Monday, 23 November 2015

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Hi Everyone,
Today's post is a super exciting one. This time last year was my first ever blog post! I can't believe it either! If you do want to read it then click the link here. This past year has gone so quickly that it only feels like a few weeks ago since I first started my blog. Through starting my blog I have gained so much.

I asked on instagram what I should do to celebrate, but none of the suggestions felt like it would show my appreciation. I decided that today, I would share with you the things I have learned or gained through blogging. I am sorry if you expected something huge and exciting, but I hope this does at least help you in some way or even getting to know me a bit better.

This is probably the thing I appreciate most about what blogging has given me! I have struggled a lot with confidence since a young age. I am not slim, I have got opinions and I am clever. These things might represent me but that's not how everyone sees it. I have been bullied, I have been through tough things like everyone else. Starting my blog made me feel very nervous about whether people will actually read, or my friends finding out and picking on me for it but it only went uphill. Seeing my page views get higher and higher each day just made me feel special. Just because I felt like someone cared and understood me in a way that no one else did. I know it sound over dramatic but that is how I felt. Once I told my friends, they were nothing but supportive. I am so grateful that I can finally have something that makes me feel so proud of myself and something that has made me so motivated to try harder each time. I never had that until starting my blog.

Excepting who I am:
My whole life I have tried to fit in, I have never been that person who is accepted easily because I don't like that latest singers or don't wear the latest clothes. Even though I still am only young, I still regret things. Like making people believe that I actually was obsessed with that band or had everything they had, and saw their favorite film, but really I hadn't. As all my thoughts and opinions began revolving round everyone else, it got me really down, but after starting my blog it gave me a lot of confidence to have my own thoughts and not be afraid to share them.

Being myself:
This goes hand in hand with excepting who I am but this is a bit more focused on blogging. After my blog had been up for a few months, I felt like I was failing, reading other peoples posts and seeing how many comments and followers they had made me feel down. I know that it is jealousy and I am not denying it, I was jealous. Looking at them bloggers, I felt like I had to change my blog to look exactly like theirs, and that's why you might notice my blog setup changes around a lot. I use to just copy peoples blogs detail to detail, but now I take inspiration and put a spin on it. There really is a difference. Through this I noticed, it's not about having a certain layout, or banner design but it's about making it your own and unique  to you (bit cheesy I know). 

Internet friends:
This is my favorite thing about what blogging has gave me. I have honestly met so many lovely people through blogging. I would say them all but I would take forever! I love making new friends because I can talk to them differently to how I talk to my real friends. We talk about beauty recommendations, life hacks, future plans, colabs and of coarse blogging. On a day to day basis we talk over instagram and comment on each others blog posts. I love seeing their blogs get better and better and I love that they support me too.

I hope that by reading them four paragraphs you realize how much blogging has effected me and I could not be more grateful. Blogging to me is a distraction, this year I have been through some rocky patches but blogging has always kept me motivated to keep going. If you are reading this and feel like you might want to start a blog, then feel free to email me or contact me over any social media. Or if you want a whole post on tips for blogging then let me know in the comments!

I wanted to take this chance to say a huge Thank You. This has honestly been one of the best years ever! and it's all thanks to blogging. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, comments on my posts and follows my networks. If you have been here from day one or you have only just joined, I appreciate you all so so so much! I love you all !!!! 
Have a great day!
Grace xx

PS. I am sorry it was a bit cheesy!xx


  1. Congratulations, you are amazing! .and such an inspiration xx

  2. Loved your blog so far, I can't wait to see your blog grow even more! xx