Sunday, 11 October 2015

Berries, Baths & Bonfire Tag

Hi everyone,
Today's post was not planned but I really wanted to do it anyway. This is a new tag and both Ellie and Emily tagged me to do it (blogs linked on their names). I really hope you enjoy this post and the people I tag will be linked at the end.

1. Favorite thing about autumn?
Can I say everything? I love the fashion, makeup, hot chocolate, layering, cosy-ness, more baths and the fact it is closer to Christmas and Halloween,

2. Go To Autumn Eye Look?

I like to go quit simple with a nude all over the lid, dark brown in the crease and sometimes a maroon in the outer corner, a bit of black eye liner on the upper lash line and top it off with some mascara.

3. Favorite Autumn Lip Product?
For autumn I go for more darker nudes and berry tones. At the moment it is the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Iced Caramel.

4. Favorite Autumn Sweater?
Probably my cropped one from H&M, it's not really a "sweater" but it is my favorite. I featured it in a recent fashion post (linked here).

5. Favorite Autumn Trend?
Makeup would have to be golden eyes or berry lips. For fashion, checkered anything! or ripped jeans.

6. Favorite Autumn Pamper Product?
Lush Snow Fairy, It's just a classic!

7. Bath Bombs or Bubble Bars?
Little secret... I have never (that's right?) NEVER tried a lush or any other brands bath bombs or bubble bars. I'm sorry to say that but it's true. Anyway, I am hoping to buy some of Lush's Christmas stuff very soon so let me know what you would recommend me buying.

8. Best way to chill in autumn?
Lie in bed, watching youtube, wrapped up in a blanket, while eating chocolate!

9. Favorite Halloween show or movie?
I'm not sure if this counts, but the Pretty Little Liars Halloween specials are amazing!

10. Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate?
I don't like coffee (sorry coffee lovers), and I like both tea and hot chocolate a lot. I would say though, I do drink more hot chocolate in autumn/winter.

I tag...

I really hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. Lovely post! I really enjoyed reading your answers, definitely agreed with loving everything about autumn! :)

  2. Great post! Thanks for the tag :) xox

  3. lovely post xx loved your comments

    a girl with the notebook x