Thursday, 26 October 2017

Clothing Haul - PLT, Gym Shark and Missguided

It's no lie, I have a shopping problem, I mean, I try to stop but at the same time, you live in the moment don't you? Anyway, since I know you all like my try on clothing hauls (at least I think you do) so I thought I would do another. I will also point out, that you are probably going to get another clothing haul pretty soon because I may or may not have bought some more things. I am just going to stop coming up with excuses and just get started. 
Starting with GymShark, which in case you don't know, is a unisex workout clothing company that is so amazing. You will have probably seem them a lot on Instagram but a while back, they released new colours of their Flex Leggings, which for me is their key piece and what I think they are know for. I love all of the colours that they had to offer, but in the end I chose the burgundy because I thought it was perfect for the upcoming season. Since this was my first pair of flex leggings, I wanted to just get one pair so I could see what they are like and now I want them in every colour because they are so amazing. I love the fit, they are so figure hugging, they suck everything in, they are high waisted which I love. I also love how they are seamless because I just think it is more flattering and my favourite thing about them is probably the fabric contouring it features. I love how the style just accentuates the legs and for all my girls, the booty looks incredible in these leggings. Definitely a great purchase, and I know I am going to be wearing these loads.
The other thing I got from GymShark was again, one of their new releases but this is the Flex Crop Top. I don't own anything like this in my workout gear collection so I wanted to give it a go. It is similar to the leggings because they are both seamless and feature that flattering contour along them but I got this one in black just because I thought that is was the most flattering and versatile. I wasn't really sure if I was going to like this but I actually do, especially with a pair of high waisted leggings. It does have quite a tight fit but sometimes I find that to be quite nice, especially in the gym, because then we know that everything is going to stay in. Anyway, since it is cropped, I am probably going to have to get a little more confidence to wear this out and about in the gym but it is definitely giving me motivation to what I want to change about myself, which isn't such a bad things. I also think that now it is starting to get colder, this would be great for layering with a jumper on top just for some extra insulation. 
A few pieces from Missguided that I picked, all of them are pretty boring but are worth a mention. If you saw my last try on clothing haul (linked here), you would have seen that I bought the grey version of this top, and I was telling you all how much I loved it, well, I bought it in two other colours. In case you haven't seen that post, these are the Petite Roll Sleeve Crop Tops that MissGuided sell. They are £5 each and come in a few different colours but the only two that I didn't have already that were in my size was the white and the burgundy, so I bought them both. I love these tops so much. The fit is just so perfect and flattering, the crop is the perfect length, the sleeves are the perfect length, the material is really nice and they are so super easy to style. They are all year round staples for me, to pair with everything and anything. One thing I will say though, is the the burgundy isn't very reddish which is what the photo looked like, as you can see by my photo, it has much more of a purple tone to it which I don't like as much, but never the less, I am still going to wear it.
Finally from MissGuided, was another one of their Stretch Denim Skirts. Again in the last try on clothing haul I did, I bought the red version of this and I really loved the fit and shape of it, so I had to get another one. I got this dark acid wash colour because I thought it would look great with tights and boots for the season, but it would still be great for all year round. I love these skirts because they are stretchy which just makes them so flatter and they just look great. A bit like those crop tops, I want this in every colour they offer, but we are going slowly. I just find denim skirts to be so versatile and a great all round piece, they also get me out of my jeans so another positive.
From Pretty Little Thing, I got this Slinky Bandeau. What drew me to this was the colour, they call it Spice on the website which I think is the perfect name for it, it is a beautiful burnt orange shade which I just think is going to look so good come the colder days. Even though it is strapless and a very lightweight piece, I think, layered with a skirt and coat, with a skirt, like in the photo, with tights and boots, it would make such a cute winter outfit. Again, this will look just as good in summer with some white shorts and sandals, I just really loved the colour of this top. In terms of the fit and shape of it, I love how it is lightweight and stretchy because it really hugs the body but weirdly, I found that the bottom of it was actually uneven and one bit was lower than the other. I did manage to fix it, but I thought that I should point it out.

What is your favourite piece out of this haul?
Grace xx

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  1. The Gymshark leggings look so comfy! And in such a unique colour too.
    Amber x

  2. PLT are my favourite, they're clothes are so affordable! I've never looked at Gymshark's stuff before, but I've heard great things about them. I love the skirt!x

    1. Thanks, I love how affordable PLT is and their quality is great!xx