Tuesday, 8 March 2016

2016 Empties #2

Hi everyone,
For today's post I am here again writings another empties. I think this is soon going to turn into a monthly thing so let me know whether you would like that. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know whether you have tried out any of these products.

Lynx Deodorant Body Spray
Opinion: I love the smell of this and it works well. I mostly like to use this during PE in school because it's super refreshing.
Rate out of ten: 6/10 because there are better ones out there but this is just a nice one to use.
Would I repurchase it? Yes because I usually get one in a gift set every year for Christmas.

Zoella Reed Diffuser
Opinion: This smell is just so amazing! I absolutely love it but I thought for £10 the bottle would be bigger. The packaging is super nice but quantity is a but steep. It also didn't last very long. It lasted around 1 month which is very disappointing because others last a lot longer.
Rate out of ten: 5/10 I love the smell but it is not worth the money.
Would I repurchase it? No because it was nice to use except there are better ones for cheaper out there.

The Boy Shop Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel
Opinion: This only come out around Christmas time but it smells amazing, even for all year round. The formulations of the shower gels are some of my favorite because they lather up super nicely and you only need the smallest bit.
Rate out of ten: 10/10 I love this product very much and I am super happy I have a back up.
Would I repurchase it? Yes because it is just a wonderful product.

Garnier Micellar Water
Opinion: You can't go wrong with this product, I don't really like to use this to remove my makeup just because I feel like it doesn't properly clean my face but I like this when I remove swatches, makeup smudges or even spot cleaning brushes.
Rate out of ten: 9/10 It's great but I'm sure there is something better out there
Would I repurchase it? Yes but probably the full size instead of the mini.

Zoella Body Scrub
Opinion: This is probably my favorite product that Zoe has brought out. It is super thick and it makes my skin feel amazing afterwards. The smell is amazing and the quantity is pretty generous.
Rate out of ten: 7/10 I feel like other brands do better but I still like to use this one.
Would I repurchase it? No just because I prefer Soap and Glory scrubs.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what posts you would like me to do this spring! Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. I love the Micellar water and the body shop product looks lovely!

  2. I loved the smell of the Frosted Cranberry range, I hope they do it again this year! xx