Sunday, 14 May 2017

What Clears My Mind

At the moment, my mental state has been a bit all over the place, it isn't something I want to go into too much detail about but I have found several things that really help me to just clear my mind and make me forget about everything I am thinking. Let me know what clears your mind and whether you agree with any of the things that I am choosing to mention.

I would like to consider myself as quite a creative person and ever since I was little, I have always been a doodler. When I was little I use to draw anything and everything and I guess I still do. Since taking a GCSE in art, it has became a little more stressful and forced but when I am doing my own study, in my own time, it is so relaxing and it takes to a whole new place. I feel like I am both calm and focused when I am drawing which is a weird combination but I forget about everything when I am drawing and it definitely is an escape route for me. My personal preference is pencil and paper but even painting or colouring works for me too, and I find my work looks its best this way.
Only recently have I started to notice how much music means to me and how often I listen to it. I do everything to music, make breakfast, walk my dogs, revise, clean my room, I am also listening to music while writing this blog post. Music means a lot to me, probably more than it should, and I rely on it a lot. Whenever I feel stressed or angry or any other extreme emotion, I will just put my headphones in and blast some music at its highest volume and just listen to it. It keeps me focused and while I am listening to the music, I don't think of anything else but the lyrics. You could say it is not healthy listening to my music on it's highest volume but ask any of my friends, 99.9% of the time, my volume is on full and that is only because it drowns out anything else going on around me or inside my head.

This is mainly when I am angry, but I find that when I am furious, the number one thing that I know will calm me down is to run. You might think this sounds daft but it is just like running away from your problems only it's physically and even though they do follow they then disintegrate into nothing. I am definitely not a long distance runner but when I sprint, it just makes everything else around me stop. It is also a physical thing I guess, because when you are angry, you tend to have a lot of adrenaline rushing through your body, or at least I do, and once I have ran my body becomes tired and all of that adrenaline has gone into my speed and disappeared just like my anger. Recently I have also found that by doing a 30 minute workout or a long dog walk, my head is a lot clearer and that feeling could usually last the whole day.

Of course I had to mention blogging, it is my main escape from my daily life. My blog is mainly about beauty, (I say that writing a post about mental health) but talking about beauty will take my mind off everything else. When I want to distract myself from certain thoughts or feelings, I can just turn on my computer and start typing up a review or tutorial and it just makes everything go away. I think blogging also reminds me of what is important and it keeps me grounded as well as making my head clearer.
I say this all of the time, but I never read enough. When I do read though, it acts as a distraction and helps me to focus on something other than my thoughts. I don't have a particular genre that I like to read but with whatever book I am reading, I like to put myself in the character's situation and I find that it just takes me away from my life and into someone elses for that half an hour and once I have stopped reading, most of my distractions are gone and I can then think straight.

Do you use any of these?

Grace xx

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