Friday, 4 March 2016

#AdviceWithGrace - Creating a Backbone for Yourself

Hi everyone,
I want to say a huge huge thank you for the amazing feedback you gave me on my last #AdviceWithGrace, I was not expecting it to go down to well but it did, so thank you for that. Moving onto this week I am going to be talking about giving yourself a backbone.

You probably have no idea what I am talking about right now but if you are anything like me you can't stand up for yourself. This is something I am super guilty of and it comes to the point were I am ashamed of it. Giving yourself a backbone is being able to stand up for yourself and being strong for what you want. I am not encouraging anyone to only think about themselves or to be selfish, just to care about you think. 

1. You are your own #1
I am very guilty of this, I always put others before myself and it is bad! Always put yourself first because your the only one that really matters in your life. Have the intention yourself, don't do something for someone if you don't want to.

2. Keep it simple
Stop Overthinking!!! Life is too short to think think and think. If you want something, if you want to do something or you want to say something. Just do it! By over thinking you are just trying to convince yourself not to do it.

3. Speak
If you don't actually say what you feel or stand up to someone then you are going no where. Speak, say a couple words and it could change the whole situation.

Sorry for the short post today but I just felt super inspired to write about this today! Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. Lovely post! I can definitely relate to th second point! I always over think things! Things I did 5 years ago, things that didn't happen but could of happened & I get quit Parnoid that when I leave a room people start talking about me! I really need to stop x

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    1. I know exactly what you mean, glad I'm not the only one!

  2. These were some great tips, thanks for posting this! x

  3. This was so useful! I really could of done with this advice at the start of secondary school, because. Here I am, in year 9, nasty comments everyday, and I am as weak as a duckling!:(xx

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    1. You are exactly like me, Year 7 was a massive regret for me. Making friends with the wrong friendship group, and ignoring the best people!