Friday, 5 February 2016

Drugstore Dupes

Hi everyone,
Just in case you didn't know, I have actually been super ill the last week and I have struggled to be inspired this week for blog posts. Saying that, now I am getting better and I am going to be writing lots of new and fresh posts ready for spring.  Anyway, today's post is going to be something I have never done before and that's a dupe post. Since receiving a few high end things for Christmas I have found drugstore alternatives so I hope this post comes into some use. This post will also be in two parts because some are dupes by colour but not formula and vise versa.

Dupes in terms of.......

Benefit's They're Real Mascara VS Collection Divine Lash
As you can see by the first image the two wands are almost identical. The collection one is slightly thicker and had shorter bristles but apart from that they are similar. The thing I find that makes these mascaras so different is the formula. The Benefit mascara is super black and almost wet whereas the Collection one is super dry and a dark grey colour. This might be the case only because it's the waterproof formula. I think if this was the original formula and not the waterproof, it could possibly be an even better dupe. Both anyway are great mascaras and I think that they are both amazing!

Mac Lipstick in Kinda Sexy VS Maybelline Lipstick in Iced Caramel
If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that both of these lipsticks are some of my favorites. As you can see by the second image, the colours are very similar. Because Kinda Sexy is matte and Iced Caramel is more creamy, Kinda Sexy is more pigmented. Saying that, the formulas are different but the colours are exactly the same. If you love the shade Kinda Sexy but want a glossy formula opt for Iced Caramel.

Mac Velvet Teddy VS Mua Lip Lacquer in Tranquility
I know Velvet Teddy is a super popular shade and that's why I decided to include this dupe. I know it's not perfect but if you are thinking about purchasing Velvet Teddy, maybe try Tranquility first. Both are matte which is super good but the applicators are very different. The Mac lipstick is in a standard lipstick bullet shape whereas MUA lip lacquer almost looks like a lip gloss in the packaging. In terms of colour, Tranquility is a bit lighter and has more of an orange tone but believe it or not, it actually oxidizes on the lips making it darker, a lot more like Velvet Teddy.

Benefit's Bene tint  VS Rimmel Lip Stain in Kiss Me
I love both of these product but I never noticed how similar they really were. They are both a very muted red shade. The problem with these two products being identical is because Bene tint is a cheek and lip stain but Kiss Me is only a lip stain. I guess you could use it on your cheeks but it might work as well. Apart from that both are very much the same. I know in the swatches that Kiss Me looks very sheer but I think that Bene tint is a lot more sheer on the lips.

Benefit Balms VS MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm
The price difference between these two product are insane and they are so similar. Obviously the shades couldn't be more different but both formulas are so creamy and both have a very balm-like texture but with a sheen of colour too. MUA do have a larger range shade but I find the Benefit packaging more sturdy and luxurious looking.

I really hope that all of you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you agree with me in the comments. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. This is so useful, I have always wanted the their real mascara but its too expensive so will look at the dupe!

    Wi xx

    1. I think they are super similar but maybe try the non waterproof version. Thank you!

  2. I've been considering buying Velvet Teddy, but I think I'll take a look at this dupe first! lovely post Xx

  3. One of your best posts yet!! I love all of your choices. I find it hard to believe Benetint can be beaten so I'm even more intrigued to try the Rimmel lip stain! Bo xx

  4. Great post! I love finding dupes! Those two mascaras look almost identical! I will have to check that collection one out! Hope you feel better soon x

  5. I love finding new dupes at the drugstore, great post!

  6. These dupes are amazing! Loved this post! x


  7. Your blog is lovely! Thanks so much for this, I had no idea some of these were so similar :D will definitely be checking the drugstore picks out in town! xx

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