Friday, 22 April 2016

#AdvicewithGrace - Anxious Flying

Hi everyone,
As you can tell by the title, I am going to be doing another #AdvicewithGrace. Now if you have recently been following me on social media, then you will know that I am currently in Orlando, Florida. I love going on holiday and I have been to Orlando lots of times, so I guess I know it pretty well. Saying that, the one thing I hate about going to Orlando is flying there by plane. 9/10 times when I go on holiday, it is a 5+ hour flight. I don't get anxious at a lot of things but flying in a plane for over five hours, scares the heck out of me. As you can probably guess from the massive introduction, I am going to share with you my ways of coping with anxiety on a long flight.

Don't over think 
I am an over thinker, it is no lie but when it comes to flying it is not the great thing to be doing. If you are constantly thinking about the flight and where you are, what you’re doing, what everyone else is doing, then you’re just going to become very anxious.

Focus on the destination

If you are thinking, then think positive. The destination might be more exciting to you then the journey so don’t think about being trapped on a plane for 5+ hours, think about where you are going, how lucky you are, where you’re staying, what you’re going to do.

This goes for whenever you are feeling anxious, focus on the way you breath. A deep breath in and a deep breath out. Honestly, I find that this keeps me super calm and relax, so you should really try it out, in any anxious situation.

Keep on top of things
Being stressed can be started if you are disorganized and have forgotten things. To stop this, a few days before flying plan EVERYTHING! but do it your way, lists, mind maps, notes, pictures, anything that works for you. In result of this, you will be more calmer on the flight because you know you have got everything you need and you will make it there safely.

On a flight the best thing to do is catch up on sleep. I know it is not easy (trust me, I know!) but it will make the flight go quicker and it will relax you more. If you struggle sleeping, maybe look into sleeping pills but only if nessesary but do try and sleep on your own. There are lots of ways to help you sleep in uncomfortable or anxious situations, bring a pillow or teddy, eat a big meal before getting on the plane, eye masks, but your chair back, wrap yourself in a blanket, got an idea yet? 

Hopefully now this post has helped you to cope with and understand anxious flying. Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments, and I will reply. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. i never had problem with flying but i still got other anxious. the tips that you provide are great. i may try them when i am anxious :)

    jess x |

  2. This was so helpful, I don't often go on planes but when I do, I will use these tips, thanks! xx

  3. These are great tips! I have never been on a plane so I don't know how I will react! If I get scared I will becoming back to this post for sure xx

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  4. I love flying but I know lots of people who absoloutley hate it! X