Tuesday, 30 August 2016

August Favorites!

Hi everyone,
Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the things I have loved throughout August. As you know, I didn't do a July favorites because I was in the middle of my holiday but I did a holiday favorites blog post (linked here) which wasn't too long ago but I still wanted to do an August favorites. I also want to apologies for this photo, I know it isn't great but I have been struggling with flat lay backgrounds so this is the best one I had. Let's just start!

NYX Matte Bronzer in Fair - I have had this for quite a while and when I didn't take it on holiday I realized just how much I loved it. The colour is very light so if your super fair then this is one I would really recommend but I like how it has a red tone to it instead of an orange tone. I also tend to lean towards matte bronzers as I just prefer the effect it gives and I find it really hard to find a drugstore matte bronzer but NYX offers them in loads of shades which I think is great. The consistency is very bendable and pigmented which is super nice too.
Kiko Lip Oil - I bought this near the start of August and I have used it almost everyday since. Lip oils are something I haven't heard much about but they have came into lots of beauty brands recently so I picked up one from Kiko in France. I now prefer lip oils over lip balms thanks to this because I like it absorbs really fast but even when it's dried my lips don't feel chapped. I like to use this first before starting my makeup and by the time it comes to applying my lip product, my lips are super smooth and nourished.
Rucci Professional Stipple Brush - This is not a brush brand I am familiar with but I am in love with this brush. I bought this from TKMax in Germany and it was a couple of euros and I really with I bought more of these because they are amazing. The fibers are super soft and they pick up the perfect amount of product. Recently, I have really been loving this for bronzer and blush but it works great for foundation, powder and cream product as well. I can now call this one of my favorite brushes of all time, I don't think I would do my makeup without it.
Barry M Nail Polishes - If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you would know that I am a huge fan of Barry M nail polishes so now that it is the summer holidays and there is no school, it means I can wear more nail polish. The two colours I have been loving the most is the Gelly Hi-Shine in the shade Grapefruit and the Speedy Quick Dry in the shade Kiss Me Quick. They are both super appropriate for summer and Barry M never disappoint with their formulations.

Messy Buns - I haven't really been trying out many hair products recently but there is a style I have been wearing a lot and that is messy buns. Since it is summer I prefer my hair to be up and out of my way but I feel like I don't suit a ponytail so a bun is the perfect style for me. Most days I tend to just throw it up in a bun and it takes a total of one minute which is great for when I am in a rush.

Skincare/ Body Care
La Roche Posay Serozinc - I know that this sounds like a super posh product but it is just a spray toner. My mum bought me this for my birthday and I have used it since. You all know how much I love my Lush spray toner but this is a little more of a fine mist and more cooling. This is really good for oily and spot prone skin which is what I have and once the toner has set in it gives my skin a more matte finish. I have noticed my skin thanking me for using this as it does calm down a lot of my spots and redness.

Topshop Satin Bomber Jacket - I don't actually have a picture of this but I have linked it in the title but you might have seen it in my what I got for my birthday blog post. I really love the quality of this jacket, it's super light weight and it goes with a lot of things. The colour of it is very beautiful, it has a silver/pink tone to it which I think really complements my tan. Since it is summer I have been leaning towards this jacket over my others because it is light weight so it doesn't make me feel heavy and it doesn't make me feel like I am over heating in the sun. I also like the fact that I can tie it around my waist because I find that rare for a going-out jacket.

House of Anubis - I use to watch this programme a lot when I was younger because it was on Nickelodeon but since it was on Netflix I had to watch it again. The show is very clever and well thought out which I really like because I find that rare in a teen TV show. I was so obsessed with this programme that I actually watched both seasons in four days remembering that there is about 30 episodes in each lasting 20 minutes, it's a bit of an understatement to say I was obsessed. 
Gossip Girl - I have finally gotten round to finishing this because I put it off for a very long time but I am so happy to have finally finished it. The characters in this show are some of my all time favorite characters, the show is a little more realistic then House of Anubis as it is something most of us could relate to it. I would highly recommend this to anyone because it is a very good show, it is a little long because it is six seasons but it is all worth a watch.
The Vampire Diaries - This could be a cheat because I have only started watching this the last two days but to prove how much I love it, I am already on season 2 (there was 22 episodes in season 1 all 40 minutes each, a little obsessed). I have put off watching this for so long because there was so much hype over it but I can totally see why. The whole show is so clever and well thought out because there is so much depth to each character. I cannot wait to watch more!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you have been loving this month. Also let me know what posts you want from me over the next few months. Have a great day!
Grace xx


  1. those nail polishes are gorgeous! x

    jess x | https://wellwellgirls.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I love Barry M too! Great post
    Amy <3

  3. I love BarryM, definitely one of the best polish brands out there :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  4. the Kiss Me Quick Barry M nail polish is my favourite nail polish ever! :) x


  5. Lovely post! I always through my hair up in a bun when I do school work, as my hair always gets in my face xx

    1. It's so quick and easy, I am obsessed!xx

  6. I love Barry M especially now as they have changed the brushes! OMG House of Anubis! I thought I was the only teenager who is OBSESSED, I used to watch it in school and college haha! Xx

    1. Thank god I am not the only one, it is so good!xx

  7. I love Barry M, messy buns and house of anubis too its so good! Ive watched the first 2 seasons of gossip girl but i also stopped watching it, I will have to pick it back up again :)
    My Blog

    1. Honestly when you pick it back up again, you will love it even more!xx