Saturday, 27 February 2016

Things I Wish Were Different About School...

Hi everyone,
For today's post I wanted to do something quit relaxed and chatty, which is something I don't do enough of on my blog. Anyway, BlossomOfHope requested I do this topic so thanks to her for the idea. Today's post is going to be a list of things I wish were different about school. I am going to keep it as realistic as possible as I don't really want to get my hope up on any of these. Enjoy!

1. Better Toilets
I can imagine most students/ pupils think this too. School toilets are so disgusting, there is graffiti everywhere, everyone forgets to flush the toilet and the cubicle you always go in, is the one that never had and toilet roll. Don't you think?

2. Own Clothes
I hate school uniform, in general. Most people say it makes the school look neat and you should represent your school, but what about representing our individuality and differences. Obviously some clothes are either too "Flashy" or "inappropriate" but with a sensible dress code I can image students would work so much harder in school. Being in the comfort of your own clothes makes all the difference. When I'm in my school uniform, I feel uncomfortable which then makes me distracted whereas I wouldn't have that problem if I got to wear my own clothes. I think a lot of people would agree with me on this one. Do you?

3. Good Food
My dad actually has a very strong opinion about this as well as myself. I think most schools now only provide you with healthy food to promote healthy living. But do kids really eat this? Majority of students/ pupils meals at lunch go to waste because they don't want what the school provides because it is too healthy. A student/ pupil should be able to eat what they want healthy or not but because schools are all about healthy eating, some students/ pupils actually starve and skip lunch.

4. Interesting Lessons
I don't know about you but I feel like most schools lack in this. I know the whole point of school is to learn lots and develop information but why can' we do it in a interesting way. Everyone is different but I like practical lessons, I like researching things, writing down my own notes, displaying them nicely in my book. Most of my lessons at school though are just ones where the teachers talk and talk and talk and then makes us write it all down. I find this to be very unhelpful and I then lack in an understanding of the subject. 

5. Tests
I wish that when we do tests we don't feel pressured. My school is so pressurizing and if you don't reach there super high standard you are seen as stupid. For me, if I do bad in a test I would want to do better next time but if a teacher told me they were dissapointed in me with my results I wouldn't want to try hard for a test ever again. I wish that tests could be something we don't spend all night revising, something we feel relaxed doing and something we will feel proud we did in.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something a little different but I still really hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. I definitely agree with the no school uniform rule! I also wish we could have our phones out and break x

    1. The school I go to, we can have our phones out at break but it's so sad that you can't!xx

  2. I definitely agree with most of these apart from I think our school dinners are really nice, even though other schools might not be as lucky.

    1. Some parts of the school dinners are nice but I only really like the cakes and brownies!

  3. Our toilets at school need doing up they are gross!

  4. Agree with all of these points, school is an awful place to be!