Sunday, 13 November 2016

Chatty Pamper Routine!

Autumn is the season were I constantly makeup excuses to pamper myself, so I though today was only right to share with you what I do on a pamper routine.

Most of you might already know this, but I can't pamper myself unless I feel as though I deserve it. That means normally the first thing I do is something that needs to be done. It could be anything from homework, to blog posts, to chores, to even shopping but at least I do something so I can justify pampering myself.

I am not the biggest bath person, I would much rather have a shower than have a bath so even if I am pampering myself, I will just have a shower. When I am in the shower I will normally do everything I need to, wash my hair, shave, wash my body, exfoliate, cleanse and anything else. I love having long showers, just to have some me time, and time to think (about literally everything).

Once I am out of the shower, the first thing I will do is play some music, it could be anything depending on my mood. I will throw on some super cosy pyjamas, moisturize my body, put some oil in my hair and allow it to air dry, then I will prepare a face mask. I am constantly forgetting to use my face masks but when I do use them, I can tell such a difference. I will just do that and then while the mask is drying, I will paint my nails, file them, cut them and then do my toes and at this point my mask will be ready to take off. After I have rinsed the mask off, I will just continue with the rest of my skincare. 

Now I am all healthy on the outside, I will take care of my insides. I have usually had my dinner before I begin pampering myself so there is room for desert at this point. Sometimes I will just have a hot chocolate or maybe some ice cream depending on what I fancy, but a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows usually sounds ideal. While I am just finishing desert, I will finish off some internet stuff and once that is done, I can fully relax.

At this point, I am sort of tired and ready to wind down. On a pamper routine I will read a book over watching a film because I am usually staring at my laptop during the day most of the time anyway so of an evening I always try to read. This just ends the evening perfectly and soon after reading, I will just doze off to bed.

What do you do on a pamper routine?


  1. I love this post, its so authentic!! I don't usually have a pamper routine, I just usually have a nice bath, and maybe have a baileys and apply some nice body lotions.

    Have a great day xx

  2. This sounds such a perfect evening! I am in the mood for a pamper evening now xx