Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Super Affordable Online Beauty Haul!

(Disclaimer - This post might be in collaboration with a brand but I am not being paid to say anything, all opinions and thoughts are my own. I genuinely love this brand and want to share it with you.)
Hi everyone,
Today I am going to be doing a haul which is something I do quite often on my blog but this one is a little different. Since it is back to school season and Christmas is soon approaching, I wanted to share with you an online website that sells endless beauty products for crazy affordable prices. I think you all are going to really like this website as a lot of the products you can't actually buy in your local Boots or Superdrug! Lets begin!
I got in contact with the brand Nur Besten and they told me all about their online website where they sell a range of products all very affordable. They asked me if I would be interested in working with them to spread the word about there shop, after taking a look on their website I obviously said yes, they let me pick out five products of my choice I now I am reporting back.

Shipping Information!
If you do go and check out this website you might realize that it is in German and euro prices, and I know that most of my readers are from the UK and so I wanted to make sure that you are all able to get products from this site wherever you are. You can easily translate the website to any currency or language and I did email the brand about shipping information and they say that it is free shipping worldwide. If you live in the UK it is predicted to come within three to four weeks but mine actually took less. Even though the package is coming from another country they say that you are not likely to get charged customs which is great because I know a lot of companies that do charge (quite a bit!). 

Package Review!
When my package arrived it was a day less then three weeks which I thought was great because I was expecting it to come a lot later. It came in a sealed package and all the products inside where very well protected with layers and layers of bubble wrap, it actually took me a solid 20 minutes to unwrap it all. None of the products came damaged and they all came in one package. Overall the shipping and package where very successful.
Let's start with the haul!

First thing was something I have been wanting to try for a while and that is an oval brush. These have recently taken over the makeup world with endless instagramers using them. I wanted to give them a go for myself so I picked up this one. It is fairly small which is what I was expecting because I thought that this would be great for cream contour. This brush does come in three colours, gold, silver and rose gold, I went for the rose gold and it is super beautiful. I have used this a few times and I do really like it, it is very dense and blends out creams like a dream but I am not fully use to it yet. I am still lacking in practice, but this cost around £12 which I think is great because the of the super high quality.

Next thing is kind of related to brushes an that is a silicon brush cleaner. If you have seen my how I clean my makeup brushes blog post (linked here) you will know that I use a silicon cleansing pad to clean my brushes with and so I wanted to try out this one. It is in a super cute heart shape with four different engravings on it, you can get it in eleven different colours and I chose the purple one. I have used this once and I am obsessed, I prefer it so much more over my cleansing pad, it just does an amazing job at removing all of the dirt from my brushes. When I clean my brushes I tend to use the bottom of the heart with the circles on it as I find it works the best. It is fairly big and it is also really affordable, I think it was less than £1 which I think is an absolute steal.

I obviously couldn't do this order without getting some actual makeup so I bought this concealer palette which I have seen around the place so I thought I would give it a go. This doesn't have a brand or shade but it comes with fifteen concealer shades three of which are colour correctors and the rest range from light to dark, warm to cool. I have used this once or twice and I think it is quite nice. The creams themselves are very thick but if you dampen whatever brush you use to apply it with you get a good consistency. They work really well with that oval brush and my two favorite shades are the green and the one in the top right corner. I wouldn't actually use this to concealer with because the coverage isn't very high but to cream contour, prime eyes, carve out my brows, anything like that, it works great for. This was super cheap as well, it was about £12 for fifteen concealers which is just insane.

Final makeup product is a blusher because I feel like that is what my makeup collection lacks in. This one is from the brand Efolar which is a brand I am not aware of but I am very impressed with this. You get the choice of five shades and the pictures on the website are very true to colour I find so I went for shade 1 which is a light, peachy pink. I really like the packaging of this because you get he blusher which is fairly big, and then you flip it and you get a brush (which isn't all that good) and a mirror which is great for travelling. The blusher itself is very nice, it is quite dry in the way that it is not buttery feeling when you swatch it but it is very pigmented and it lasts for a very long time which I think is rare in a blusher. This also cost around £3 which is just amazing for a compact blush, so I think I might get a few more shades of this.

Final product of this haul is another brush. I have been looking for a tapered blending brush for quite a while so when I found this I bought it straight away. This brush doesn't have a brand but it is a very dense, tapered eye brush. I was very surprised by this because it is so much more dense then what I thought so I don't actually use it for blending, I use it for creams. When I apply my eye base, colour corrector or spot concealer, I use this brush. I tend the stipple it and that works best for me since it distributes the product nicely, it is very soft gentle on the skin. Even though it was not what I expected it to be I still, somehow found a purpose for it, and I didn't break the bank I think it cost around £2 which is just crazy!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments whether you like the look of any of these products. The link to the website is here and on the side bar of my blog is a discount code which you are able to use to get 10% off your purchase. Happy shopping! Have a great day!

Grace xx


  1. the concealer palette looks really good! the brush cleaner looks amazing! lovely post:) x


  2. These products sound great! xo