Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Book or the Film? - Wonder film review

I think it was the end of last year when I finished Wonder written by the incredible Raquel J. Palacio and at the time, I had no idea that it was going to be turned into a film. Only a couple of weeks back did I realise that Wonder the film was going to be out in cinemas and so my mum and I went to watch it.
After reading the book and hearing that it was going to become a film, I was a little cautious. I think we all get a bit like that when a great book you have read is being turned into a film, as we don't want it to ruin the characters we make up in our heads or whether they miss out key details, change plots, play with speech and text, there is just a lot that could go wrong. 
I did see the trailer and cast before watching the film which did put my crazy fears of this book being ruined aside because Julia Roberts was playing the mum of Auggie, as well as a few other well known actors/actresses. Julia Roberts for me is a well loved actress, I think she is so incredible and I could have totally imagined her playing the role of the mum in this book. As for the trailer, I immediately loved how accurate the kept it to the film with some of the key quotes and descriptions kept in mind, I was expecting great things.
As for the film, there is a lot I want to say about it but in few words quickly, I loved it. If you have came to read this post to hear what the film is about then this is probably not the best place, I would recommend watching the trailer to get an idea for the film. Quickly though the book is about a boy called Auggie who was born with facial deformity and he is starting public school for the first time. Obviously, the book is about a lot more than that but that is the baseline. 
I thought the way Auggie looked was actually very close to what I had imagined while reading the book. Having a character with a facial deformity must have been quite challenging to get right for the film because it needs to look realistic but it needs to still look like a deformity and I think that they did the job very well. 
As for the rest of the characters, I thought that each of them, for the most part, really suited their roles. Obviously, not all of them are going to be how you imagined them but after watching the film, each cast member really did match their characters.
The scenes and the way the film moved, I think, couldn't have been any closer to the book if they had tried and I loved that they did that. The book was so well written and each thing that happened in the book was so relevant that I am glad they kept it all in. 
As for the film as a whole, there are so many amazing concepts and ideas that were handled. From grieve to bullying to family difficulties to friendships, I really think that this film captures it all. I also think that it really highlights the toll bullying can take on such a vulnerable person. This film really did show the frustration and resilience these character had to go through, it shows people learning who is good for them and who is a bad influence. As cheesy as it is, this book really proves that being different and unique is something that shouldn't be hidden, it should be embraced and I think that was the best thing I took out of that film.
You have been warned, this film is incredibly emotional. I tend to be quite a emotionless person when it comes to films and books and maybe just life in general. Whilst reading the book I didn't cry but seeing it on a screen, seeing the characters react in a way I had imagined just really pulled the heartstrings. Julia Roberts for me was incredible at showing the bond between a mother and child, her emotional scenes had me in pieces. In general though, I think all of the actors/actresses really had a connection to their role and it really showed because each of them really captured the emotion for me. 
Even though I have just made this film sound heartbreaking, there are some really good pieces of humor in it, especially between some of the friendships in this film. With it being based around young children, they come out with some really funny lines. Generally speaking this is a film that will make you cry one minute but laugh the next. 
I feel like I have just babbled on so I think I am going to end it there but if you haven't already been able to tell. I absolutely loved this film and I would recommend it to anyone. I think why I loved it so much was because of how realistic it was and I also put that down to being why I was so emotional to. A lot of the family scenes in this, I could really relate to and with this film also being based around bullying, it does highlight the impact of it and also, just how cruel it can be especially of kids that age. Do let me know if you have seen this film and if not do you want to?
Grace xx

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Beauty Bay Black Friday Haul

I don't think Black Friday has ever been as good as this years! As much as I want to save and spend my money on love ones this Christmas, I couldn't help but sneak onto Beauty Bay to have a little splurge. The whole of the Beauty Bay website was 30% off and so I went a little mad but managed to knock it down to these great pieces and I got them all for such a steal so I wanted to share them.
Starting with LA Girl, one of my favourite brands you can get from Beauty Bay, I made a little repurchase and something quite new to try. One of my favourite concealers of all time is the LA Pro Conceal Concealer in Porcelain and so with it being 30% I had to get it again as my own was almost finished. 
My other little LA Girl purchase was their White Pro Coverage Foundation which I am so excited to test and trial. This is something I think is going to come into great use because a lot of my foundations are too dark for me so this seems like the perfect thing. I have not tried this out yet, but once I have, I will let you know if it is a game changer.
Next up is something I have been waiting to try for ages and I finally picked it up. It is the ever so famous Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. I have been a little bored of my current blushes in my collection and just because I have heard so many great things about this one, I just need to try it. I have only swatched it so far and it is crazy pigmented, saying that though, it is also quite powdery, so I am going to see how thing plays out on the face.
Misslyn is a brand that I definitely want to try more from and so I picked up this bronzer and contouring powder in Beach Please. This packaging gives me proper The Balm vibes and I really wanted to put it to the test to see whether it is my new favourite drugstore bronzer. This bronzer was so affordable and the quality feels amazing, I also got quite lucky since this shade looks pretty good for me.
I was in desperate need of a new highlighter brush and so I picked up a super popular one known as the Morphe M510. I knew I needed to try this out, so many people claim it is the best highlighter brush ever and it looks like it has potential. It has a really long handle which feels a bit weird to me but hopefully it all works out well and this becomes a new staple brush in my collection
One of my many makeup addictions is single pan eye shadows especially Makeup Geek ones and so when they were on 30% I had to pick up a few more on my wishlist. I really want to do an updated Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Collection so let me know if you want to see that, but I don't really want to go into too much detail on the shades I picked up in case that post does fall through. 
The first shade I got was Beaches and Cream which is a matte light nude colour. I thought this would be perfect just as a super basic crease colour for any look I am doing. 
I then got the shade Chickadee which is a yellowish orange, again another matte. Since I am constantly wearing warm tones, I thought that this would make a staple crease colour.
Third shade was Bitten which is a matte deep purplish. I wanted this because I thought it would make a more wearable dark shade, rather than using a black. I also think I could create some really pretty smokey eyes which this shade.
Final eye shadow I got, and the final product in this haul is the shade Time Travel. This is a super dark teal shade, and like all of the rest, a matte. On the website this looked more like a dark green but in real life, it has a bit more of a blue tone but I am not mad at it. I have really been trying to experiment with some more colour on my eyes recently, especially blues and greens as they are not my typical orange and red shades so when I saw this on Beauty Bay, I really wanted it.
Swatches top to bottom: Bitten, Time Travel, Chickadee, Beaches and Cream, Beach Please, Luminoso

What did you pick up in the Black Friday sales?
Grace xx

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Three !

Thank you is what I want to get across in this post today. A lot of you might not actually know this but three years ago today, I set up a gmail account, created a blog, wrote and posted my first ever blog post  and three years is a flippin long time especially on a platform like this. I started this blog when I was only 12 years old, probably a bit clueless from the start, but it was the best decision I have ever made. Now I am 15, sitting my GCSEs next year and after that, moving onto the start of m career. It's crazy that majority of my high school life and the early years of my teenage years, have been documented on my blog. Obviously, my blog is your typical beauty blog but I can tell just by reading my old content just how much I have changed and grows as not only a blogger but as a person. The girl you image writing this now was completely different to the girl setting up that account three years ago, some changes good and some bad. 
I guess I have just gone on a bit of a tangent there but I just want to thank you. Whether this is the first post that you have read by me or whether you have been with me near the start, I really appreciate you reading the words I type and looking at the pictures I take. I genuinely don't think that anyone read my first few blog posts when I first posted them because I didn't really know what blogging was, I just wanted to give it a go and I went in completely blind. Now though, I am surrounded by some of the most supportive people in my life, and a lot of them probably don't know it but they do a lot for me by just commenting on a few of my blog posts with the nicest complements.
Who knows what the future holds, but I really hope to have this little thing for a long time. I know I have been a little all over the place recently and I don't really fancy listing my excuses but it is just the combination of lost motivation, no ideas and just being very busy from an educational point of view. That doesn't mean that I want my blog to take a back seat but that is just the way it has happened recently, but hopefully, I will be back next week posting to normal. 
Back onto the topic again now though, I just want everyone who is reading this to know that I am so grateful for them. Genuinely, having a blog has been one of the very few things that I love to do and I hope that shows by how long I have been doing it for. I would not be typing this right now if I didn't love and adore what I do. Makeup, beauty, fashion and just having a little chat via some pictures and some typing is what makes me happy is the way to put it simply. I have such a passion for what I do and I hope that comes across.
Apologies for making this post so long and a bit all over the place, but summing it up, thank you for the best three years and I can't wait for what the future holds. I love you all so much,
Grace xx

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Current Favourite Songs ATM

I would like to think that I have quite the variety of music taste, and at the moment, it is covering a whole lot of genres and decades so I wanted to share this mix with you all. If you have any music recommendations could you please comment them because I love listening to new music and rediscovering some that I may have forgotten about.

Post Malone - Rockstar
This song doesn't really scream me but there is just something about it that I really love. I haven't really heard a lot from Post Malone but I definitely want to after becoming obsessed with this song because I really love it. I love beat and I just think it is a really good song

Matt Terry - Sucker For You
I know Matt Terry won X Factor but I never warmed to him that much while he was on the show but when this song just randomly came on m Spotify, I gave it a try and I actually quite like it. Vocally, I think it is really good and the song itself is quite unique. It is one of those songs that can get stuck in your head very quickly so you have been warned.

Dion - Runaround Sue
Sticking to that X Factor theme, Sam Black who is a contestant this year actually sang this song for his first audition and after I heard him sing it, I instantly fell back in love with this song. Runaround Sue was released in 1961, so it is fairly old but I love the whole vibe of it. I listened to music a lot like this when I was a lot younger and I forgot just how much I loved this sort of music. It is such a feel good song and after hearing Sam Black sing it again, it has became part of my daily playlist.

Pray - Sam Smith
I don't need to tell you, but Sam Smith's new album is just perfection. I have always been a huge fan of Sam Smith and I didn't think his albums could get any better, but it just did. His album has been on repeat since it has been released but if I had to pick a favourite song, currently it is Pray, but then again, it is always changing. I really love this album because it is like nothing in the charts at the moment. I also really love the soulful and religious style of his music on this album, it is so different but still so powerful and raw which I love. You need to listen to this album if you haven't already.

How Long - Charlie Puth
Again, I have loved Charlie Puth's music for a while now and his new single was no exception so I cannot wait for his album. How Long is such a catchy song and it just makes you want to dance. I also really love Charlie's voice, it is so different to any other artist and it is so refreshing to hear.

What Lovers Do - Maroon 5 ft. SZA
Another super catchy song that just makes you want to dance around your room. Maroon 5 are so great at coming up with the best super fun songs and this one was probably my favourite one that they have released all year. I love the beat of this and just the how composition of the song is great. Definitely worth a listen.

Nirvana - Sam Smith
Back onto Sam Smith, but this song is a little older that I have just rediscovered. The vocals on this song are just insane and as much as I attempt to sound like Sam Smith, you just can't. After rediscovering this song, you can't stop me from listening to it.

River - Bishop Briggs
Another random kind of song but I just love it. I love the powerful and motivational impact this song has on me, it just makes me feel so great. I love how this song climaxes and you just need to listen to it.

What is your current favourite song?
Grace xx

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Fall Glam Makeup Look - Dark Red Lip and Gold Eyes

I love a good dramatic makeup look all year round, but especially in autumn/ winter, it just all ties in so well. With it being autumn and winter, the darker lips and gold eyes are coming out so I wanted to do a little makeup look dedicated to those two things. 
Even though this look includes a dramatic eye look, which I will do first, I just prefer to prime first before anything because while I am doing my eyes, it will also the base to get tacky and set before foundation. For this look, I used the Urban Decay Self Adjusting Primer because I wanted something that was going to make me look flawless and I wanted a full coverage base just because I feel like it looks great with a dark lip. This primer is so lovely and I really don't talk about it enough, it is pricey but it is definitely something that the high street don't offer.
For eyes now, I am just priming them with the concealer I will use later and I am also setting them with the face powder that I will also mention later. For actual shadow though, I am starting with Makeup Geek Early Bird just in the crease and making sure that I blend it super well so that the look is super seamless and pretty. I am then using Freedom Bad Behaviour on a small crease brush but still blending that super well but just focusing it more on the lower portion of the crease. Finally for the crease and the outer corner, I am using Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear on an even small brush and focusing that right on the outer portion of the crease but I will still blend that so there is no harsh lines. For the star of the show, I am using Freedom Gold Digger on a damp flat eye brush and just packing that on all over the lid. This will cause a little fallout so that is why we have done the eyes first but the finish is just so metallic and bold that a little fallout is worth it. Just to finish of the eye shadow, I am highlighting my inner corner and brow bone with a bit of Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma just to bring in a little more light into the eyes again. For mascara I am using the Collection Volumax Waterproof on my top and bottom lashes. I love this mascara for a bold look like this because it is super black so it just helps to match up to the dramatic shadow.

Onto the base now, like I said before, I wanted something full coverage, so I am using my favourite which is the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation. This is such a beautiful foundation that just makes you look incredible. I would definitely recommend it, especially for the price. Sticking with the full coverage, I am using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer just to highlight my under eyes, chin and nose. I like to use this with a sponge just so it is not too heavy and doesn't crease. To also prevent creasing, I am setting my under eyes and anywhere else I have highlighted with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana and Vanilla Powders. These mixed just gives the perfect highlight under the eyes which just helps to brighten up my complexion. For the rest of my face though, I am using the littlest bit of powder just because the foundation is quite a satin finish so I don't want to mattify it too much. I am using the LA Girl Pro Powder just one a huge fluffy brush and I am pressing it into my skin.

This order is a little all over the place, but I am going to do my brows now and for that I am using the Collection Brow Powder in Blonde and Dark Brown. I like to mix both shades of this, keeping the lighter shade nearer the front of my brow and creating a bit of a gradient. These are fairly new brow products in my collection and I am still learning to use them but so far they are quite nice. If you do decide to try these though just be careful if you are heavy handed because sometimes you can apply way too much product at once and that could make or break your look so you have been warned. As always I am just setting that too with some clear gel, my preferred choice is the Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Clear.

Finishing off the face now with some bronzer, my choice being the Makeup Revolution Matte Bronzer which I have totally fallen in love with recently. It is just such a natural colour and finish and it just looks so good on the skin. Adding a bit more structure to my face now with some contour. Again, my favourite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Fawn Powder, it is the perfect undertone that is not too grey. It also blends like a dream and doesn't go patchy which is what you want when you are not too great at contour yet. Onto blush and highlighter, both of which I am using out of the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Native which is an oldie but a goodie and a face palette I'd recommend to anyone.

Finally for the lips, I am using the NYX Suede Lip Liner in all over the lips for that super dark, rich red lip that we all love so much in winter. You can leave this matte if you want, but I just love gloss, so on the centre of the lips I am using the Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Fairy Floss. This gloss doesn't really give off too much colour but it just makes your lips look a little plumper which I love.
What do you think of this makeup look?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Sunday, 5 November 2017

What Makeup I'm Taking To Berlin

Even though it has been about a week since I was in Berlin, I thought that there is still a chance I could get a few posts up. Almost every time I go travelling, I tend to do a post exactly like this and while I think that sometimes it gets repetitive, you all seem to love them, and I actually find them really useful to look back on. I also really love reading other people's versions of this post as they just give me an idea of what peoples tips and tricks are for when packing their makeup for a holiday.
I did only go to Berlin for 2 nights and I did only have hand luggage so I needed to pack very harshly, but I think I did a good job so I am just going to start.
For base, I packed two mini primers, one from Mac and one from Benefit. These have been sitting in my draws for a while, half used so I just thought I would bring them both, finish them both while I was in Berlin, and just bin them in the hotel so I have a little space left in my liquids bag. Carrying on with base, I brought the L'Oreal True Match for the same reason as the primers. I only had about three pumps left and so I brought it with me so that I could finish it while I was away. This probably wasn't the most educated decision but I can't only wear one concealer, I have to mix at least two. I brought the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for my more full coverage concealer and the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer to lighten it up a little and to not make it as heavy. My Seventeen concealer was also running out so I put that in the bin, in the hotel as well. I am going to skip a little and do the palette last which has a bunch of face powders in but for blush I brought my ride or die which is the Kiko Blush in Provocative Pink.
I tried to keep my brow products as small and compact as possible but I also wanted a product that was super quick and easy to use. The Freedom Duo Brow Powder was my choice just because it is so easy to use and you just can't go wrong with it. I also brought a mini brow gel from Primark just because it was super small and it takes up no space at all.
Skipping the eye shadow, because that is in the palette too, for eye liner, I brought the Seventeen Eye Kohl Liner in Black just because it is my favourite black liner. I probably could have done without it, but it takes up no room and it is just a good product to have in case I could've wanted to add some more definition to my eyes. For mascara I brought a mini Benefit one, just because it was so small and even though it was fairly full, I still threw it away as I just didn't like it as much as I thought I did and I knew I wouldn't have used it if I brought it back home with me.
Lips was probably the hardest for me to pack just because I wanted to take so many with me. For a lip balm, I brought the Tangerine EOS, just to help prevent my lips from getting chapped. For lip products I brought the Mac Oh Honey Lip Liner, because I can't wear any lip product without a liner on underneath and this is just my current favourite. I brought Mac Velvet Teddy for a dark nude, Jeffree Star Cosmetic Liquid Lip in I'm Nude, for a lighter nude option and then I also brought the Colourpop Mini Lippie Stick in Cookie, just because it was so small, I was great just to have in case I wanted to touch up throughout the day. I obviously couldn't have packed without a gloss, so I brought the NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie, it goes with everything so this was just a simple decision really, plus the packaging is fairly small for a gloss so perfect for my little liquids bag.
As I was packing, I cam to the decision that I would just use an empty magnetic palette an fill it with as many different products as possible. I actually think that this worked perfectly and it is probably going to be something I do all of the time now. In case you want to know about the empty magnetic palette, it is by Freedom and it is honestly so great, it comes with a mirror as well which is great because nothing else I was bringing really had a big clear mirror. I am just going to list all of the single pans I brought with me now and then explain a little about some soon.
- Freedom Highlighting Powder in Queen
- Freedom Highlighting Powder in Bad Habit
- ABH Powder in Banana
- ABH Powder in Vanilla
- ABH Powder in Havana
- ABH Powder in Fawn
- Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma
- Makeup Geek Early Bird
- Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun
- Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear
- Freedom Shadow in Gold Digger
- Freedom Shadow in Sweet Life
- Freedom Shadow in Burnt Bridges
- Colourpop Single Shadow in Issues
When putting together this palette, I managed to fit in my face powder, under eye powder, contour, bronzer, highlighter and a huge variety of eye shadows. I also had a lot more space than what I actually needed so I did add a few things in that I probably didn't need to, but there was not harm in that. Everything I packed were my favourites of favourites, I didn't want to bring a loose powder to set my under eyes so I brought my ABH powders, I probably didn't need that extra highlighter because Shimma Shimma works beautifully on the cheekbones, but I had the room so I just brought it anyway, and while I was there, I actually mixed the two. For eye shadows, I brought things that I could mix and match into as many combinations as possible. I brought a lot of mattes because they are my biggest weakness and I only brought two shimmer shades, one to highlight and one a little darker, just in case I wanted something all over the lid. My colour scheme for my eyes were obviously warm tones but I brought a mix of pinks and oranges which all matched so whatever I used, there was almost a 100% chance that it would match.
This post is already quite long so I am not going to talk about the brushes I brought but if you want to see that in another post then I definitely will, but you should be able to see by the photos what kind of brushes I brought, just to make sure that there was something for each part of my makeup application.
Do you think I packed well?
Grace xx

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Cruelty Free Makeup Brands I Love Part Two

Last time I did a post like this, you all really seemed to love it and a lot of you wanted to see a part two so I thought that I would get that up as soon as possible. If you haven't seen my last post all about cruelty free makeup brand I love, I will leave a link to it at the end of this post. There isn't really much else to say but I do hope you can see from this post just the number of brands that don't test on animals.

Starting with a brand I have loved since the start of my makeup journey and that is MUA. This is a super affordable makeup brand that you can buy from Superdrug. There products are super affordable and from what I have tried, I have really enjoy most things. Obviously, not everything works for me but my favourites from MUA have to be their lip and eye products. You all know how much I love the Fire Vixen Eye Shadow Palette, it is so amazing and crazy affordable, I also really love their 6 shade eye shadow palettes that they brought out at the start of this year. As for lip products, I love their £1 lip liners, they are amazing for such a small price and I also love their liquid lipsticks. They are definitely not the best I have ever tried but they are a couple of pounds and I just don't think you can go wrong with them!
This is another drugstore brand except you can actually only get this brand from Boots and this is Seventeen. Once again, some of their products, I first tried out when I was first getting into makeup and I still love and use some of them now. I should honestly try more from this brand because everything I have tried, I have loved and they have became staple in my daily makeup routine. My favourite product from them has to be their Define and Conquer Contour Kit, it is so amazing and the best affordable duo compact. Saying that, their Stay Time concealer is another favourite as are their brushes. No one speaks about Seventeen brushes and that might be due to the very small selection they have, but the ones they do have are amazing and beautiful and the whole point of this post, cruelty free.
A high end brand that I love a lot has to be Too Faced. From their adorable packaging and the quality of their products, I can't say enough good things. I still have a lot to try from them but I definitely plan to very soon. As of what I have tried, I love a whole mix of their products, most of them being lip products though. I love love love their Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick, the Melted lipsticks and their Peach Oil Lip Gloss. As for other products, you all know how much I love their Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette and also their Sweetheart Blushes are so cute and they just look so beautiful on the skin. Their products are on the more pricey end but definitely worth the money if you are looking for something a little more luxury.

I really haven't tried enough from this brand, but what I have tried are some of my all time favourite makeup products. I am obviously talking about Kiko. This is a brand you can only get from their own stores or online, but definitely give it a look because some of their products are to die for. For me, their price range is sort of the in between of drugstore and highend, as I find that some things are a little more luxe but they also have a lot of products that are great value for money. My favourite product from Kiko has got to be their Provocative Pink blush, I talk about this in almost every makeup look I do, it is just so perfect. A close second favourite product though, has got to be their Wet and Dry Eye Shadows. These are so super beautiful, perfect for that all over the lid shade and the colour selection they have to offer is insane. I will also point out that I loved their lip oil but once I had ran out of mine, I couldn''t find them again so I a not sure whether you can get them anymore.
Another makeup brand you can pick up from Superdrug or TAM Beauty is Freedom. I don't see enough people talk about this brand because it is so good and they make some amazing products. I won't lie, there have been some products that I have just not agreed with, but others I have fallen in love with so I will say that this brand is all about trial and error. My favourite product from Freedom has to be their single pan refills, they are in such a beautiful formula, with great pigment and they are a dream to apply. I recommend them to everyone because they are so underrated! The Secret Rose Eye Shadow Palette, is a close second though, this palette is £4 and it is so amazing and such a steal for the price. I also really love their mattifying primer and their Fixing Spray. Definitely look into this brand though if you want something super affordable because they really deserve more hype.

The final brand I am going to talk about is LA Girl. You can get LA Girl online from Beauty Bay if you are from the UK but I am pretty sure it is more accessible in the States. Anyway, this is again, a super affordable brand and for me, they make great products all round. It's very rare to find a brand that you love everything from but from what I have tried from LA Girl, they are close. I love a right mix of what they do, but my favourites have to be their face products, cream and powders. You would have heard me mention them before but I love their Pro range, that being their Pro Coverage Foundation, their Pro Conceal Concealer, for cream contour and highlight, and I am currently getting a long well with their powder, but I still need to try it out some more. In terms of their powder products, I really love their Blush Palette and their Strobe Lite Powders. Both are in a super great formula while them both being super affordable. I am just also going to mention, that I love their Kohl Eye Liners, especially the brown one, I use it all the time!
Products I love from each brand (and any reviews I have done):
Fire Vixen Eye Shadow Palette -
Matte Essentials Palette -
Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Tranquility
Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat


Define and Conquer Contour Kit
Stay Time Concealer
Eyes Brush
Cheeks Brush

Too Faced

Sweethearts Blush in Candy Glow -
Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette -
Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Child Star -
Peach Oil Lip Gloss in Papa Don't Peach -
Melted Lipstick in Chocolate Milkshake


Wet and Dry Eye Shadows
Provocative Pink Blusher
Lip Oils


Fixing Spray
Pro Mattify Primer
Secret Rose Eye Shadow Palette
Pro Lipstick in Juicy Lips
Pro Refills -

LA Girl

Pro Coverage Foundation -
Pro Conceal Concealer
Glow Blush Palette
Strobe Lite Powder in 120 Watt -
Brown Kohl Eye Liner
Comment below some of your favourite cruelty free brands?
Grace xx

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Sunday, 29 October 2017

It's the end of another month - October favourites!

Well, I give up, time just keeps catching up with us all and before we know it, it is a new month. Anyway, October has actually been a really good month for me and there have been a few things that I have discovered or have fallen back in love with that I want to share today.
I am going to start with skincare just to mix it up a little, and only one thing has stood out to me this month which is the Superdrug Vitamin E Eye Cream. I have been putting this on almost every morning and it must makes my eyes look bright, keeps them hydrated, and makeup goes on so much nice on top. I love this cream because it is not too heavy and it is just great for something refreshing under the eyes to help wake you up. I also love how affordable this is and I genuinely don't think I need anything more expensive then this, because it does the job amazingly for me.
A fragrance I have been wearing a lot recently is the Victoria Secret Bombshell Perfume. This perfume is so amazing and it's such a shame because it is not cruelty free, so I am trying to use it up, but I had to mention it. Please comment below an alternative if you have one, because this scent is so nice. I love how it is just such a classy, feminine scent, it's not too floral, or sweet, or musky, it is just the right combination of them all. This has definitely been my staple scent for a while but I have definitely been wearing a lot more over the past few weeks.
I have actually been super basic with my makeup this month, but there have been a few products that I have fallen in love with. The first one being the Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Bronzer, I have spoken about this a few times but it is so good and so affordable. I am on the more pale side of skin tones and I find this such a beautiful bronzer shade, I find it to just give a natural finish on my skin but it is there and just makes your face look so sun kissed. I mainly love this bronzer a lot because it is so buildable, you really can't go overboard with this product because layer after layer, it still looks good just more intensified but natural. I have no idea how Makeup Revolution did it, but this bronzer is amazing.
Next up is just my favourite makeup product at the moment and that is the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Palette. Uhhh, this is so good and so beautiful, I can't say enough good things. I honestly love everything about this palette, from the shades, to the formula, Jaclyn did an amazing job and every time I have worn makeup this month, it has been this palette on my eyes because you can just create so many different looks with this palette.
Finally for makeup, I have a liquid lip I have been loving and it is the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Likely. This is the perfect warm, orange nude for me, it is not too light or dark, too warm or too cool, just the perfect shade. I love this so much because it goes with everything, because I wear quite a lot of different colours on my eyes, I am always in need of a lip that looks good with them all, no matter the colour, and this is it. I also love how it is a satin lip because it sort of has the appearance of a matte but it is not as drying which is what you want when your lips are getting all flaky in this weather (lovely I know).
A fashion favourite this month has to be my GymShark Flex Leggings which I mentioned in my last blog post. I jut love everything about these leggings but mainly because they give me so much confidence in the gym. It might sound daft, but these leggings just make me feel great and I just feel like I look good in them which is what I want when I am going to the gym since I do get quite easily intimidated. I also have to mention the colour, how perfect is it for this time of year? Honestly, if you have not tried out the flex leggings, definitely do because they are so great for the gym and they just look amazing on every figure.
Last month I have really tried to step out of my comfort zone and try out some clear lens glasses and I am so glad I did because I love them. The ones I have are from Primark and I love them. I just think that they give any outfit a more casual, intellectual vibe. You might have also seen that I featured them in a recent makeup look of mine which I will link here. I love these though, they are something a little different for me but I love the way they look and I love playing round with them to match my outfits and makeup.
TV this month has been so good but my two favourites have to be How To Get Away With Murder and Strictly Come Dancing. HTGAWM is finally back for season 4 and I have fallen back in love with it all over again. They never disappoint and I am so excited to watch the rest of the season. Everything has just gotten better from the cast to the plot, and I can't wait to see how the reveal and turn it all upside-down. For Strictly, it's just such a good show. Since once being a dancer, I love it because it leaves me so inspired and even though it is not the dancing I use to do, I still love learning and watching everyone dance. I am loving this year in particular though because I think the line up is great, I definitely have a few favouirtes but I'm going to keep them to myself until we get closer to the final so I don't get my hopes up.
I do have a few favourite songs at the moment but I am going to save those because I want to do a whole other post on my current playlist which should be coming up within the next week or so.

What have you been loving this month?
Grace xx

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Clothing Haul - PLT, Gym Shark and Missguided

It's no lie, I have a shopping problem, I mean, I try to stop but at the same time, you live in the moment don't you? Anyway, since I know you all like my try on clothing hauls (at least I think you do) so I thought I would do another. I will also point out, that you are probably going to get another clothing haul pretty soon because I may or may not have bought some more things. I am just going to stop coming up with excuses and just get started. 
Starting with GymShark, which in case you don't know, is a unisex workout clothing company that is so amazing. You will have probably seem them a lot on Instagram but a while back, they released new colours of their Flex Leggings, which for me is their key piece and what I think they are know for. I love all of the colours that they had to offer, but in the end I chose the burgundy because I thought it was perfect for the upcoming season. Since this was my first pair of flex leggings, I wanted to just get one pair so I could see what they are like and now I want them in every colour because they are so amazing. I love the fit, they are so figure hugging, they suck everything in, they are high waisted which I love. I also love how they are seamless because I just think it is more flattering and my favourite thing about them is probably the fabric contouring it features. I love how the style just accentuates the legs and for all my girls, the booty looks incredible in these leggings. Definitely a great purchase, and I know I am going to be wearing these loads.
The other thing I got from GymShark was again, one of their new releases but this is the Flex Crop Top. I don't own anything like this in my workout gear collection so I wanted to give it a go. It is similar to the leggings because they are both seamless and feature that flattering contour along them but I got this one in black just because I thought that is was the most flattering and versatile. I wasn't really sure if I was going to like this but I actually do, especially with a pair of high waisted leggings. It does have quite a tight fit but sometimes I find that to be quite nice, especially in the gym, because then we know that everything is going to stay in. Anyway, since it is cropped, I am probably going to have to get a little more confidence to wear this out and about in the gym but it is definitely giving me motivation to what I want to change about myself, which isn't such a bad things. I also think that now it is starting to get colder, this would be great for layering with a jumper on top just for some extra insulation. 
A few pieces from Missguided that I picked, all of them are pretty boring but are worth a mention. If you saw my last try on clothing haul (linked here), you would have seen that I bought the grey version of this top, and I was telling you all how much I loved it, well, I bought it in two other colours. In case you haven't seen that post, these are the Petite Roll Sleeve Crop Tops that MissGuided sell. They are £5 each and come in a few different colours but the only two that I didn't have already that were in my size was the white and the burgundy, so I bought them both. I love these tops so much. The fit is just so perfect and flattering, the crop is the perfect length, the sleeves are the perfect length, the material is really nice and they are so super easy to style. They are all year round staples for me, to pair with everything and anything. One thing I will say though, is the the burgundy isn't very reddish which is what the photo looked like, as you can see by my photo, it has much more of a purple tone to it which I don't like as much, but never the less, I am still going to wear it.
Finally from MissGuided, was another one of their Stretch Denim Skirts. Again in the last try on clothing haul I did, I bought the red version of this and I really loved the fit and shape of it, so I had to get another one. I got this dark acid wash colour because I thought it would look great with tights and boots for the season, but it would still be great for all year round. I love these skirts because they are stretchy which just makes them so flatter and they just look great. A bit like those crop tops, I want this in every colour they offer, but we are going slowly. I just find denim skirts to be so versatile and a great all round piece, they also get me out of my jeans so another positive.
From Pretty Little Thing, I got this Slinky Bandeau. What drew me to this was the colour, they call it Spice on the website which I think is the perfect name for it, it is a beautiful burnt orange shade which I just think is going to look so good come the colder days. Even though it is strapless and a very lightweight piece, I think, layered with a skirt and coat, with a skirt, like in the photo, with tights and boots, it would make such a cute winter outfit. Again, this will look just as good in summer with some white shorts and sandals, I just really loved the colour of this top. In terms of the fit and shape of it, I love how it is lightweight and stretchy because it really hugs the body but weirdly, I found that the bottom of it was actually uneven and one bit was lower than the other. I did manage to fix it, but I thought that I should point it out.

What is your favourite piece out of this haul?
Grace xx

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