Thursday, 27 July 2017

MUA Luxe Velvet Matte Lipstick Review

A few weeks ago, I was admiring my makeup collection, as you do, and I realized that I don't own that many actual lipsticks. As much as I am a gloss girl, you can't go wrong with a good lipstick so I wanted to expend my collection a little but on a budget. MUA released these lipsticks a few months a go and I knew I had to try them so that is what I am going to be reviewing today
This lipstick is part of the MUA LUXE range and they are the Velvet Matte Lipsticks. You can get these from Superdrug and they retail for £3. They come in 12 shades ranging from light to dark but for the most part, they are nude lipsticks. Superdrug claims these lipsticks to be "Full pigment, velvet matte lip-shade. With its unique and luxurious design this lipstick applies smoothly for a full coverage, gorgeously matte finish."

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Collection Illuminating Touch Liquid Radiance Review

New drugstore releases always get the better of me, but you know what?  I don't care because I love trying out new makeup to review and share with all of my lovely readers. Anyways, Collection Cosmetics is such an amazing drugstore brand, one I have loved since I started wearing makeup, so when I saw this on their newly released page, I knew I had to try it.
Just a bit of detail about the product as always, so you can buy this from the Superdrug website (link at the end of this post). This retails for £5.99 and you get 27ml and it is described as "A premium liquid illuminating primer that can be used with or without a foundation. The gorgeous texture of liquid radiance provides the perfect priming base for foundation application. Gold illuminating pearls lift the complexion and creates a dewy complexion".

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Tips When Working Out

I actually really enjoyed writing my last fitness post so I thought I would keep it up. Since working out more regularly, I have learnt a lot so I thought I would share some of those tips with you today. If you have any tips, feel free to comment them down below.
The first one I think is so important, it is all about your form over how many reps you do. Your form is something which will determine whether you are doing the move properly or whether you are doing it wrong. When you do it wrong, it could lead to working the wrong muscles and injuring yourself. When you do reps of something, your form improves but rushing your moves will cause you to loose form so keep it slow and steady while making sure you are doing the move properly. If you are not sure on how to do a particular move, then you can simply google it and there is almost likely a video including the move you want to do.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Freedom Pro Artist HD Eye Shadow and Highlighter Sets Review

I love single eye shadows and powders that you can just pop into an empty magnetic palette. Freedom actually came out with a magnetic palette, individual eye shadows and face powders quite a while back but nothing appealed to me apart from the magnetic palette which I now own. Now they have actually expanded the collection into some eye and face sets, perfect to just put in the magnetic palettes so that is what I am going to be reviewing. 
You can get these from both TAM Beauty or Superdrug and since I got mine from Superdrug, I have linked the products down below via Superdrug. In this new release, they came out with 4 face sets, consisting of three highlighters per set consisting of creams and powders. They also came out with 5 eye sets, all in powders, in two different finishes, you can choose between the eye foils or the eye impacts HD. I bought one face set and one eye set, just to test the waters, so I picked very "Grace" shades and ones I know I will have a good judgement of.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Collection Lip Colour Review - Lip Product of the Summer?

I love new drugstore releases, and I know you guys all love review so across the next few weeks there will be several reviews going up so I hope you are looking forward to them all. Anyways, I saw that this was new on Collection's Instagram and it sounds right up my street so I had to try it and share with you.
This is just called the Collection Lip Colour with Spf 15 and I got mine in the shade Fudge Delight. You can get these from Superdrug for £3.99 and as always the link to the product I am reviewing will be at the end of this post. This product comes in 6 shades ranging from brights to nudes and I obviously picked up the most nude shade because there is nothing new there. On the Superdrug website this lip product is described as "A Sheer Glossy colour with pearl sheen that glides onto the lips, Smooth balm texture with SPF protection" so I will cover the packaging first, then onto the formula and finishing off with my final thoughts.