Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Huge Holiday Clothing Haul - Try On

I love a good haul and I love holiday shopping so those are the two things that have caused this post to come about. Over the past few months, I have been collecting quite a few pieces of clothing in time for my holiday which I'm sure you know a lot about now as I am scheduling posts right now, in time for when I am away. Therefore this is another one of those posts, I will be away while you are reading this and so you probably are going to see a lot of these clothes in upcoming pictures but just to give you the heads up, I thought I'd do a try on haul of all of the pieces I have recently bought.
So the first place I have pieces from is Pretty Little Thing and the first item is the striped t-shirt dress. I love the colour of this dress as I think it is super fresh and summery but also, I don't own this colour in my wardrobe until now. T-shirt dresses are so great for summer as they are so comfortable and easy to wear. This one is definitely the perfect fit for me, it is not too long or too big but I will say that the material is quite thin which could be great however since the colour is light, it does make this dress slightly see through. I think that this would be great for a day out just with a pair of trainers, I also think that this could make a great cover up just to throw over a bikini.
Pretty Little Thing Pastel Blue Stripe Print Tshirt Dress - LINK
The next thing from Pretty Little Thing is another T-shirt dress except for the majority of this is mesh. Now, my intention with this T-shirt dress is to wear it a cover-up as I think it would help give me some coverage but it would still let my bikini peek through. I love that this dress has a deep v-neck as I think it looks super flattering as it now has a more oversized fit. This is definitely a piece I think I am going to wear a lot on holiday because of how light and versatile it will be to wear.
Pretty Little Things Black Airtex Mesh Tshirt Dress - LINK

The next two pieces I bought to wear together, the first one being a pair of cycling shorts. I have heard a lot about the cycling shorts from Pretty Little Thing and so I got their slinky ones in this charcoal grey colour but to be completely honest, I got another pair that I am going to show in another haul which I do actually prefer to these. To me, these shorts are a little to longline for me and so I think they make me look shorts but the main issue I have is that the material just isn't that comfortable or flattering. Honestly, I think that material makes these shorts not very good quality and so I just wish that they were cotton shorts. I do plan on cropping the shorts a little more though so hopefully I can make them work.
To go with the shorts, I got this grey New York slogan t-shirt, which I thought was super fitting as I am going to New York within this trip. I love the oversized fit to this t-shirt too and I think it looks great with the cycling shorts. This is definitely a basic piece but I know that I am going to wear it loads while I am away and when I'm back.
Grey Slinky High Waisted Cycle Shorts - LINK
Grey New York Slogan Oversized T-Shirt - LINK
I am not usually one to shop at River Island but when I was desperate to find a pair of denim shorts that fit me, River Island was my last resort and it was a success. I was definitely shocked that I found a pair of shorts that fit but I knew that I would have to share them with you. It turns out that I actually picked up two different styles the first one is more of a stretchy, figure-hugging short and I got it in plain black as I thought that it would be the most versatile. I love that these shorts are super high waisted and they fit perfectly. Another plus is that they are not too short so I don't feel totally naked when I wear them which is great. I am a firm believer in that denim shorts are not all that comfortable but I can get away with these and they don't bother me too much. On a daily basis, I think that these are going to be a staple and I know that I am going to wear these for so many more holidays to come.
River Island Black High Waisted Stretch Hot Pants - LINK
The second pair of shorts are a little more structured but they are definitely my favourite out of the two. They are not stretchy in the slightest but I still find that they fit really nicely, they also have more of a looser fit so there is more flexibility. I love the wash of these shorts as they are a nice medium blue but they are a little brighter so it makes them fun for summer. The distressed detailing, I also think, adds a lot to the shorts, especially the raw edges along the bottom. They are definitely a more casual short but I love that and I know that I will wear these loads. Also yes, just like the first short, they are not too short which is nice as I find I am a lot more comfortable in shorts that don't ride up my bum.
River Island Blue Ripped High Waisted Denim Shorts - LINK
Another pair of shorts that are more for layering and comfort are these gym shorts. While I am in Florida, my family and I do plan on going to a few theme parks and going on a few rollercoasters so I wanted some shorts that are more comfortable and flexible than denim shorts. I must say, these shorts are so comfortable and I think with an oversized t-shirt this would make a great casual outfit. These shorts would also be great as gym shorts as that is their usual purpose. I also think that the black is super flattering and the length is really great too. I would definitely recommend these shorts from Asos as they are really affordable too but the quality is amazing. 
Asos 4505 Training Booty Shorts - LINK
As of right now, I am only just realizing how many shorts I have bought but now that I can't do anything about it, I am going to continue talking about them. Another pair of shorts I bought were actually from Guess, which I had never shopped at before until this trip but turns out that there are so many nice things in there right now, one of which being these shorts. I have wanted a pair of gingham shorts like this for a while now but I never found the right pair, until these. For me, these shorts are great because they are stretchy so they really hug your figure and they are high waisted but I do wish that they were a little higher waisted as I wish they just went over my belly button. These shorts definitely fit my waist perfectly but I like how they are baggier around my legs as it makes them more comfortable to wear. Saying that though, I love how these shorts look when they are on and I think that they are a really versatile short as you can dress them up or down. The quality is also great and you can tell that they are a little more luxurious because of the way they feel.
Guess X Jennifer Lopez Check Motif Shorts - LINK
Next, I picked up quite a few things from Topshop which has definitely upped their game at the moment as I use to really struggle to find clothes that fit me nicely but I have been a little luckier recently. The first piece is this denim dress which I have been wearing to death recently. I love that this dress is so easy to wear and it is so comfortable. This dress fits me perfectly and I love how easy it is to get on because of the massive zip, which I also think adds a great detail to the dress. I think the wash of denim is really lovely and a dress like this looks so luxurious I think. This is definitely a super versatile dress and I know I will wear this loads on holiday. I also think that even in winter with a polo neck underneath and tights, this would look great. I think everyone needs a dress like this in their collection that is just so easy to throw on and wear. The quality of this dress I also have to mention, it is thick and heavy so you can feel how great quality this dress is, so it is definitely a steal.
Topshop Zip Denim Dress - LINK
Next up is probably my favourite purchase of the season which is this white denim mini skirt. This is just the perfect denim skirt for me, it fits my waist, the length is perfect and I love how comfortable it is to wear. Topshop has loads of these denim skirts in right now in loads of different colours and there are definitely a few more on my wishlist right now. What I love so much about this skirt is that the zip goes down far enough for me to get it on without wiggling and yanking it up which just makes life so much easier. I love how this skirt looks and I think it is going to be a huge staple in my wardrobe from now on. For Topshop too, I think it is also reasonably priced.
Topshop White Denim Mini Skirt - LINK
Next up is this basic Adidas t-shirt but it is in this peachy pink shade that I am obsessed with. I have always wanted a t-shirt in this style because of how simple it is and how many things it will go with. This is in a size medium so it is a little more oversized which I love as it makes the fit a little more comfortable and looks a little more casual. I also think that this colour is super summery and I don't have a piece like this in my collection. With this skirt, I think they also look great together.
Topshop Adidas California Tshirt - LINK
The next two pairs of shorts are super basic but I thought I'd still mention them. They are still from Topshop but they are their cotton runner shorts. I literally live in shorts like this as they are so comfortable and so easy to style. I got two pairs, one in grey and black just to keep them super versatile. These shorts are so super comfortable and easy to style, I also think that they are a great quality for such a reasonable price. On holiday, these shorts are a staple for me, I just throw them on over anything, they are perfect. I also love the white contrast detailing as it adds a sporty vibe to the shorts, the drawstring is also adjustable so you can really flatter your figure with these shorts.
Topshop Grey Neppy Runner Shorts - LINK
Topshop Black Sporty Solid Runner Shorts - LINK
Another piece from Topshop is another basic. This was a spare of the moment kind of purchase but I simply picked up three of their bandeaus. I got a black one, which is in the image above, a black and white striped one and a red one which are both in the picture below. I feel as though these are staples and I didn't own any bandeaus until these so I am glad I picked them up. These bandeaus are so comfortable and they are going to prevent me from getting crazy tan lines. I would definitely suggest picking these up as they are affordable, great quality and they come in loads of colours too.
Topshop Petite Simple Boobtube - LINK

The final place I purchased clothes from is a new site to me but I have been so curious to try it, so I bit the bullet and picked up a few things. I have seen a lot of people test Shein as a brand and since I wanted some new swimwear, I decided to give this company a go. The first one being this baby blue bikini. I love that it is a bandeau top as I can avoid the tanlines once again, and the bottoms are also high waisted which I love as I find them to be much more flattering. The material of this bikini is super thick and nice, I also love how it has a ribbed texture. I got both bikinis in a medium after looking at the size guide but this one is a little big. It does still fit so I am going to wear it but it is a little loose in place. As for the second bikini, it is in this red and white gingham print. The top has a tied front which I love as you can adjust it to how you like it, which makes it very comfortable and flattering, as for the bottoms, the are slightly high leg and are have more 'cheeky' coverage. However this bikini is a much smaller medium as I find it to be tight on the waist and also small coverage on the top also. Again, I can get away with wearing it and I will but just as size guided, they run small. 
Shein Knot Gingham Bikini Set - LINK
Shein Plain Bandeau Bikini Set - LINK

The final thing from Shein is this tie front crop top. I loved the print of this online and in person, it didn't dissapoint. The print is definitely different for me but I like how simple it looks. Once again, I like how you can adjust the coverage on this and I think with a cute bralette or bandeau underneath, this could look great. This fits me really nicely as once again it is in a medium, but it is extremely cropped so it you don't like you stomach on show then you might not like this. I love that it has short sleeves that are loose fitting as it makes this really comfortable to wear. I can definitely see myself wearing this top with some denim shorts on holiday. Like with all Shein products these were super affordable and so I would consider buying from them again.
Shein Knot Front Floral Print Crop Top - LINK
Next up are some more basics that I am so super impressed with and they are these plain bodysuits. I have never owned anything from Oh Polly before but I am super impressed with these so I might look into trying some more of their pieces. Basically, these are just some plain vest bodysuits but they are amazing quality. I love both the black and blue shade as they are super versatile and great colours. The blue shade is more unusual for me but I love that. They are double lined and they just suck you in, in the best way to flatter your figure. I love that the neckline is more of a square neck as I think it is super on trend at the moment, but I also love that this is a bodysuit as I find them to be super comfortable. One thing I will say though is that there are no poppers on the bottom so if you need the bathroom, you have to take the whole thing of which is a bit of a pain.
Oh Polly Black All Night Thong Double Layered Bodysuit - LINK
Oh Polly Blue All Night Thong Double Bodysuit - LINK
Hopefully, you liked this haul, let me know if there is a particular piece you like the look of. 
Grace xx