Sunday, 14 January 2018

Shimmery Green Eye Makeup - Chatty Tutorial

It was my mum's birthday a few days back and when I was getting ready to go out for a meal to celebrate, I felt really uninspired as to what I should do with my eye shadow. In typical Grace style though, I looked at what I was wearing and decided to do something with the shimmery green shade in the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette. I was playing around when I created this so if it seems like I am using a lot of products, then that is why. Saying that, I really hope you like what I came up with.

I always do my makeup in a weird order, I am just constantly alternating between my eyes and base, but I started off by priming today with the Primark Primer Water. Since that primer is a little glowy, I wanted to use a more smoothing primer around the places where I tend to crease because I find that by doing this, my foundation will go on a lot better. My choice is the Freedom Pro Mattify and I focused the product on my nose, chin, under eyes and the centre of my forehead.
I then moved onto my brows and filled them in with my favourite Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe. You know I love this, I applied it with a wing liner brush and just softly added in hair-like strokes until they were how I like them to be, full looking but not like two blocks. To keep them in place, I used the Collection Clear Mascara. Every time I fill in my brows, I always manage to go a little out of the line, so I have to carve them out and to do so I use the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer in Ivory because I find that it gives a clean canvas and because it is lighter than my skin tone, I can really see where I am putting it. I am also just bring this over the whole eyelid to just so I can create a base for the eye shadow to go over. This concealer needs to be set if I want to ensure that my crease colours blend, so I am just packing on a bit of the RCMA No Colour Powder just all over where I put that concealer so that nothing creases and everything blends well.
Onto the eye shadow, I was really playing about so I did use a whole mix of shades but you really can just use what you own. I started off though with a matte white shade, mine being Whipped Cream by NYX and I packed that on the brow bone and blended it under the brow too just so it blends in with the eyelid but also gives a subtle brow bone highlight. Starting with the crease then, I used Issues by Colourpop on a super fluffy blending brush and just began to put that in the crease. To further deepen the crease, I used Sweet Life by Freedom and again, on a fluffy crease brush, just blended that in. I really made sure that these two shades were really well blended because when we go into the darker shades, you don't want the look to go muddy so really take your time on this. I then wanted to deepen the outer part of the crease and the outer corner, so I took Cocoa Bear by Makeup Geek and a darker brown shade from the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Eye Shadow Palette and just placed it on the areas I wanted it in with a small dense eye brush, and then blended it out with a clean fluffier brush just so no other colour gets mixed in with it at first. This look did take a lot of blending and a lot of going back an forth so just bare that in mind. I then started to add in the green, so on a small, dense domed brush, I took the dark green shade from the same Morphe Palette and packed that on my outer corner but also on the outer part of my eyelid, I then took that clean blending brush again and just started to blend the edges of where I first placed the shadow. This is when I cut the crease using that same Hard Candy Concealer and I just used a really small flat brush and took my time to really get the shape on my lid. I then set that with the matte white shade from NYX and then it was time for the shimmery green. I took a flat shader brush and with that shimmery green shade from the Morphe palette, I packed it on where I had carved out the lid, not going any higher or anywhere near the outer part. To make the matte shades blend with the shimmery one, I took that brush I used with the dark green shade and just packed on a bit more of that dark green shade over where the shimmer meets the matte. The shimmery green looked great but I wanted to lighten it up a little so I took Take A Break by Colourpop and with my finger, just packed a little bit of it on top of the shimmer green but focusing it on the centre, and again, just blending it in a little with the shimmery green underneath. To highlight the inner corner I used the two lightest shades from the Ofra X NikkieTutorials Everglow Highlighter.
For the rest of the eyes, I used the Colourpop Honeydude Creme Gel Liner on the water line to open up the eyes a little after all of those dark shadows and then for mascara I used the Collection Volumax Waterproof mascara. Nothing new there but I just love this mascara. I did a few coats because I wanted the lashes to be really thick and full but also dark to match the eye shadow.
As for the rest of the face, I used the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation in Fair and White mixed to create my custom colour and just blended that all over the skin with a damp sponge. I then cream contoured with the LA Girl Pro Concealer in Toast and blending that out with a duo fibre face brush but then going over that, to further blend, with the damp sponge again. Since the eyes were quite intense, I wanted to make my highlighter quite bold also so I used the Iconic London Original Liquid Illuminator as a base for the powder highlight to stick to, which I will come to after, but I just put that on my cheekbones, nose and Cupid's bow and blend that out with the damp sponge again. I then concealer my under eyes and the other high point of my face with the Urban Decay Naked Concealer in Light Warm mixed with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light and finally, again, blending that out with that same damp sponge. Setting the under eyes with the RCMA No Colour Powder and also cleaning up that cream contour by packing some of this powder on under the cheekbones. I then set that cream contour with a bit of the Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer. I then set the highlighter with the two lightest shades from the Ofra X NikkieTutorials Everglow Highlighter again and this really intensified the cream highlighter. Just to finish off the face, I added a bit of blush, using the Kiko Provocative Pink Blush which is still my favourite blush but one I feel like I haven't used in a while.
Back to the eyes just to do the lower lash line, I am taking those first two shades, Issues and Sweet Life just and just blending them, nothing super specific or detail and that was all I did. I then just did a coat mascara and that was the end of the eyes.
Finally for lips I am lining them with MUA Caramel Nougat Lip Liner which is such a universal nude shade, highly recommend. For all over the lips though, I am using the NYX Cairo Soft Matte Lip Cream which has been my go to lip product recently. It is the perfect pale nude which goes so well with this eye look.
Let me know what you think of this eye look and also comment below which colour I should play around with next, I would love to try something new!
Grace xx