Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to stay organized this year

Hi everyone,
Today I am gong to be telling you my top tips for staying organized this year.
Since I have a blog and I go to school, it can be quit hard too manage it all at once. I think school, family and friends come first before any social media. If you have a blog or even a you tube or instagram it is even harder to keep up-to-date with everything.
My first tip is to make lists or notes in a journal for that specific topic. I have a journal for just my blog posts and I find it a lot easier since I can just take the notebook and write all my ideas in one place. 
When I start a new school year I get given a school planner. If your school doesn't provide a planner, there are many stationary shops that will sell them. I think that daily or weekly planners are great so you are able to write down all your homework you are given.
When I am at home doing homework or writing a new blog post I will be at my desk or on my bed. I have this organizer thing (not sure what its called) from staples and it is really good. I like to keep everything I need like pens,paper clips etc. so I know where they are.
In my study area I also have a huge peg. This is from New Look and it was on sale for £2, I just couldn't leave it. I like to put all my important papers and letters there so they are right in front of me and I wont forget them.
I love sticky notes, they are a great way to remember something or purely for decoration. I like to list homework or certain things I would need to remember.
I also love writing in colour, I find this easier and it will stand out more. 
I hope you enjoyed some off these tips and I hope that they helped some of you out.
Grace xx

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