Sunday, 27 September 2015

Transitioning from Summer to Autumn | Fashion

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be a fashion post. I really love reading these post but I just never right them enough. Anyway this is a lovely colab with the amazing Tara's Floral World (link to blog here). I really suggest you go and check it out! The whole point of this post is going to be me sharing with you, pieces of clothing that are appropriate at this time of year. Even though I live in England, and it mostly rains, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. What I am trying to say is that sometimes its warm, cold, windy, rainy, and you just never know, so the pieces I am sharing I think are suitable for the transition between summer and winter.

(Items of clothing, left to right)

Denim Skirt / New Look (sale 2014) - These have been a huge summer trend this year, but I'm sure everyone is going to be rocking them through autumn and winter again as you can wear them with tights or without. I have never been mad for skirts but I really love how the denim ones make me look. I now feel really confident wearing skirts in this style. I also think a blue denim skirt is a lot more versatile then white or black.

Denim Shirt / H&M - I love shirts, as I love layering clothes. You could wear this with a vest underneath, the shirt, and a coat or as a alternative if it's slightly colder, the shirt, a jumper with the shirt collar poking out and a jacket. both of these look so cute and great for this time of year as it is easy to remove each layer if it gets to warm. This shirt has an extra bonus as it has some super cute stripe detailing on the elbows. I would highly rate the shirts from H&M whether they are denim or plaid. 

Slip-on Pumps / Topshop - I especially love these shoes because they are black and white. Because they are both such simple colours you can't go wrong with what you wear with them. Anyway, slip-on pumps are the kind of shoes you can just throw on in a rush and they look super cute. These Topshop ones are also really comfy so I would really recommend Topshop's pumps.

Fine Knit Jumpers / Both from H&M - At this current time of year, I feel like really thick knitted jumpers are a little too much if worn inappropriately. But these jumpers are great for the weather that looks cold but is still warm. As they are thin you would probably want to wear a vest underneath (because they are see through, trust me!)but they are super comfy, casual and still really fashionable.

Eyelash Fur Jumpers / Holister (sale) - This is not a proper jumper, it has short sleeves and is a little bit cropped. These are a great alternative from the fine knit jumpers if it is a bit colder. Eyelash fur can be itchy if you get it from the wrong brand, so I would suggest you try it on first but holister do really nice ones. To me, eyelash fur is just that little bit more feminine and stylish. This jumper paired with some jeans and a cute necklace would probably make the cutest outfit.

Sleeveless or High-neck Tops / Topshop - This is both sleeveless and high neck and I have never warn it before, but I will try. If you wear pieces of clothing like this, comment what you wear with it as that is my struggle. I will wear this and I think now is the perfect time too. To me it's a very daring piece because its sleeveless but I hope I can pull it off. This is ribbed also and I think that is really nice as a suttle piece of detail. I am thinking of styling this with a scarf, blue jeans and a brown leather jacket (comment to see a picture if I ever try it out).

Cropped Jumper / H&M - This reminds me of something I would find in American Apparel and that's one of the reason why I love it. It was around the £10 mark but it looks like it would have been so much more. I wear this with high-waisted jeans and the benefit is you don't need a jacket because you have something covering your arms, and you have pockets from the jeans. I got this last year and I haven't seen them in store this year but I really want (and kind of need!) some more.

White Trainers / Adidas - A bit more of a sports kind of style but are still appropriate, white trainers. Again bringing back the white, it is just such a good colour for this point of the year were you don't want to wear bright colours or dark colours because they are both a little too seasonal. These are super comfy from the Adidas store and they honestly go with everything. They might get dirty quickly but are so worth the time spent before they are almost black! I also think they are a great alternative from white converse.

Leather/Black Shorts / H&M - A bit of a theme with most clothes from H&M but that's just because, I just love that shop (a bit too much it's a little unhealthy). I got these shorts last year for a party and they looked amazing with tights but they look great on their own as well. They are so easy to style because they are black, but the leather gives it a bit more of an edgy style. Really gorgeous, and great quality for the price.

Long Vest Top / H&M - Again (H&M!) but this is from their basics range. It is navy and white stripes, really long also super comfy. I am currently wearing this right now with a pair of jeggings. This goes with everything and it's great for them days where it's warm but it might get colder. If you pair this with jeans/leggings and a leather/denim jacket you are safe.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Just something a little different for my blog, don't forget to go and read Tara's post as I'm sure it's amazing! Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. Such a lovely post and your pictures are very pretty :) x

    1. Thank you, really does mean a lot!

  2. I am completely obsessed with your blog!

  3. I love wearing cropped jumpers! The one you have looks lovely and i'll have to pick it up.

    1. I hope they have them in store again this year because, I just need more!