The fact that Ross isn't actually a lawyer isn't lost on Specter, who believes his new right-hand man is a legal prodigy with the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to keep their jobs, the charade must remain strictly between these two unconventional thinkers." I would really recommend the show if you are looking for a good show to binge watch.

How could I not mention Riverdale? I am a little late on the hype but it is a good show. Not going to lie, it is not my favourite but it is something I look forward to weekly. It is basically about a little town and it focuses on the teenage lives and some of the adult lives in the town after a tragic murder of one of the teenage boys. There are multiple plots to the show but the main one is who killed Jason Blossom? and I cannot wait to find out who it is. If you have not already watched the show, I highly suggest you do and if you do watch it, let me know some of you theories in the comments.
Heatwave - Calvin Harris
A song favourite this month has to be Heatwave. I have said that it is by Calvin Harris but it is actually a huge collaboration (so I couldn't be bothered mentioning everyone) but I am obsessed with this song at the moment. It is so different to anything I have heard before because there are so many different voices involved. Definitely a song you need to hear and one that I think is going to be huge this summer.

 Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream
This body butter is insane! I am not even joking, the smell is so amazing I am just obsessed. The scent is not going to be loved by all, it is very citrus and strong but I love it. Even though the scent is amazing, the formula is just as good. I use this of an evening and apply it to my legs and arms so when I wake up my skin is super soft. This does an amazing job at moisturizing and I would highly recommend.
 Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara
I feel as though I have not stopped talking about this mascara, but I am just so in love with it. This mascara gives me length and volume as well as mainting it throughout the day, which tends to be the hardest thing to find in a mascara. Mac don't really seem to be known for their mascaras, but I would definitely recommend this one. The wand is definiely similar to other on the highstreet as it is that basic, plastic wand but the formula is so black and opaque, it makes it better then all of the others.

Freedom Duo Brow Powder in Soft Brown
I have had this product for a while and I always mention it in makeup looks but I have not yet mentioned it in a favourites. This is just a super simple duo brow powder but it is so underrated. I am pretty sure it costs around £3 and it is amazing. The pigment is great, they are super easy to apply and the colour matches my brows really well. I have been using this a lot over my pomade because it gives a much softer finish which I find more appropriate for a day to day basis. If you are in need of a good brow product then definitely give this one a go.

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit
I have been using this contour kit so much recently that I just needed to mention it. Realistically, this is not one of my favourite bronzers/ contouring products but because I have been so pale recently, everything has been looking orange on me so I started to use this. I don't use the matte highlight shade because it is really powdery but I mix the two bronzing and contouring shades and apply it like a bronzer, and it just looks super natural and beautiful. Both powders are super pigmented, blendable and with a super fluffy brush, they apply lovely to the skin.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
I have been so super lazy with skincare recently that it is just embarrassing but one product that has really stood out to me this month is this cleanser. I tried the cleanse and polish about this time last year but I just never got around to repurchasing it and I forgot how good it was. I love this cleanser because it is so creamy and it doesn't dry out your skin. It is also really good at removing makeup so I use this day and night just to clean and refresh my skin. I would also really recommend this scent but I do think that it was limited edition so I apologize if you can't get your hands on it.

Topshop Camouflage Shacket 
Sadly I didn't have the time to get a full shot of this so I will link it here if you are interested in seeing it. I have just been wearing it a lot recently, but I feel like there is currently an opinion going round that camouflage is cheap looking or "chavy", but I am trying to break that boundary. I have been wearing this a lot with just a super plain outfit and it really just adds something to the outfit. It is also called a Shacket, so it is perfect for this awkward weather.

What have you been loving recently?
Grace xx