Monday, 12 January 2015

25 facts about me

Hi everyone,
Today I felt a bit uninspired but I really wanted to post something for you, so today I am going to tell you 25 facts about me. Lets Begin !
1. My birthday is the 10th of July (which I love since it is in the summer).
2. I have one older sibling.
3. I have 2 dogs, they are mother and daughter and they are called Lexi and Poppy.
4. I have been dancing since I was 3.
5. The dance styles I do now are, street, contemporary, tap and musical theatre.
6. When I was about 9/10 I started writing songs and I still remember them all (They were awful).
7. My lucky number is 10 because it was the date I was born on and the month my brother was born in (October).
8. I live in England, but I have been on holiday to Florida, Orlando 8 times!
9. I really enjoy fashion designing even though I can not work a sewing machine.
10. I love spicy buffalo wings.
11. I have a fear of spiders, escalators, elevators, heights, death and the deep ocean (I am fine unless you can't see the bottom of the water).
12. I love roller coasters.
13. I have a massive love for Olly Murs.
14. I get travel sick very easily.
15. I have never been to London (but I am going in February, I can't wait).
16.I love Micheal Jackson.
17. When I was 4 I cut all of my hair off.
18. Growing up, I use to play a lot of football and golf.
19. I really want to start a YouTube channel this year (It might happen very soon).
20. I got a pet rabbit for my 3rd birthday, her name is Dora and she will be 10 this year! (Yes, she is still alive).
21. My family has a big obsession for Nandos but it's not my favorite restaurant.
22. I am a very fussy eater.
23. I bruise like a peach.
24. I am the worst at making decisions
25. When it is cold I get really grumpy, but as soon as I get warm I am on top of the world.
I hope you got to know a little bit more about me.
Grace xx

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