Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Thank You For 2 Years!

Honestly, I never thought that I would ever say, today, November 23rd 2016, I have been writing my blog for two years. Two years, I started my blog on Sunday, 23rd November 2013, I was only 12 and had no idea on where it would take me. I thought today I would write a bit of an appreciation post.

If you have been here since the beginning you will remember my old name "Gracesss" I have no idea why I thought that was a good name, but I did have it for about 9 months but not going to lie, I'm glad I changed it. I remember the day I started my blog, like it was yesterday, it was a Sunday afternoon and I was bored out of my mind. At this point, I had a slight obsession with Youtube and I had considered starting a blog, but I spontaneously started it on this day, with no intentions of carrying it on, I just wanted a space online were I could talk about the random-est of things and anyone could read. I remember signing up to my Gmail account and being so excited to start something new. As soon as I got my Gmail account, I went straight to blogger and started designing my first page. Sadly I don't have a photo of it anymore, but let's just say it was extremely basic. I then wrote my first blog post, introducing everyone to my blog (link is here if you still want to read it). I was honestly so excited to see where blogging would take me. 

After setting up my blog, I just started writing blog posts, taking pictures of beauty products but I wasn't educated what so ever on the blogging world. I did not know any bloggers until a few months after I started, I also didn't have any social media to help promote my blog posts at all. In about January I finally made a blog instagram and it was one of my best decisions, I love my Instagram so much and it goes hand in hand with my blog. Since having an Instagram and later, Twitter, I have had constant love from all of you lovely readers.

Since having my blog, I have learnt so much, about myself, blogging and beauty. I never intend my blog to last this long, or have lots of amazing readers but I honestly don't know where I would be if I didn't have my blog. I am so passionate about the things I talk about and I probably don't say it enough, but I am so grateful to have an amazing community of people (too many to name, but you all know who you are) who support me and love what I do!
It makes me so happy when I get lovely comments or dms telling me how much you all love my blog, or the photos I take or the things I talk about. I am so glad I found people who have the same passion as me, who have the same ambitions as me and I could not thank the blogging community enough for helping me get where I am right now, or for pushing me and encouraging me when things got low. I am honestly so lucky!

I hope to keep writing my blog for many more years to come, I hope to meet more bloggers and readers so we can talk and share our loves, I also hope you reading this right now continue to love what I do and do nothing but spread positivity on these platforms.
Last but not least, I would just like to say thank you!
Grace xx



  2. I have been reading your blog for ages now and it is so lovely seeing you and it develop! I can't wait to see you progress even more. Congrats on two years!! xx

  3. YES GRACE! congrats and I'm looking forward to your blogmas posts!
    Emily (are you proud I actually commented for once lol)

  4. Wow - 2 years have flown by! Let's hope there's many more filled with your fabulous content to come ♡ Lily xx