Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July Favourites!

We all know the drill, it's the end of another month, how fast? yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. Anyways, I know you all love reading these favourites posts so here is another. July was definitely a good month for me, I turned 15, I am now going into my final year of high school and I have discovered lots of things to share with you today.

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Candy Glow
I don't actually think that I have mentioned this in a favourites post yet but it is definitely an all time favourite. I particularly like this blush for the warmer months because it gives my skin such a natural glow and luminosity to it. The colour is also super beautiful, with the three different strips of colour you have the ability to create a custom colour but I just tend to mix them and I get a gorgeous peachy glow on the cheeks. I have definitely found myself reaching for this a lot more this month and to say the least I have been loving it.
Freedom Pro Refill Sets
These refills were released at the start of the month I am pretty sure, and you know me, I tried them and reviewed them so that will be linked below, but I have been using these loads this month. Both the eye shadows and highlighters have been favourites but I have used the highlighters more. Some shades that have stood out to me are the highlighters in Queen and Bad Habit, and the eye shadows in Sweet Life and Bad Behaviour. I would definitely recommend these and I have been playing around with them a lot this month but I am sue that I will continue to do so.

Collection Lip Colour Spf 15 in Fudge Delight
The next makeup product is a lip product I cannot say enough good things about, from everything about the formula to even the packaging, I love it all. I have been wearing this lipstick loads because it is so easy to wear, the colour goes with every look and it is just such a staple lip product. The formula is super easy to work with and I just love this product. I am definitely looking to get some more shades in this but the shade I have, Fudge Delight is a dream.

Gym Shark Dry Sculpture Leggings in Black
As I am writing this, I don't have a picture of these to show you so hopefully you can now see them, if not, there is a good chance that they will be on my Instagram soon. Anyways, these leggings are a total game change for me and my workout routine. Everything about these leggings I love, the fit is perfect, tight so that they don't fall down but not too tight that I feel like I am suffocating. They have pockets, I repeat POCKETS, a legging game changer that I am so obsessed with. Having pockets in your leggings makes them so useful so you don't have to hold your phone, keys or card, basically anything. I have been wearing these loads throughout the month as I was kindly gifted them for my birthday. These are great to lounge around in but I love them for the gym as they give me a real confidence as they really flatter my figure. I also have these in black which are just so easy to style so I would definitely suggest this colour but I am pretty sure that they have a few more vibrant shades.
Resistance Band
Another gym/ fitness related product that I just keep forgetting to mention are resistance bands. I sort of want to do a blog post all about my little fitness gadgets so let me know if you want to see that, but a resistance band is basically a super stretchy band that you can put on your legs or arms that will just increase the difficulty of your exercises. I love these for leg days especially as they really test my ability and I find them more improving then just weights so I tend to do some weighted exercises and then some RB exercises and they both just help loads and improve the effectiveness of my workout. If you are looking to improve your workouts, especially your leg days then I would definitely recommend one of these bands.

Tropic Mini Tamanu Balm
This is a little skincare product I have been reaching for loads this month. The concept of this balm is that it is just a multipurpose product perfect for damaged or dry skin. I have been using this on my spots and scaring, I have not seen huge difference, but I am not irritated by them and I do think some of the scaring has faded. This is not a product I use daily but it is something I use a few times a week and I just love what it does. It has similar uses to coconut oil or the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, just those multi purpose products that you can use on your skin. Sadly the one thing I don't like about this is the smell, I find it bearable but it is a funny stink. What I think makes this whole brand great is that they all have organic ingredients, all natural and obviously cruelty free and I think they are reasons that my skin really love these, so if you are sensitive to skincare then definitely check out this brand.
Dyson Hairdryer
The next product is a bit luxury but I just wanted to give it a little mention. My parents actually treated me to this for my birthday and I have been loving it. I love this hairdryer so much because it is so powerful and it dries my hair so much faster than any other hairdryer I have used before. Another plus to this, is that it doesn't actually get too hot which I think my hair has been enjoying. I know this product is super overpriced and maybe pointless but I have really loved using it this month.

Baby Driver Film and Soundtrack
This film got me, my god, it is incredible. My and Penny (BFF) went to go and see this film halfway through the month and we were amazed by the whole thing. From the plot to the cast, everything about it was so unique, well put together and the turnout was just perfect. This film was like nothing I have ever seen before but I think that it would appeal to everyone. Obviously the main character is the beautiful Ansel Elgort, is a dream but he nailed the part and the whole cast including Lily James and Jamie Foxx also made the film what it is. I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to watch it, definitely the best film that has came out in a long time.
This film does incorporate a lot of music and so they actually have their own soundtrack, which, since I have seen the film, I have been listening to this none stop. The music is so different but it is still a little current but just a great variety and if you have seen then film, it will just take you back to all of those incredible moment.
Pride Playlist on Spotify
Another music thing I have loving is the Pride Playlist on Spotify. I am not usually one for Spotify's playlists but this one just got me, there are so many tunes and goodens that you just can't help but smile and sing along to when you hear them. I have even got my mum obsessed with this and I have been recommending this to everyone, it is definitely one to get you in a good mood!

What have you been loving this month?
Grace xx

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  1. These are some great favourites! Thanks for sharing them

  2. I enjoyed baby driver too! At first I wasn't too sure, but I began to understand the whole soundtrack and action kinda thing, and then it made more sense! These are some good favourites!