Friday, 1 April 2016

The Brand that will take over Spring and Summer

Hi everyone,
Since it is spring trends change and so I want to share with you a brand I think will be the staple brand this spring. This brand is a jewelry/ accessories brand so let me know if you want a fashion version. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Sassy Cult is an online shop that started in January 2016, they sell accessories and jewelry, all very unique to anything else sold on the high street. They have pieces to suit everyone and they are also affordable but great quality.

I think the reason this brand is going to make Spring and Summer 2016 a good season is because all pieces, I think are so beach-like or natural-like. You probably have no idea what I mean but if you check out there website (link here) you will be able to see there products. They have earrings with flies hanging from them (not real of course) and they have necklaces with a mermaids skull on. They are all silver and their items range from necklaces to earrings to phone cases to chokers, all are super worth a look at. There prices are between £8-£13 which is so good for the quality.

The products I received from Sassy Cult were the Unicorn phone case (linked here), Mermaids tear necklace (linked here) and the Moonshine necklace (linked here). Each necklace was £12 and the phone case was £10. All necklaces are made of sterling silver which gives the pendant a lovely reflection to it and the phone case is silicon also. The necklaces only come in one size but the phone case can come in sizes for a iPhone 5,6 and 6+.

When I ordered this, it took around a week to be delivered but in that time they were being hand made. They came beautifully packaging in pink tissue paper and bubble wrap so nothing gets broken. As you can see by the images the necklaces came in like a holographic piece of card which I thought was super cute.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know whether you have ever heard of this brand before, if not you should go a check it out! Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. The beach like theme is very attractive, it is a shame they don't do cases for IPhones 5c and S! The pieces look so cute and bold x

    1. They are, I hope they come out with more styles.xx

  2. Those pieces look so nice! I'm going to go look at the website now! x

    1. I'm sure you will love there brand!