Saturday, 29 October 2016

10 Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas!

Sadly, this year I am not doing anything for Halloween but I thought I would still share with you some really quick and easy costume ideas. When I do go out for Halloween, I usually put all of the effort into my hair and makeup and just wear an all black outfit, and all the the costume ideas I am sharing with you today, could easily be paired with a super basic outfit.
*I got all of these pictures off Pinterest, I did not take them myself!*

Vampire - You could choose any kind of vampire but I think the ones from The Vampire Diaries represent the costume idea the best. For your makeup, give yourself a pale base, deep and dark chiseled features, dark eye shadow, red lipstick and some veins/ cracks going down under your eyes. You could have your hair however you want for this and for your outfit, all black is great and maybe a cape.
Cat - I went as this last year so I will link the blog post here where I talked about my hair makeup and outfit. A cat is quite self explanatory, give yourself and black nose, cat flick liner and some whiskers. You can wear some cat ears (or make them out of your hair like I did) and wear an all black outfit, maybe with a tail. This is probably one of the easiest and it is super easy.
Harley Quinn - I feel like this will be a super popular look this year and it's super easy. On one side of your face add pops of blue to the eyes and do the same on the other side but with some red and draw a black heart on your cheek. For your hair you can wear it in some messy bunches and if you want to go that little bit further, dye the ends of your hair to the corresponding colour on the side of your face.
Doll - Depending on whether you want to look scary or glam this is completely up to you. You can wear a flawless base with white liner in your water line to open up you eyes, big fluffy lashes, some barbie pink lipstick, and if you want to look scary you could always add some cracks to your face to make you look like a broken doll. You could wear your hair however you want with this look and for your outfit, keep it super girly and colourful.
Day of the Dead - This is all about the face, a super plain outfit and basic hair will really emphasis the face. There are endless designs for you to recreate for this look but all you will really need to some black, white and maybe red face paint. You can look at the pictures below to see which one takes your fancy and they will all give the same effect.
Mermaid - There is a very handy life hack going round on how to achieve "scales" on your cheek bones and that is with fishnet tights. For your makeup you can just give yourself a flawless base, pop the fishnet tights over your head, take some coloured eye shadow (any colour, but blue and purple are most common) and apply them as if it was bronzer or contour, on your cheekbones and temples. Take the fishnet tights off and finish off the look with some highlighter (everywhere) and a nude glossy lip. You can give you hair some super loose curls, very beachy, and keep your outfit plain.
Dark Angel - This one is super easy and quite similar to the vampire one. Keep your base very pale, go with a dark smokey eye, black lip and some dramatic, dark contour. Keep your hair how you want it and for you outfit, all black with maybe some black wings or a halo.
Pop Art - I think this one is super cute and you can change up to suit you style. You will need some white, blue, yellow, red and black liner. You can do whatever design you like but make sure white dots cover your whole face and everything is outlined in black. Maybe the photo will help you inspiration.
Stitched Mouth - I think this one is probably the hardest but the effect it gives is totally worth it! You can do what ever you want on the eyes and face but on the lips you will need some black and red shadows and some white or black liner. There are loads of ways of interpreting this so you could do it with some actual thread and glue or just with liner. You can keep the rest of the look very plain as everyone will be focused on the mouth.
Galaxy - I love this one, it's super pretty and colourful. You will need some blue, pink and purple eye shadows and a white liner. The design and where you put it is completely up to you but I think it looks quite nice when they are acting like freckles. You could do this design all over you face for a more intense look or make it quite subtle on just a certain part of your face. For your hair you could dye it a colour that corresponds to the colours you have chosen to do on your face of you could just leave it how it is.

Comment below what your going as for Halloween!
Grace xx

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  1. I am not celebrating Halloween but I love the pop art and galaxy makeup. I usually go as a cat for Halloween because I never know what to go as xx