Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to Not Over Pack!

Hi everyone,
Since it is now the summer holidays in the UK, and a lot of you will be travelling to very exciting places this month, I want to share with you some of my tips when it comes to over packing. As your reading this, I will be in Italy and so I might be a little unactive for the next three weeks, but don't miss me too much, I will be back before you know it. Don't worry posts will still be going up every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday with lots of summer posts! Enjoy!

1. Lists
I am a list maker, lists just help to make me feel very organised and put together. When travelling the last thing you want to do is bring all the wrong things and forget the necessities. A few days before I begin packing, I like to make lists of what clothes, toiletries, makeup and carry on I am taking with me. This way I know what I need to buy and I can tick it off once it is packed. To-do lists are also very useful for travelling as you don't want to forget something, emails, jobs or something you will not be able to do while your away.

2. Research
Know where you are going. Look at the weather, check what you will be doing and pack your clothes and beauty products to suit that. There is no point in bringing loads of jeans and over-sized jumpers if your going somewhere that is 35 degrees. By knowing the weather and what you will be doing you can then pack what you will need.

3. Be Realistic
If your going away for 7 days there is no need bringing 10 pairs of shorts, you can re-wear clothes when your on holiday, it doesn't kill anyone. Look at it in a bigger perspective, if your going for a short trip bring a realistic amount of clothes that can mix and match. If your going on a longer holiday, bring more but not so much that you have a different outfit everyday because you are likely to re-wear lots of things.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know whether you want a part two to this post. Whether you are going on holiday or not, I hope you have a great summer and stay safe. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. I loved this! I personally think I am ok with packing as I always gets scared I will leave something behind
    Amy xx

  2. Ahh I love making lists too, just makes me feel so much more organised even if I'm not actually hehe x
    Morgan | www.justmorgs.com

  3. Lovely post! I always make lists to make sure I don't forget anything but I definitely need to be more realistic when packing!x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. I can never face being realistic, I just want to take everything with me haha!xx

  4. creating a list helps a lot!! x

  5. Research is the first thing I do! I never want to end up in a place that is suoer hot and only have jeans and jumpers with me xx