Friday, 18 August 2017

My Must Have Fitness Equipment - Working Out at Home and in the Gym

Since I have started working out almost daily for the past two to three months, I thought that it was about time I do another fitness post.  Also looking at my current content, I realised that it was all makeup based and I just wanted to switch it up with this little extra post for the week. If you do have any other fitness posts you want to request, then be sure to comment then because I definitely want to do some more in the future. 
Basically, this post is me sharing with you some of my favourite fitness accessories whether it is for the gym or for at home workouts. Obviously, don't feel like you need all of these to be able to get a good workout, because you definitely don't. Saying that, if you are getting into fitness, then this is what I recommend.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Summer Glam Makeup - All Cruelty Free!

Currently, I have a lot of new makeup to try and test but I have also been trying to experiment more with cruelty free makeup and so I wanted to do a whole post including products that are only cruelty free. Obviously, if you are not into cruelty free makeup then do you, but I just wanted to show that you can do a full face of makeup with products not tested on animal, and you never know, you might discover that one of your favourite products are cruelty free.
Since this is quite a glam look, I am going to start with my eyebrows first just to really shape the face before starting anything else. To do this I am using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe, which is super easy to use and beautiful to apply. Just to make sure that it doesn't budge, I am going to use the Collection Clear Brow Gel, just to set everything into place.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A Little Haul, Primark and H&M

It feels like forever since I did a haul on my blog so I thought that I would just do a little one today. This is just a little bit of everything and it is from both Primark and H&M so I hope this gives you a little insider to what is available at the moment.
 Since I went to Primark first, I am just going to start with that. Currently, I am switching my room up a little bit and so I just wanted a few new little things to add some finishing touches into my room. My room has not plants or flowers in it whatsoever and so I wanted to pick up a little fake plant, because I should not be trusted with living things, just to see whether I like the look and I do. I chose this little green plant (I am so good with names!) but I loved that it came in a little copper pot. Copper is super trendy at the moment and since I my room is white, grey and a light wood, I wanted to incorporate some mixed metals subtly into my room. This was £3 and I will definitely go back and get some more because I think that they look super cute on my shelves and even in the background of my photos, just to add a little colour.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

What's In My Custom Summer Eye Shadow Palette! With Swatches!

At the moment, I have really been trying to grow my single eye shadow collection, especially when they can go into my magnetic palette. Now I have a whole palette full and more, I wanted to share with you the colour selection I have chosen for summer.
I don't want to ramble too much, I sort of want the pictures to do the talking but in terms of the colour scheme I went for. I wanted it to be wearable but still super summery so I have lots of neutrals but then nearing to the bottom of the palette, I have thrown in some pinks, peaches and some reds which I think are super trendy at the moment. If I do say so myself, I think this palette is wearable, especially since I love my warm colours and I am really happy with my selection.
This post might be a little short but I did just want to share with you my little custom palette, the links to all of the eye shadows will be below and the same for the magnetic palette I use. There are also swatches further down just covering each individual colour, the brand, finish and the colour.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Jeffree Star Summer Chrome Collection Reviewed!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a brand I am always keeping up with because, from what I have tried, the products are great and I definitely did want to expand my collection so when I saw his new summer chrome collection, I knew I had to try some. Thanks to my fab parents for buying me these as part of my birthday present and today I will be reviewing them because currently you can still buy them and they are in stock. I got products I knew I would wear but I have got three completely different products and formulas to share with you today so I hope you enjoy.
I will be reviewing each product individually but I am just going to talk a little bit about the collection as a whole. This collection is summer exclusive and as you can see, all of the packaging is in this sort of rose tinted, metallic packaging with hot pink writing which I love, it is super cool and a great change from his traditional packaging. In this collection there were 2 Skin Frosts, 3 Lip Scrubs, 5 Lip Ammunitions and 8 Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I managed to get a Skin Frost, a Lip Ammunition and A Velour Liquid Lipstick. If you live in the UK like myself, you can get these from Beauty Bay and the links where I bought them from are at the end of this post as always.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Colourpop, My Thoughts

Colourpop, a brand us UK people struggle getting their hands on but a brand we are all still so desperate to try. I was super lucky to receive all of this as part of my birthday present from the parents this year so I thought I would share with you my thoughts on all of the products.
My mum did tell me that she got charge £20 customs for letting this parcel come into the country so I am super grateful that she did this for me. Loads of other bloggers have gone into great detail covering shipping and postage etc. so it that is what you are looking then this is not really the post for you. To say everything simply, free international shipping ($50 and over), took around three weeks to come and obviously the £20 custom fee. Anyway I have a lot to be reviewing so I am just going to start.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Just A Bunch Of First Impressions! ft. Urban Decay, Ofra and More

I have came to the conclusion that I have way too many products to review for you guys and so little time to get my final thoughts on them for you. To solve such a dilemma, I have decided to just share a bunch of mini reviews for six products in this one post! I hope you don't mind this and if you want a more in depth review of any of these products then do let me know, but I was just so overwhelmed with products to try that I couldn't really try them all out. This post is going to just cover my first impressions of all of these products but don't worry, I have still included swatches and links so do let me know whether you like this style of post and I will do it more often.
I have been wanting to try this primer for a while now so I am super happy that I have finally tried it. For packaging, keeping it simple, I really love it. It is super sleek and compact, I also love how it is very thin and long. I like that you can see the product so you know just how much you have left. The lid is secure and the weight is just nice, it looks luxurious with the reflective detailing and is is just a very beautiful product. This product does have a pump but to be honest, I am not that impressed by it. It is super sturdy and good quality but it doesn't dispense that much product so I find myself using at least two pumps so I just wish that the pumps could disperse more product.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Liebster Award 2017

I actually did this post almost two years ago on my blog and so I really wanted to do it again and thankfully the lovely Erin from Everything Erin and Elzita tagged me to do it. As always, all of Elzita's and Erin's links will be down below with my last Liebster Award also, which is so super weird for me to look back at but it is also amazing how far I have come. Anyways, if you are unaware of what this tag or award is then just keep on reading.
The Rules
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Thursday, 3 August 2017

MUA 15 Shade Fire Vixen Eye Shadow Palette Review!

I shared a photo of this palette on my Instagram (@Gracexkate) and you all wanted to see a review so I hope you enjoy. This is the MUA 15 Shade Palette in Fire Vixen and I think that this is pretty new so I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you today.
MUA recently released a few of these 15 shade palettes, six to be exact and I picked up one after seeing the incredible shade range. These retail for a shocking £5, which is pretty unbelievable and I got one in the shade Fire Vixen. You all know what I go for in eye shadow, warm pinks and browns so this palette was basically scream my name. As always, I have linked where I bought this from but you can get these from either Superdrug or Tam Beauty.
Starting with packaging, it is super simple just with a clear lid with the branding and shades/ information on the back. The shades are arranged in three rows of five and the pan size is fairly big. The palette is super slim and compact, obviously a mirror would be nice, but I don't think that it is essential in an eye shadow palette.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July Favourites!

We all know the drill, it's the end of another month, how fast? yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. Anyways, I know you all love reading these favourites posts so here is another. July was definitely a good month for me, I turned 15, I am now going into my final year of high school and I have discovered lots of things to share with you today.

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Candy Glow
I don't actually think that I have mentioned this in a favourites post yet but it is definitely an all time favourite. I particularly like this blush for the warmer months because it gives my skin such a natural glow and luminosity to it. The colour is also super beautiful, with the three different strips of colour you have the ability to create a custom colour but I just tend to mix them and I get a gorgeous peachy glow on the cheeks. I have definitely found myself reaching for this a lot more this month and to say the least I have been loving it.