Monday, 2 April 2018

Currently Loving - My Five Top Beauty Picks

Currently, I have been rediscovering some old beauty favourites of mine and since I have decided not to do favourites posts this year, I thought I could put a few of them into a currently loving post. I do want to do more like this in the future but maybe not all of them having beauty theme, we'll see how it goes. For today though, I have chosen a few makeup products, that I wanted to share with you.
This is actually not a rediscovery but it is a new beauty purchase. I have been recommended the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Mist a lot and I finally got round to picking up about a month ago and since then, I have been using this constantly. I love face mists like this because you can use them in your skincare routine to add a little hydration, or use them as a prepping spray before your makeup or even use it as a setting spray for your makeup if you want a dewy finish. At the moment, I have been using it a lot to set my makeup with as it is now coming into spring and I do like a really dewy finish. This spray is great because it is not super greasy and the spray itself distributes the product really nice also. This is going to be with me all throughout the warmer seasons (if it ever gets warm in England) as it is super refreshing. It is also really affordable and cruelty-free so you just can't go wrong, and in general, I love Superdrug's Vitamin E range, it is amazing for the price point.
I have rediscovered the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, and I have fallen in love with it all over again. I say this everytime, but it is not in my perfect shade, never the less, I love the undertone of this because it cancels out the darkness underneath my eyes. I do team this with a thicker, lighter concealer, but this helps to thin it would and also keep my under eyes hydrated. Recently, I have also found that this shade, in particular, is great for spot concealing for me as well, and since the coverage is great, I can spot conceal perfectly with this. I love to blend this out with a sponge and I find that I get enough coverage and no creasing. This is a bit pricey for a concealer but I do think that if you have dry skin that is prone to creasing, then this is a great concealer.
At the moment, I have really been loving eyeliner and while I have been experimenting around with a few colourful ones, my current favourite has been the Lottie London AM to PM Kohl Liner in Smoke. This is actually a dark grey liner, which I didn't think I was going to enjoy but actually, I love the way it looks. When you swatch it, you can obviously tell that it is grey and not black but on the eyes, you can't really tell the difference, which I don't mind at all. What I love most about this liner is how easy it is to apply, it is so creamy and it is as if it just melts as soon as you apply any pressure. This liner looks lovely on the upper lash liner smudged out, or on the waterline, either or, both ways last a long time and you get maximum pigment. I definitely want a few more shades of this.
As for highlighter, I have really been leaning towards a more golden tone because I am a little bit tanned at the moment and so recently, I have been using my TheBalm Mary Loo Manizer Highlighter again. I forgot how much I love this highlighter, it just makes your skin look so gorgeous and the shade is perfect for my skin tone at the moment. This applies beautifully on the skin and it doesn't look super glittery on the skin. I have been applying this everywhere recently as I don't really care about my texture right now, I just want to glow, and this product makes me do that.
I have also been getting into glow at the moment when my hair is tied up of course but in particular the Bare Minerals Buttercream Gloss in Groovy. This is a beautiful nude pink shade, and it looks amazing with any lipstick underneath. I have recently been wearing this over any matte liquid lipstick that I just want to lighten up a little bit. This gloss is quite thick but it is so super glossy and wet looking which I love, you also get quite a bit of pigment which I like, just to lighten up the colour of my lipstick underneath a little. I also really love the long applicator as it is quite flexible and it distributes the product really evenly.

Let me know whether you liked this style of post and also let me know what you have been loving recently too in the beauty department!
Grace xx