Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dubai Series: My Pre-Holiday Preperations

Hi everyone,
I am super excited for this post today, because it is my first post of the Dubai series I am running on this blog. In case you don't follow my instagram (which you really should: Gracexkate) I announced a while ago I was going to Dubai for my brothers birthday. I asked if you wanted a Dubai series and you all said yes, so that is what I am doing. This series is going to start today and finish next Sunday and I will be posting everyday. Feel free to comment and post ideas you would like to see during this series. Enough with all the rambling, today's post is going to be, what I do in preparation for my holiday. This is not in any order, so let's just begin.

Obviously this is self explanatory  because you can't go away without packing a few essentials. As I am going away for five days, I packed my main luggage and my carry on (which I am planning on doing a post on). I just pack everything from clothes to toiletries to accessories.

Paint Nails
I like to do this because in my school you are not allowed to wear nail polish, and since I am quit a heavy collector of them, I like to use them before my holiday so they all don't go to waste. I paint my fingernails and my toe nails because I want a super cute colour to pop out when I wear flip flops and sandals. I might also take a few mini polishes with me if I am going to be in the water a lot.

Download a New Playlist
I always love new music but on my phone, the way I do it takes forever. Right before a holiday, I have to add some new music because if not, I would jut get bored. Especially if I have to get on a plane because all I seem to do is listen to music.

If your going on a colder holiday then this may not be needed, but on a warm holiday this is a must. Obviously you don't want your constant growing winter coat (hairy legs) when your in a gorgeous bikini. I just shave my under arms and my legs the night before the holiday.

Clean Room
When you leave to go on your holiday you don't really want to think about coming back, but it has to happen. When you come back you don't want your room to be a tip, because your probably really tired and you wont want to clean up all the junk you forgot to tidy away before you left. I also find it super welcoming to have a super clean and polished room.

Have Hot Shower
I am not a bath person which is super sad because all the great smelling Lush products just go to waste in my hands. Normally it would be a shower just because I prefer them a lot more. I have a shower normally the morning I go, just so my hair is super fresh and I feel clean. In the shower I would just shave, scrub, wash my body, shampoo, condition my hair and exfoliate my skin to wake me up. I find that this just makes me feel fully prepared for the long day ahead of me.

Face mask
I love to do this before I go away because it gives my skin a treat and I just feel so much more better. I always try to go for a hydrating one or a radiance boosting because my skin will not get as dehydrated on the plane as it would without the face mask. 

 I hope you enjoyed this post and your looking forward to my Dubai series. Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin and all my other social medias to keep on top of my posts. Have a great day!
Grace xx


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  2. Im so jealous Grace! Have a good time :)

  3. That drink looks delicious! Fabouslous post. Have a great time on holiday :) Bobo xoxo