Wednesday, 11 January 2017

5 Products, 5 First Impressions

I have been wanting to do a post like this for a while and since I have a few new makeup products I thought I would finally do one. At the moment, I am pre-writing posts for January/February time so you may have already seen these products in previous posts but I am writing this straight after trying them after a few tries. Let me know if you like this post idea and I will definitely do more in the future.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Light Warm
Not going to lie, my immediate thought with this is that the colour does not match me, which is still the case, but I am still going to try it. I have been mixing it with other colours my colour recently and I do like it. This is the first high-end concealer I have tried but I think it is one of the cheapest luxury concealers out there as it is only £17.50, which is a lot but good for something high-end.
Firstly I love the packaging, super simple, sleek and expensive looking. I also love the applicator, a simple doe foot applicator which is definitely my favourite because it is super easy to apply and control. I did treat this how I would treat any other concealer, but applying the same amount and blending it in with a sponge.
The formula is not too thick but it is not super watery either which is good. It is definitely a medium to full coverage but it is super lightweight on the skin, you almost can't feel it. I also find that it doesn't dry out my skin as much as what other concealers do which I love and it is very comfortable to wear. On the skin, it looks very luminous and natural looking which I really like when I am highlighting. I would definitely only use it to highlight with just because I think the finish would look a little unusual when spot concealing.
Like I said before, the only downside so far is the colour but hopefully I will get another one in a more suited shade.

LA Girl Strobe Lite Powder in Watt 120 - £8
I got this for Christmas and in the pan it looks beautiful, I chose this shade because I thought a white highlighter would be super beautiful. When I first swatched it, it was crazy pigmented and amazing so I was expecting great things from this. This is only £8 which I think is an amazing price and it is actually huge in size.
After using it on my face with my go-to highlighter brush, it didn't disappoint. It was super intense and pigmented, it also really suited my skin tone. The highlighter is not very natural, it is a very chunky and has a lot of glitter in it but when I am wearing a dramatic makeup look, this is the kind of highlighter I want. I definitely want to try some more shades from this range and I would definitely recommend this. 
The formula is really good for an affordable product but it can be quite powdery so I would warn you of that. Sadly the packaging is kind of annoying also because it is quite bulky, as much as I would want to take this travelling with me, it just would not be practical.

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows
I have wanted to try Makeup Geek for so long and so I thought Christmas was the best time to ask for some and test them. At some point this month, I do want to do a full post with swatches and a proper review but so far I am really impressed. They were quite affordable at £6 which I think is an alright price for some single eye shadows and I do think that they are very good for the quality, at least that's what I have found so far.
Swatching each eye shadow proved a lot of pigmentation, each shade was buttery and super even. The shimmer shades were a little more powdery but that is expected from something that pigmented. There are shades that I prefer in in terms of there formula just because the formulation is a little inconstant throughout the ones I own.
When applying them on my eyes they were great, they were just as pigmented as when I swatched them on my hand. They are super easy to blend and I am so happy with my colour choice because they all really complement each other. Do keep a look out for a more in-depth post coming within the next few weeks. 

Max Factor Xperience Mascara
I am sure that all of you who read any of my makeup posts are getting sick of me mentioning my Maybelline mascara so I am on the hunt for another alternative. Max Factor isn't a brand that I have tried a lot from so I thought that I would try one of their mascaras. My initial thought on the brush was that it is super simple and it nothing too much which I like.
My first time using it, it worked quite well. Not going to lie, it was nothing spectacular but I liked how it was super black and it really lengthened my eyelashes. I particularly liked it on my lower lashes because it was super easy to apply. Since the wand is quite small, it is super easy to get under my eye and grab the bottom lashes.
The one thing that I am not loving about this mascara is that it is not in waterproof. I get very paranoid about my mascara, thinking that it is going to smudge everywhere as soon as a drop of rain falls on my face. I tend to feel better when wearing a waterproof mascara but so far this one is not too bad at smudging but I will have to wear it more to have a final thought.

The Body Shop Lip Liner in Pink Clover
I got this during advent and I was in need of a new lip liner so it was destiny I tried this one. When I first saw the colour I thought that it would be way too pink for me but once I swatched it, it was a beautiful pinky nude. After swatching it, I found that it was super creamy and pigmented but it did not smudge.
I have tired this a few times just to see which way works best but I honestly love it for everything. It is really good to map out the lips and then fill it in with a lipstick but I do also love it on its own just all over the lips. The colour is beautiful, it is right up my street and it matches most of my lipsticks so I can use it with everything.
Overall I am super impressed with this and I would love to get more shades. I would definitely recommend this especially because it is super affordable, I do wish that they would expand their colour range though.

Swatches (Left to Right)

What makeup products should I try next?
Grace xx


  1. super obsessed with urban decay products! Really great post! x

  2. I've recently picked up some Makeup Geek eye shadow's and I love the ones you have; especially Shimma Shimma!

    1. It is so super beautiful, I would definitely recommend that shade!xx

  3. Makeup Geek shadows are amazing, I like them way more than MAC's! The Naked concealer is next up on my wish list, I've heard only good things about it x

    1. The Naked concealer is definitely a good concealer but I would say be careful of the shades!xx