Sunday, 24 April 2016

Let's Travel To Florida - Week One!

Hi everyone, for today's post I am going to be talking you through what I did in week one of Orlando, Florida 2016. I hope you enjoy, don't forget to comment below for week two if you want to see more!
Tuesday 29th March - Bye Bye England...
Honestly, the night before a holiday I never sleep, but because I was so tired from helping my brother with his uni dissertation (until 1:00 in the morning, might I add) I managed to have a little nap. I woke up around 6:15 and we were not leaving the house until 10:00 so I had a lot of spare time. After lying in bed on my phone, for a little too long, I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face and headed back into my bedroom. I then put a bit of toner on but instead of using my daily moisturizer, I used a bit of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream mixed in with some E45 cream and applied that on my face instead, for some extra moisture. When it's a long, travel filled day, I always dress comfortable, so for this occasion I wore my Adidas cropped leggings, a baggy grey t-shirt and a PINK hoodie with some Nike trainers. I then dutch braided my hair to keep it out of my face and finished packing the last of my toiletries. Toothbrush, Check, Face Wash, Check, Hair Brush, Check and then my main luggage was ready to go. All that was left was my hand luggage, so I just packed my laptop, IPad, all chargers, medication, my holiday book and some other bits and pieces. *Comment below whether you want a whole separate post on whats in my carry on*. At this point it was about 7:30, so I was getting hungry, I went downstairs and had my typical (unhealthy) breakfast, chocolate pop tarts with a fresh bottle of cold water. After my breakfast and with the last of my remaining water I took my daily tablets and my travel sickness tablet. Now that I was packed and ready to go by 8 O'Clock, I could just chill. We said goodbye to our dogs, who are staying with my auntie while we are away, we just had to wait for our taxi. Finally it arrived at 9:50 and we all got in with our cases ready to go. The journey to Manchester Airport was around 45 minutes in the taxi but once getting there, we just got all of the boring check in stuff, out of the way. Finally we got into duty free and I had a little wonder but everything I wanted was sold out *crying* so I just picked up a word-search book from WHSmith because there was no magazines and some body care stuff from Boots. We boarded the plane at 12:45 and at this point I was feeling super anxious as I am not good when it comes to flying in a plane. Anyway, during the flight I watched a film, read some of my book, and just generally doing boring things. The flight was a grand total of 9 hours and right before landing there was thunder and lightning in Orlando so we couldn't land. By this point, I was panicking, we flew in circles, but finally landed safely at 5:15. Once again got through all of the boring stuff and then we were set free into Orlando. My mum and dad are driving a car each in Orlando, because there will be 9 of us at one point so two cars were needed. I went in one car with my dad and brother, so my mum was in the other with my granddad and uncle. From Orlando airport to where we are staying, took around 45 minutes but because my dad got us lost it took us an hour and a half. That was a painful ride :(. Finally arriving at our villa at around 8:00 and we were all so tired that we didn't want a proper meal, so my mum and I went to Mc Donalds for a little meal. The villa was honestly breathtaking so I might give you a tour at one point! Once we ate dinner everyone went to their rooms and just slept.
Wednesday 30th March - Hello Orlando...
We all woke up super early from jet lag around 5/6 O'Clock at we all just had some breakfast. Luckily, while we driving to the villa, my mum and uncle went the supermarket. For my breakfast, I had a bowl of Lucky Charms because it is one of my favorite things about Florida and just ate that in peace. The whole aim of Tuesday was to settle down and chill. Honestly the rest of my family slept for pretty much the whole day but I did some blogging bits on my laptop and unpacked *how productive?*. Once everyone was awake again, we went in the pool, did a bit of sun bathing and got ready to go out. We dropped off my brother, granddad and uncle at the golfing range and my mum, dad and I went to the "supermarket" to get food, when really we went to a sport shop, called Dicks, to get my Granddad a birthday present but we did go the supermarket after to get things my mum forgot yesterday. Once everyone was back in the Villa we went out to a local restaurant, Applebees, to have a proper dinner, at around 6:30. Again, because of the time difference, we were super tired so as soon as we got back, we all just went straight to bed but I stayed up to decorate the villa for my granddad's birthday.
Thursday 31st March - Happy Birthday Granddad!!!
Today was my granddads birthday and the only thing he wanted to do was play a round of golf. My granddad, brother, uncle and dad all got ready to play 18 holes of golf, but my mum and I were up from all of the noise, this was around quarter past six. He opened his presents, my mum surprised him with football tickets to wembly arena, semi final (he supports everton) and some new golf clothes. Once they had left, I got in some workout clothes and went on a run around the resort. No one actually though I would go running while being on holiday but I have been going every other day, and honestly I am proud! Anyway, once I came back from my run, I got into a bikini and cover up, had a glass of water, a bowl of lucky charms and sat on the couch catching up with all things on the internet. Once I had enough, I went to sunbath outside with my mum until the boys got back. They finally came back at around 12:30 and so we were all ready for some lunch. My mum and I went to get a Mc Donalds for me, mum, dad and my brother but my granddad and uncle made some bacon and egg instead. We all just ate our lunch and soon after everyone was outside in the pool by 2:00. By 3:30 everyone was tired from jet lag so they all went for a sleep, but not me, I stayed awake. We were not going out for dinner until 6:30 so I just spent three hours, getting ready and keeping up on all social media. Finally at 6:30 we all went out for dinner at our favorite place, Longhorn steakhouse. Honestly we have waited three years to come back to this restaurant they make the best food EVER! We all had a steak for our dinner because, why not? but because it was my Granddad's birthday, they brought him out a little ice cream and a candle. Sadly my granddad wasn't a bit fan of all the chocolate so me and my mum ate it instead.We finished dinner at about 8:15 so again we all just went straight to bed, once we came back.
Friday 1st April - Let's get out the villa...
Thursday night we decided we were going to go to the water park today and so no one got a lie in. We were all up for 6:30 because we were leaving at 8:00. Straight away everyone was eating their choice of breakfast, and getting ready. I, again, had lucky charms (you will soon see a pattern) and a bottle of water, but finished that quickly so I could get ready. Once finishing my breakfast, I got changed and packed my beach bag. As always, I was the first one ready so I just chilled for half an hour. By 8:15 we were on our way to the water park, it didn't open until 9:00 which was perfect because that was the exact time we got there. We got our spot in the water park and me being the sensible person I am, I put sun cream on too. Then it was time to go on the rides. My granddad doesn't like the rides so he just sunbathed, while minding our bags, meanwhile we went round the lazy river a few times and headed to the main water rides. Firstly we went on the family rides and luckily there was not a lot of queuing to do, because we got there so early. After that ride we just went on more and more until it was lunchtime. For lunch I had a hot dog and chips but honestly it was not a nice meal. Before we left, we went on the lazy river a few more times and dried off. By 1:30, we were out of the park heading to the Irish bar we always go to. The same man was there from years and years ago and still managed to recognize us. We all just had a drink and while my dad and brother were playing pool and my granddad and uncle went to the golf shop next door, me and my mum were just chatting. We stayed there until 3:00 and then headed back to the villa to get ready for dinner. Once being back at the villa, guess what? everyone went to sleep, but again, I didn't. We left for dinner at 6:15 to another restaurant we like called Applebees. I had buffalo wings for starter, chicken tenders for dinner but I was too full for desert. We came back at 7:30 and just relaxed until we were ready to go to bed.
Saturday 2nd April - Damage day one...
I woke up pretty early today, around 8 O'Clock and I actually got myself ready to go on a jog. It only took me around 20 minutes to have breakfast and get ready before leaving the house to run, run, run. I am not the fastest runner and I can only run for so long until my knees start to hurt, so I headed back after 15 minutes ready to have a shower. All of the boys were playing golf so it was just my mum in the villa so she got a little worried (Oops!). Anyway, came back, showered and got ready for shopping! We left for shopping at about 9:15 as it takes an hour to get there. We headed off just chatting in the car and we parked in the mall, all ready to shop. I am not going to tell you what I bought because there may be a haul but my mum treated me to a few things. We went in PINK, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, Wet Seal, Areopostale, Michael Kors and Sephora. Once we were finished, 1:15, we left and headed back to the villa to join the boys. For the rest of the day, we just chilled, I did some blog work and then at around 3:00, I started getting ready for tonight. I did my makeup, hair, outfit and once I was finished I went back on my phone keeping up with all media. We went out for a meal at Applebees (Can't remember what I had) and then came back and went straight to bed.
Sunday - Damage day two...
Two shopping days in a row, Oops! During the morning we all just chilled, no one went to golf, we all just stayed by the pool and relaxed. By early afternoon, my mum and I went to Maccies to get everyone something to eat, I had 10 chicken nuggets, fries and a milkshake, which was amazing! We then decided what the rest of the day was going to hold, so we left for the designer outlet at 2:30 and my parents spoilt me while I was there, so if you are interested as to know what I got, comment below telling me you want a haul. We went in Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Converse, Nike, Ralph Lauren and it was so much fun. Since Longhorn was right by the outlet, we went there for our dinner and they never disapoint, it was brilliant! Again, after such a long day we all just relax in the villa, watching tv and headed straight for bed.
Monday - We did nothing...
Same old, same old. I woke up usual time (around 8-9 O'Clock) got in some workout gear and went on another run. I have now found out that by going on a run in the early morning really boosts your mood for the rest of the day. I only ran for 10 minutes but I came straight back, got in my bikini and laid out in the sun for a bit. When the boys were back from golf (again) they made lunch and my brother and I played volleyball in the pool for a bit. At this point it was 2:00 so dried off outside and did a little sunbathing. Then I began to get ready and do a few more social media things before going to Applebees for another quick meal. We came home around 8 O'Clock and we all stayed up for a little, playing games, watching tv, but we all just started to drift to sleep, so it was about time we went to bed.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was long. Let me know whether you want Week 2 or not as I could put up something else instead. Have a great day!


  1. jet lag truly sucks but having a amazing trip with family is totally worth it. i never saw sold out in duty fee haha xd

    jess x |

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! X

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I'd love to go to America and that villa you stayed in looked amazing!

  4. I would love to see a week 2, this was so interesting!! xx

    1. I think I will be doing a week two so keep an eye out!

  5. This sounds like the most wonderful trip! I would love to hear about week 2 xo

    1. Thank you, I'm sure I will do a week two!