Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Perfect for that time of the month...*BettyBox

I think we all know what I am talking about "that time of the month", yep you guessed it, periods. Now we all go through it so I don't see the point in beating around the bush. Once a month, us ladies have a period, it is a sign of health but with that comes being in pain, being uncomfortable and not even mentioning the crazy food cravings.
The kind people over at bettybox got into contact with me and asked if they could send over one of their subscription services and review it to my audience. Just putting it out there that I was sent this for free but that is not going to influence my opinion on the company or their products, I was super happy that this brand got into contact with me and it was something that I genuinely wanted to share with my viewers as I love the idea.
Bettybox is a monthly subscription aiming to make our time of the month that little bit more bearable. If you have heard of Pink Parcel, well, Bettybox is the "teen version". Other details include your first box being priced at £6.99 and afterwards they are £10.50. You can cancel your subscription at any time, whether that is after one or twelve months.
What does it include?
You are able to choose sanitary products of your choice, whether that's tampons, pads or a mixture of the two. They also have a range of brands which will be put in the boxes too.
The subscription contains everything you might need for the entire month, but it also features a "for you" box which contains treats that could include beauty products, jewellery and tea.
How it works?
During each month, there are three delivery days which you can choose from (10th, 20th,28th) and so when you order your box, you can put in the date which falls closest to your period.
Now that all of the information is out of the way, I am just going to get into the subscription I received and just review for you all.
When I opened the box, this is exactly what it looked like. As you can see, underneath the lid just shows the Betty.Me social medias and inside the box, you get three boxes and a little drawstring bag too.When I received the box, every was super secure and nothing came damaged.
Inside you also get a little booklet just talking a little bit about the brand and the treats you get inside, which I wont spoil just yet.
On the right hand side of the box, you get two little boxes, one saying "for later" and the other saying "for night". These obviously contain the sanitary items you chose, I chose to get a mixture of tampons and pads just because that is my personal preference. I find these boxes to be super handy because I like to take them travelling with me, just so that everything is a little more discrete and all in one place.
In the "for later" box, I got a mixture of pads and tampons, then in the "for night" box I got some more pads, obviously thicker ones for overnight. I was super impressed with this, as the amount of sanitary items you get is way more than enough. They are super generous with the amount you get and I can definitely see this lasting me more than a month, but it is always a must to make sure that you have more than enough.
Moving onto the little drawstring bag, this is classed as the "for now" part and inside I got some more pads but these ones are a lot thinner and smaller which you would use when you were just about to come on your period or when you were coming off your period. Once again, they are super generous with the amount you get and I love how it comes in a drawstring bag like this because you can just refill it and pop it in your handbag, keeping all of your sanitary items inside.
The final part of the subscription box is the "for you" box on the left hand side containing all of your treats. Inside the box everything was really nicely displayed and you get quite a few products so I am just going to list them all now as I haven't actually gotten round to using them. Saying that, do let me know if you want to see reviews of any of the things I mention.
- Candy Kittens in Sour Blueberry (16g) - 24p
- Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash (40ml) - £5.12
- L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish - £4.99
- Hairon Zero Crease Hair Ties - £3.99
- Anatomicals That's When I Fell For The Leader Of The Hair Pack - £1.99
- Lisa Angel Shade Bracelet - £12.00
- Korres Bergamot And Pear Body Milk (40ml) - £3.00
- Scrub Love Coconut Affair Coffee Scrub (50g) - £3.50
With the help of the booklet inside this box, I managed to find out how much these deluxe samples cost and you can see, you get a lot for your money. I love the wide variety you get in this. Definitely, at first my favourite item was the bracelet and I wore it for a whole day straight, but sadly it actually broke, but I do not put that down to the people at Betty Box as it was a fault of the Lisa Angel company, but never the less, it was a cute piece. All of the other products, I am still yet to try but I am super excited to, and as you can tell by the amount of product you get, you get a fair amount, definitely enough to get a good feel for the product.
Overall, my genuine response to this is that it is an incredible idea. I love everything about this brand, from the packaging, to the products to the amount of product you get, everything about it is just so well put together and amazing. That doesn't even mention how affordable it is. I know people hate talking about periods but I definitely think that this is a great idea, whether it is a one time thing to just treat yourself or whether it is a monthly service you use to save you going to the shops to buy your sanitary items. I would definitely recommend this because I definitely think that it is worth the money and I think that it is going to make your period a hell of a lot more bearable.
Once again, thank you to the people over at Betty Me for sending this out.

Would you want me to write more period posts like this?
Grace xx

Links Mentioned:
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  1. The Betty Box is so cute! I love how they cater to your preferences and you get small pick me ups for the month xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  2. this is such a cute idea and i've never heard anything like it before! x


    1. I think it will really catch on as it is a great concept!xx