Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Empties #1

I feel like it has been forever since I have done an empties post. Please let me know whether you like this sort of blog post and I will be sure to do more. These products have been collected over the past few months so there is a good range of beauty products to share.
Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life
This body scrub is so amazing, this is only a mini but I find that I only scrub my body fully once or twice a week so it has taken me a while to run out of it. The scrub is quite intense but the scent is quite soft and pleasant. I love this scrub and it is probably my all time favourite so I will continue to repurchase it, but I have quite a few back ups of it at the moment so I won't be getting a new one anytime soon.

Soft and Gentle Anti-Perspirant
This is probably so boring but I thought I should mention it anyway because everyone uses deodorant. I am not too picky with deodorant, I sort of use whatever I have in the house, but this one is nice and smells amazing. I am not very likely to repurchase this right away but it was definitely nice to use.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Milk
This formula is so lovely, once again it is a mini but I will definitely end up repurchasing it. It is very different to any other moisturizer from The Body Shop is it is very thin and lightweight. Saying that it is very thick and moisturizing. The scent is not great so I hope that they do other ones, this scent is just a little too floral for my liking, but I will definitely get round to buying this formula again.

The Body Shop British Rose Body Butter
You may or may not remember but I got this in my Body Shop Advent Calendar last year and I have finally ran out of it. The Body Shop Body Butters are some of my favourites of all time and this was not exception. The Body Shop so a few different formulas in their body butters and this one is more on the lighter side, which I don't actually mind. The scent is a very floral, rose scent which is not my favourite but it was pleasant on the skin. I will always be repurchasing these body butters but I am not sure whether it will be in this scent, just because I prefer the more fruity ones.

I Love... Lemon Sorbet Whipped Sugar Scrub
I have already mentioned this in a favourites I am pretty sure (linked here), but sadly I have ran out of it now. The best part about this scrub is the scent, is is a super sweet and citrus scent, not one for if you like something soft but I am so obsessed which this scent. The scrub itself is barely a scrub, it barely has any exfoliating bits in it so I always used it with some exfoliating gloves but the scent made it for me. I am not likely to repurchase this again but I hope they do other products in this scent, like maybe a shower gel because it is the scent that I am in love with and would recommend.
One Direction Our Moment Perfume
I honestly bought this back when I was about 11 years old so when I found it back in my collection, I just wanted to use it up. Finally I have ran out of this, as I find it so hard to finish perfumes but I actually quite liked using this. It is not my favourite scent but it was nice for day to day. I would describe the scent as a light, floral, sweet scent but I don't think I will repurchase it, just because I have other perfumes that I prefer.

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and Conditioner
Herbal Essences do some of my favourite shampoos and conditioners, but these were the first things I tried from their brand but they made a great impression because I still use their products most days. This duo made my hair feel and look so great, plus is smells so good. There is a good chance that I will repurchase this duo again but I am currently trying out a few of their other scents and ingredients.

Primark Face Wipes
I love love love these wipes, they are so handy and useful on my dressing table. Don't worry, I don't use these to remove my makeup but being a blogger, I use them to clean off swatches or dirty packaging and they just do the job. I go through these wipes like water and I am constantly repurchasing them because you get two packets for £1 which is just incredible.

Nivea Micellar Water
Just like the wipes, I always have micellar water on the go whether it is just to clean my face or to clean up eye shadow or something. Micellar water is so useful but I find that every brand does a similar thing so I am not too picky. There have been some micellar waters that I just don't get along with but for the part I just tend to switch between this one and the Garnier one. I will end up repurchasing this again but I am currently using the Garnier one, but both are great and do exactly what I need from them.
Freedom Pro Studio Fixing Spray
I feel like this spray has lasted me years but it has been so handy to have. This spray does a little bit of everything, I use it a little bit like Mac Fix+ . It is great for setting or prepping your makeup while you can dampen your brushes to make it more pigmented. I also use this like a facial spray just to cool me down if I got too hot. I would definitely recommend this spray but I probably won't repurchase it anytime soon.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
I feel like this has been empty for ever, but it was such a good concealer. It is definitely a favourite from the drugstore but I am still yet to repurchase it again. This was actually my second tube of this, but I have just found others I prefer at the moment. This concealer was great coverage though and was really beautiful under the eyes to highlight with. I just wish that they had a lighter shade in this as the lightest shade is still a little dark for me, when I am pale.

Maybelline Brow Drama
I have had a love hate relationship with this brown gel. The colour was good but the applicator was just too excessive and sometimes it made my brows so crunchy, which I couldn't stand the feeling off. Saying that, I did really like this brow gel, it didn't let me brows move throughout the day and the formula of the gel was really nice. I am not sure whether I would repurchase this just because there are others I want to try.

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara
Sadly this mascara, I think is discontinued but it was a good mascara. It was not a favourite but since I got it in brown, it was lovely for just day to day for a super natural look. I actually really loved the packaging of this but the product inside was just as lovely. The wand did sometimes make my lashes look a little clumpy but it was nothing I couldn't solve. I am not too sad that they discontinued this mascara as I probably wouldn't repurchase it anyway but I did enjoy using it.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I really love this mascara and I have the unpopular opinion of thinking that it is better than Roller Lash. You have seen this mascara a few times on my blog so I won't go on too much but it is beautiful for length and volume, plus the product is super black too, which I like. I probably would repurchase this again at some point but not soon.

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Rose and Shine
I have had this for about 18 months and I just love it. If you like the super tingly sensation of a lip plumper, you will adore this. The shade is a super pale pink but I just love the formula. It didn't take me long to go through this, as it is only a mini but I already have another mini which I am sure I will love just as much.

Do you like these empties posts?
Grace xx


  1. I just ran out of my body scrub, I'll have to check out the Soap and Glory one! The Wake Me Up concealer was one of my favorites as well. It looks like you finished a lot! :)

    Beauty From Katie

    1. Yeah, I was shocked, I don't usually finish concealers!xx

  2. I love the Nivea micellar water but I definitely do prefer the Garnier one!
    Kathy x

  3. I love micellar water so I will check this one out I also use the Garnier one as well :)

    Sheer Beauty Blog

    1. I just prefer the Garnier one as I find it lasts longer and cleans my face more efficiently!xx

  4. Wonderful post, love it!
    Could you click the links in this post? Maybe follow for follow, too? :)

  5. I love reading empties posts! The Freedom Fixing Spray sounds interesting and it looks massive.. I found the Maybelline Brow Drama made my eyebrows crunchy too


    1. I don't know whether that is a good thing or not though because it keeps them in place but feels disgusting!xx